Imatges de pÓgina


Sc. I. An apartment in the palace. Enter Bang. He fufpects that Mach. has played foully for the crown which he has gained. Trumpets found. Enter Macb. as king, lady Macbeth, Len. Roffe, lords and attendants. Mach. invites Banq. to a folemn fupper to be held at night. Banq. promises (after a ride he and Fle. are to take for the afternoon) to return to the fupper. Exit Banq. Exeunt lady Macb. and lords, &c.

Sc. II. Manent Macb. and a fervant. Macb. bids the fervant call two men that are waiting without. Exit fervant. A foliloquy of Mach. He fears Banq. on account of his wifdom and valour. Enter two Murtherers, whom Macb. employs to murther Bang. and Fleance as they return from their ride. Exeunt murtherers. Exit Macb.

Sc. III. Another apartment in the palace. Enter lady Macb. and a fervant, whom fhe fends to call Macb.

Enter Mach. Talk of their dangerous fituation while Banq. and Fle. live, &c. Exeunt.

Sc. IV. A park, the caftle at a diftance. Enter three mur

therers, as waiting for Banq. and Fle. Enter Bang.

and Fle. Banq. is murthered, but Fle. makes his efcape. Exeunt murtherers.

Sc. V. A room of ftate in the caftle. A banquet prepared. Enter Mach. lady Macb. Roffe, Len. lords and attendants. Mach. and his lady welcome the guests. Enter ift murtherer, acquaints Macb. with the


death of Bang, and efcape of Fle. Exit murtherer. The ghoft of Banq. rifes and fits in Macb.'s place, which he had left to fpeak with the murtherer. Macb. ftarts, and falls into a fit of terror, which his lady excufes to the guests as a disorder he is troubled with. The ghoft vanishes. Mach. drinks to the health of his guefts, and of the absent Banq. wishing him present. The ghoft rifes again. Mach. falls into another fit of terror. Exeunt all but Mach. and lady. Mach. having ftept fo far in blood, determines to continue his courfe. Ex


Sc. VI. The heath. Thunder. Enter three witches, meeting Hecate. Hecate is angry with them, that they did not confult with her in their charms on Macb's account. She appoints them to meet her in the morning at the pit of Acheron, whither she says Mach. will come to know his deftiny. Exeunt. Sc. VII. A chamber. Enter Len. and another lord. Len. ironically infinuates that Macb. is the author of the late murthers, and is informed by this lord that Macd. is gone to England to folicit affiftance of king Edward against the tyrant Mach. Ex


аст IV.

Sc. I. A dark cave. In the middle, a great cauldron boiling. Thunder. Enter the three Witches. They march round the cauldron, and throw in the feveral ingredients as for the preparation of their charm.


Enter Hecate and three other Witches. Music and

a fong.

Sc. II. To them enter Mach. He conjures them to answer

fome queftions which he fhall afk: They conjure
up an apparition of an armed head, which bids him
beware of Macduff. A fecond apparition of a bloody
child tells him that None of woman born shall harm
Macbeth. A third apparition of a child crowned,
with a tree in his hand, tells him, he shall never
be vanquished till Birnham wood shall come to
Dunfinane hill against him. Mach. conjures the
Witches farther to tell him, whether Banq.'s iffue
As an answer to this

fhall ever reign in Scotland.
queftion they caufe eight kings (fuppofed Banq.'s
iffue) to appear and pass by in order; and Bang.
after them, with a glafs in his hand, wherein ap-
pear many more. Mufic. The Witches dance,
and vanish. Enter Len. who tells Macb. that
Macd. is fled to England.

Macb. determines to

feize upon the cafle of Macd. and to murder his

wife and family. Exeunt.

Sc. III. Macd. caftle at Fife. Enter lady Macd. her fon,

and Roffe. Lady Macd. complains of her husband's flying to England: Roffe endeavours to comfort her. Exit Roffe. Talk between lady Macd. and her fon. Enter Meffenger, who being apprehenfive of danger to her and hers, advises their flight. Exit Meffenger. Soon after enter Murtherers, who kill the fon. Exit lady Macd. crying Murther! and the Murtherers pursuing her.

Sc. IV. The king of England's palace. Enter Mal. and Macd, They bewail the kingdom of Scotland, as


deprived of its lawful king, and oppreft by an ufurper. Malc. fufpecting treachery in Macd. pretends to relinquish all thoughts of recovering his birth-right, viz. the crown of Scotland, and urges his own (feigned) vicious difpofitions as the reafon: but at length, difcovering Macd.'s fidelity by his ingenuous behaviour, he acknowledges that he has unjustly accused himself, and accepts the proffered affiftance of his friends to fet him on the throne.

Sc. V. To them enter a Doctor, who gives them notice that king Edward is coming forth from his palace,

and that a number of perfons afflicted by the Evil are waiting for his touch. Exit Doctor.

Sc. VI. Enter Roffe, who brings news that Macd.'s caftle is furprized, and his wife and children flaughtered. Macd's grief thereon, and determination to be revenged on the tyrant. Exeunt.

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Sc. I. An anti-chamber in Macb.'s caftle. Enter a Doctor

of phyfic and a waiting Gentlewoman. Difcourfe of lady Macb. who walks and talks in her fleep. Enter lady Macb. in her fleep with her taper in her hand, difcovers her guilty confcience by her talk. Exeunt.

Sc. II. A field with a wood at a diftance. Drum and co

lours. Enter Ment. Cath. Ang. Len. and foldiers. From this fcene we are informed that an army of the English led by Malc. Seyw. and Macd. is mov

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ing towards Dunfinane, where Mach. is fortifying himself. Exeunt.

Sc. III. The caftle of Dunfinane. Enter Mach. Doctor and attendants. A Servant informs Macb. that an army of ten thousand English are approaching. Enter Seyton, who confirms the news. Talk between Macb. and the Doctor about lady Macb.'s illness. Exeunt.

Sc. IV. Birnam wood. Drum and colours. Enter Malc. Seyw. Macd. Seyw.'s fon, Ment. Cath. Ang. and foldiers marching. Malc. orders every foldier to hew down a bough and carry it before him to conceal the number of the army as they advance towards Dunfinane. Exeunt marching.

Sc. V. The castle of Dunfinane. Enter Mach. Seyton, and foldiers, with drums and colours. A cry within of women; the cause whereof Mach. enquiring, is informed lady Macb. is dead. Enter a Messenger; who tells Macb. that as he looked towards Birnam, the wood feemed to move. Macb. orders the alarum-bell to be rung. Exeunt.

Sc. VI. Before Dunfinane. Drum and colours. Enter Malc. Seyw. Macd. and their army with boughs. Malc. bids them throw down their boughs. Alarum. Excunt. Enter Macb. and foon after young Seyw. They fight, and the latter is flain. Exit Macb. Alarums. Enter Macd. feeking Mach. to engage with him. Exit. Enter Malc. and Seyw. Seyw. tells Male. that the caftle is rendered up, and the battle almoft won. Exeunt. Alarum. Enter Macb. and, after him, Macd. They fight. Mach. boafts his fecurity, for that he bears a charmed life which muft


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