Ben Jonson's Dramen in Neudruck, Volum 1

A. Uystpruyst, 1905
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PÓgina 478 - Turn short as doth a swallow; and be here, And there, and here, and yonder, all at once; Present to any humour, all occasion; And change a visor, swifter than a thought! This is the creature had the art born with him; Toils not to learn it, but doth practise it Out of most excellent nature: and such sparks Are the true parasites, others but their zanis.
PÓgina 463 - Puh! nor your diamond. What a needless care Is this afflicts you? Is not all here yours? Am not I here, whom you have made your creature?
PÓgina 332 - That which he hath writ, Is with such judgment labour'd, and distill'd Through all the needful uses of our lives, That could a man remember but his lines, He should not touch at any serious point, But he might breathe his spirit out of him.
PÓgina 60 - I'll procure you this warrant presently; but who will you have to serve it ? Mat. That's true, captain: that must be considered. Bob. Body o' me, I know not; 'tis service of danger. Brai. Why, you were best get one o' the varlets of the city, a serjeant: I'll appoint you one, if you please.
PÓgina 459 - I think it were not best, sir. Corb. What? Mos. To recover him. Corb. O, no, no, no ; by no means.
PÓgina 523 - And to expiate Thy wrongs done to thy wife, thou art to send her Home to her father, with her dowry trebled : And these are all your judgments.
PÓgina 478 - Success hath made me wanton. I could skip Out of my skin, now, like a subtle snake, I am so limber.
PÓgina 471 - ... on so mean, yet not altogether to be despised, an object. Here is a powder concealed in this paper, of which, if I should speak to the worth, nine thousand volumes were but as one page, that page as a line, that line as a word ; so short is this pilgrimage of man (which some call life) to the expressing of it.
PÓgina 203 - Nature went about some full work, she did more than make a man when she made him. His discourse is like his behaviour, uncommon, but not unpleasing; he is prodigal of neither.
PÓgina 459 - I come to inforce (as I will do) Your cares, your watchings, and your many prayers, Your more than many gifts, your this day's present, And last produce your will ; where (without thought, Or least regard unto your proper issue, A son so brave, and highly meriting) The stream of your diverted love hath thrown you...

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