Imatges de pàgina

Power of it, 450. The Love of it very Commendable,

ibid. Morality, the Benefits of it, N. 459. Strengthens Faith,

465. Mouse Alley Do&or, N. 444. Musick (Church) of the Improvement of it, N. 405. It

may raise confus'd Notions of Things in the Fancy, 416,


N Names of authered to be 49.2 to their works, the

Hardship and Inconveniences of it, N. 451. Nature, a Man's best Guide, N. 404. the most useful Ob

ject of Human Reason, 408. Her Works more perfedt than those of Art to delight the Fancy, 414. Yet the more pleasant the more they resemble them, ibid. more grand and august than those of Art, ibid. Necessary Cause of our being pleas'd with what is Great,

New and Beautiful, N. 413. New or Uncommon, why every thing that is so raises a

Pleasure in the Imagination, N.411. What understood by the Term with Respect to Objects, 412. Improves what is Great and Beautiful, ibid. Why a secret Pleasure annex'd to its Idea, 413. Every thing so that

Pleafes in Architecture, 415. News, how the English thirst after it, N. 452. Project

for a Supply of it, ibid, of whispers, 457. Nicodemuncio's Letter to Olivia, N. 433. Nicolini, his Perfection in Mufick, N. 405. Night-Walk in the Country, N. 425. November (Month of) described, N. 425.

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DE (Laplander's) to his Mistress, N. 416.

Opinion (Popular) defcrib'd, N. 460. Oftentation, one of the Inhabitants of the Paradise of

Fools, N. 460.


Orway, his admirable Description of the Miseries of Law:

suits, N. 456. Ovid, in what he excels, N. 417. His Description of the

Palace of Fame, 439.


AMPHLETS, Defamatory, detestable, N. 451.

Pantheon at Rome, how it strikes the Imagination at
the first Entrance, N. 415.
Paradise of Fools, N. 460.
Paradise Lost, (Milton's) its fine Images, N. 417.
Parents, their Care due to their Children, N. 426.
Party not to be follow'd with Innocence, N. 399.
Party Prejudices in England, N. 432.
Passions treated of, N. 408. What moves 'em in Descrie

ptions most pleasing, 418. in all Men, but appear not in

all, ibid. of Hope and Fear, 471.
Passionate People their Faults, N. 438. Nat. Let's Descri.

ption of one, ibid.
Peevish Fellow describ'd, N. 438.
Penseroso (Poem of) by Milton, N. 425.
Persecution in Religious Matters Immoral, N. 459.
Persian Soldier reproved for railing against an Enemy,
Phidias, his Proposal of a prodigious Statue of Alexander,

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N. 427:

N. 415.

Phocion's Saying of a vain Promiser, N. 448.
Philipater's Letter about his Daughter's Dancing, N. 466.
Philips (Mr.) Pastoral Verses of his, N. 400.
Philosophy (New) the Authors of it gratifie and enlarge

the Imagination, N. 420.
Picture not so natural a Representation as a Statue, N. 416.

what pleafes most in one, 418. Pindar's Saying of Theron, N. 467. Pity, is Love Loftend by Sorrow, N. 397. that and 'Ter.

ror leading Paffions in Poetry, 418, Places of Trust, who most fit for 'em, N. 469. Why

courted by Men of generous Principles, ibid.
Planets, to survey them, fills us with Aftonishent, N.

Pleasant Fellows to be avoided, N. 462.


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N. 419.

Fleasantry in Conversation, the Faults it covers, N. 463.
Poems, several preserved for their Similies, N. 421.
Poetry has the whole Circle of Nature for its Province,
Poets, the Pains they should take to form the Imagioa.'

tion, N. 417. should mend Nature, and add to her
Beauties, 418. How much they are at Liberty in it,

Polite Imagination let into a great many Pleasures the

Vulgar are not capable of, N. 401.
Politicks of St. James's Coffee-House, on the Report of

the French King's Death, N. 403. of Giles's, ibid. of
Fenny Man's, ibid. of Will's, ibid, the Temple, ibid. Fisiz-

street, ibid. Cheapside, ibid. Garraway's, ibid.
Poor, the scandalous Appearance of them, N. 430.
Poverty the Loss of Merit, N. 464.
Praise, the Love of it deeply fix'd in Mens Minds, N. 467.
Precipice, diftant, why its Prospect pleases, N. 418.
Prejudice, a Letter about it as it respects Parties in Eng.

land, N. 432.
Promises (Neglect of) thro' frivolous Falfhood, N. 448.
Promisers condemn'd, N. 448.
Prospect, a beautiful one delights the Soul as much as a

Demonstration, N. 411. Wide ones pleasing to the
Fancy, ibid. Enliven’d by nothing so much as Rivers
and Falls of Water, 412; that of Hills and Valleys soon
tires, ibid.
Proverbs, (the 7th Chapter of ) turn'd into Verse, N. 410.
Pfalm 114 translated, N. 461.
Psalmist, against Hypocrisy, N. 399; of Providence, 441.
Punning, whose Privilege, N. 396, a Pun of Thought,

Pyramids of Egypt, N. 415.
Pythagoras, his Precepts about the choice of a course of

Life, N. 447.

