History of the Byzantine Empire, Volum 2

Blackwood, 1854

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Pàgina 234 - ... made an attempt to fly from the summit of the Theatre. He was dashed to pieces in spite of his artificial wings, to the great amusement of the mob. Nicetas. 78. In the reign of James IV. an Italian visited Scotland, and the king made him Abbot of Tungland in Galloway for his supposed skill in alchemy. He pretended that he could fly, and made an attempt from the walls of Stirling Castle ; but his wings failed him, and he fell to the ground and broke his thigh-bone. The abbot accounted for his...
Pàgina 626 - December 1452. The court and the great body of the dignified clergy ratified the act by their presence ; but the monks and the people repudiated the connection. In their opinion, the church of St. Sophia was polluted by the ceremony, and from that day it was deserted by the orthodox. The historian Ducas declares that they looked upon it as a haunt of demons, and no better than a pagan...
Pàgina 625 - Kief, who had joined the Latin church, as his legate. Isidore had represented the Russian church at the council of Florence ; but on his return to Russia he was imprisoned as an apostate, and with difficulty escaped to Italy. He was by birth a Greek ; and being a man of learning and conciliatory manners, it was expected that he would be favourably received at Constantinople. The cardinal arrived at Constantinople in November 1452. He was accompanied by a small body of chosen troops, and brought some...

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