Imatges de pÓgina

In a wall'd prifon, packs and fects of great ones,
That ebb and flow by th' moon.

Edm. Take them away.

Lear. Upon fuch facrifices, my Cordelia,

The Gods themselves throw incenfe. Have I caught thee?
He that parts us, fhall bring a brand from heaven,
And fire us hence, like foxes. Wipe thine eyes,
The goujeres fhall devour them, flesh and fell,
Ere they fhall make us weep; we'll fee 'em ftarve first.
I Come.
[Exeunt Lear and Cordelia guarded.

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Edm. Come hither, captain, hark ".
Take thou this note; go, follow them to prifon.
w One step I have advanc'd thee; if thou doft
As this inftructs thee, thou doft make thy way
To noble fortunes. Know thou this, that men
Are as the time is; to be tender minded

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Does not become a fword. Thy great employment
Will not bear queftion; either fay thou'lt do't,

Or thrive by other means.

Capt. I'll do't, my lord.

So the qu's and 1ft f.; the reft eye.

The qu's read good for goujeres, the fo's, R. and P. good years; T. good-yers.

• i. c. flesh and skin. J. Tre qu's read fleach and fell.

So the qu's; the rest ftarv'd.

t The 2d १. omits come.

u Here H. gives a direction for Edmund to whisper; but how is this? Is he to whisper his fpeech? how then fhall the audience hear it? Besides, he had no need to whisper when none, but the captain to whom he speaks, was within hearing. But I apprehend there were many foldiers remaining, who were not to be trufted with the fecret.

w The ft q. reads and for one.

* T.-and H. read my for thy. See Heath in loc.


Edm. About it, and write happy, when thou'ft done. Mark, I fay, inftantly; and carry it fo,

As I have fet it down.

y Capt. I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dry'd oats, If it be man's work I'll do't.



Enter Albany, Gonerill, Regan, and foldiers.

Alb. Sir, you have shew'd to day your valiant strain,
And fortune led you well; you have the captives,
Who were the oppofites of this day's ftrife:

* We do require b them of you, so to use them,
As we shall find their merits and our fafety
May equally determine.


Sir, I thought it fit

To fend the old and miferable king

To fome retention, and appointed guard,
Whofe age has charms in it, whofe title more,


To pluck the common 8 bofom h on his fide;

And turn our impreft lances in our eyes,

y All but the qu's omit this speech.

2 The 2d q. reads fhewne.

* So the qu's, T. W. and J.; the rest I for we.

The qu's and P. read then for them.

< P. and H. omit fir and it.

The 1ft q. reads fave for fend.

The 1ft q. the fo's, and R. omit and appointed guard.

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The 1ft q. reads coren for common.

The ift q. reads boffom; ad q. blossomes; P. and all after bofoms.

The qu's read of for on.


Which do command them. With him I fent the queen ;
My reafon all the fame; and they are ready
To-morrow, or at a further space, to appear
Where k we shall hold our feffion. At this time,
We fweat and bleed; the friend hath loft his friend;
And the beft quarrels, in the heat, are curft
By thofe that feel their m fharpness.

The question of Cordelia and her father,
Requires a fitter place,

Alb. Sir, by your patience,

I hold you but a fubject of this war,
Not as a brother.

Reg. That's as we lift to grace him.


Methinks, our pleasure a might have been demanded,

Ere you had spoke fo far. He led our powers;
Bore the commiffion of my place and perfon;
The which immediacy may well ftand up,
And call itfelf your brother,

[blocks in formation]

k All editions but H. read you and your for we and our; but H.'s reading feems neceflary, or how can we account for the next speech of Albany, What is in italic is omitted in the fo's, R. P. and H.

m The 1ft q. reads fharpes for sharpness.

The qu's read fhould for might.

The qu's, P. and H. read immediate.

P The fo's and R. read addition for advancement.

The fo's and R. read rights.


Alb. That were the most if he fhould husband you.
Reg. Jefters do oft prove prophets.

Gon. Holla, holla!

That eye that told you fo look'd but a-squint.
Reg. Lady, I am not well, elfe I should answer
From a full-flowing ftomach. General,
Take thou my foldiers, prifoners, patrimony,
I Dispose of them, of me; thy will is mine:
Witness the world, that I create thee here
My lord and master.

Gon. Mean you to enjoy him?

Alb. The let alone lies not in your good will.
Edm. Nor in thine, lord.


Alb. Half-blooded fellow, yes.

Reg. Let the drum strike, and prove my title thine.
"[To Edmund: they offer to go cut.

Alb. Stay yet; hear reason. Edmund, I arreft thee
On capital treafon; and in thine attaint,


[Pointing to Gon.

This gilded ferpent. For your claim, fair * sister,
I bar it in the interest of my wife;

This line is not in the qu's.

The ift f. reads the walls are thine; the other fo's and the reft the walls are mine; except H. who reads they all are thine; but the reading most agreeable to the context and to the traces of the letters in the rft f. feems to be this, thy will is mine. W. fays, the walls are thine, is a metaphorical exprefLion taken from the camp, and signifying, to surrender at discretion.

The qu's and P. give this speech to Edmund, and instead of the last word thine read good.

u This direction is H.'s.

So the qu's; the rest thy arreft.

The fo's read fifters.

The qu's and fo's read bare.

[ocr errors]

'Tis the is fub-contracted to this lord;

And I, her husband, contradict a your banes.

[blocks in formation]

Thy heinous, manifeft, and many treasons,

There is my pledge, I'll f prove it on thy heart
Ere I tafte bread, thou art in nothing lefs,

Than I have here proclaim'd thee.

Reg. Sick, O fick

Gon. If not I'll ne'er trust poison.

Edm. There's my exchange. What in the world he is,

That calls me traitor, villain-like, he lies.

Call by h thy trumpet: he that dares approach,

On him, on you, (who not?). I will maintain
My truth and honour firmly.

Alb. A herald, ho!

k Edm. A herald ho, a herald !

The 2d q. reads her for this.

a The qu's read the for your.

b So the qu's; and right; for it is spoken to Regan only: the reft read


This speech is omitted in the qu's.
The qu's omit let the trumpet found.
So the qu's; the reft perfon for head.

f The fo's and R. read make for prove.

ɛ The fo's, R. and J. read medicine for poison.

h So the qu's, T. W. and J.; the reft the for thy.

i H. reads whom not?

* This speech is omitted by all but the qu's.


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