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IN compiling a reading book for schools, it should undoubtedly be a leading object to make such a selection as will be likely to exert a salutary influence on the pupil in future life. Many of the lessons in this compilation have been taken from highly popular works, recently published, which better calculated to inspire the appear with young a taste for science and literature, and to instil correct moral principles, than any which have before appeared.

It appears highly important that the rising generation should be deeply impressed with the necessity of a proper regard for the Sabbath; and also that the subject of Intemperance, which has been of late so much discussed, should be presented to the youthful mind, in a more striking point of view, than has been done in the school books now in use. In the following lessons, extracts treating of these and other subjects of acknowledged practical importance, have been chosen, in preference to those which are calculated merely to assist the pupil in becoming a good reader.

It has not however been forgotten that variety is indispensable; and that the usefulness of the book must greatly depend on its containing pieces adapted to correct the monotonous drawl, so frequently heard in the reading of school boys. More lessons of this character have been inserted than are usually found in similar collections.

It is hoped that these considerations will secure the work a candid examination from those who take an interest in the subject of education. Brookfield, October, 1828.

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The names of American authors are printed in small capitals.

Painful Results of Lying,

The Turban; or the Lie of Flattery,

The Ivy. Addressed to a Young Friend,

Christ stilling the Tempest,


Rapid Motions of the Celestial Bodies,

Popular Illustration of the Motions of the Earth and

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James Edmeston

Jane Taylor 122

Thoughts on Thinking,
Eloquence of John Adams,

Effects of the modern Diffusion of Knowledge,

HALE 115




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The Banian Tree,

Human Knowledge, scanty as it is, truly admirable,
Savages first seeing a Watch,

Science enables us to take an extensive Survey of the
Empire of God,

Elegy written in a Country Churchyard,

The Hour of Death,
Saturday Evening,
The Sabbath,

The Importance of the Sabbath, considered as merely
a Civil Institution,

Extracts, relating to the Sabbath, from different authors,

Vanity confessed,

The Fertility caused by the Nile,


Magnitude of the Objects of Missionary

Anecdote of an Elephant,

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