A classical tour through Italy and Sicily


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Pàgina 441 - Charybdis 420 obsidet, atque imo barathri ter gurgite vastos sorbet in abruptum fluctus rursusque sub auras erigit alternos et sidera verberat unda.
Pàgina 296 - That to your pious race they may descend. " 'When, parted hence, the wind, that ready waits For Sicily, shall bear you to the straits Where proud Pelorus opes a wider way, Tack to the larboard, and stand off to sea: Veer starboard sea and land. Th...
Pàgina 441 - Pelori, laeva tibi tellus et longo laeva petantur aequora circuitu, dextrum fuge litus et undas. Haec loca vi quondam et vasta convulsa ruina (tantum aevi longinqua valet mutare vetustas) 415 dissiluisse ferunt, cum protinus utraque tellus una foret: venit medio vi pontus et undis Hesperium Siculo latus abscidit, arvaque et urbes litore diductas angusto interluit aestu.
Pàgina 296 - The Italian shore And fair Sicilia's coast were one, before An earthquake caused the flaw : the roaring tides The passage broke, that land from land divides ; And, where the lands retired, the rushing ocean rides...
Pàgina 271 - Marruvia venit de gente sacerdos, 750 fronde super galeam et felici comptus oliva, Archippi regis missu, fortissimus Umbro, vipereo generi et graviter spirantibus hydris spargere qui somnos cantuque manuque solebat mulcebatque iras et morsus arte levabat.
Pàgina 423 - There are two gates to the city. One of them is in the southern extremity of the valley, and conducts to Syracuse. The other is on the opposite side, and leads to those lands so famed for their fertility, and which are called the Leontine fields. Below the hill that stands on the western side of the valley flows the river Lissus : and on the same side, likewise, there is a row of houses, built under the very precipice, and in a line parallel to the river. Between these houses and the river, lies...
Pàgina 476 - Apollo. 35 grandia saepe quibus mandavimus hordea sulcis, infelix lolium et steriles nascuntur avenae; pro molli viola, pro purpureo narcisso carduus et spinis surgit paliurus acutis.
Pàgina 154 - The shining armies sweep along the ground ; Swift as a flood of fire, when storms arise, Floats the wide field, and blazes to the skies. Earth groan'd beneath them ; as when angry Jove Hurls down the forky lightning from above, On Arime when he the thunder throws, And fires Typhoeus with redoubled blows, Where Typhon, press'd beneath the burning load, Still feels the fury of the
Pàgina 417 - Syracusanas omnes audistis, plerique nostis: opus est ingens, magnificum, regum ac tyrannorum; totum est ex saxo in mirandam altitudinem depresso et multorum operis penitus...
Pàgina 121 - And laggard into two days journey broke What were but one to less encumber'd folk; The Appian road, however, yields most pleasure To those who choose to travel at their leisure. The water here was of so foul a stream, Against my stomach I a war proclaim, And wait, though not with much good humour wait, While with keen appetites my comrades ate.

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