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OVACK BAI, N. 444. Do&ors, the Cheats of them)


Quakers, Project of an A& to marry them to the Olive
Beauties. N.

Quir (Peter de) his Letter to the Spectator about Punns;
N. 396.



Allery in Conversation, the Absurdity of it, N. 422.

Rainbow, the Figure of one contributes to its Mago
nificence, as much as the Colours to its Beauty, N. 415.
Ramble, from Richmond by Water to London and about it,

by the Spectator, N. 454.
Baphael, the Excellence of his Pictures, N.

Read (Sir William) his Operations on the Eyes, N. 472.
Reason the Pilot of the Passions, N. 408. A pretty nice

Proportion berween that and Pallion, ibid.
Religion consider'd, N. 459.
Renatus Valentinus, his Father and Grandfather, their Sto-

ry, N. 426.
Rent-free (Sabina) her Letter about the Green Sickness,

N. 431.

Retirement, a Dream of it, N. 425.
Riches corrupt Mens Morals, N. 464.
Rich Men, their Defects over-look'd, N. 464.
Ridicule put to a good Ufe, N. 445.
Riding-dress of Ladies, the Extravagance of it, N. 435.
Robin; the Porter at Will's Coffee-House, his Qualifications,

N. 398.
Rhubarb (John Esq;) his Memorial from the Country

Infirmary, N. 429.
Rusticity shocking, N. 400.
Rusty (Scabbard) his Letter to the Spectator, N. 449.


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Alluft, his Excellence, N. 409.

Salutations in Churches censur'd, N. 460.
Satires, the English, Ribaldry and Billingsgate, N. 451. Pa.

negyrical on our selves, 473.
Scales (golden) a Dream of them, N. 463.
Scandal, to whom moft pleafing, N. 426. How monstrous

it renders us, 451.
Scot, (Dr.) his Christine Life, its Merit, N. 447.
Scotch, a Saying of theirs, N. 463.
Scriblers against the Spectator, why neglected by Him,
Seasons, a Dream of them, N. 425.


N. 445.

N. 447.

Sedney, Verses on his Modesty, N. 400.
Self-Conceit one of the Inhabitants of the Paradise of Fools,

Semanthe, her Character, N. 404.
Semiramis, her prodigious Works and Power, N. 415.
Sempronia the Match-maker, N..437.
September (Month of) described, N. 425.
Sexes, Amity between agreeable Persons of different, dan.

gerous, N. 400, the Advantages of it to each, 433.
Shakespear excels all Writers in his Ghosts, N. 419.
Sherlock (Dr.) improv'd the Notion of Heaven and Hell,
Sight the most perfect Sense, N. 411. The Pleasures of
the Imagination arise originally from it, ibid. furnishes

it with ideas, ibid.
Silk-Worm, a Character of one, N. 454.
Similitudes, eminent Writers faulty in them, N. 421. the

Preservation of several Poems, ibid. an ill one in a Pulo

pit, 455.
sippet (Fack) his Chara&er, N. 448.
Snarlers, N. 438.
Socrates, why the Oracle pronounc'd him the wiseft of

Men, N. 408.
Song with Notes, N. 470.
Soul, its Happiness the contemplation of God, N. 413.

State of it after Separation, ibid.
Sounds, how improper for Description, N. 416.
Spectator, his Invitation to all Sorts of People to assist him,

N. 442. about the Stamps, 445. Guardian of the Fair
Sex, 449. his Advertisements, 461. about the Price of
his paper, ibid. put into the Golden Scales, 463. a sort

of News-Letter, 468.
Spencer, his whole Creation of Shadowy Persons, N. 419.
Spirits, several Species in the World besides our selves,
Spring, a Delciption of it, N. 423. his Attendants, ibid.
Spies not to be trusted, N. 439. despis'd by Great Men,

Stamps, how fatal to weekly Historians, N. 445.
Stars (fixt) how their Immensity and Magnificence con-

found us, N. 420.
Statuary, the most natural Representation, N. 416.


N. 419.


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