Dictionary of Geography, Ancient and Modern ... with a Brief Notice of ... Principal Towns ... and Glossary of Geographical Terms

T. Tegg, 1834 - 724 pàgines

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Pàgina 488 - Hasma, extends from the southern extremity of the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Akaba.
Pàgina 465 - It so happened, that we were to witness one of the greatest calamities that have occurred in Egypt in the recollection of any one living. The Nile rose this season three feet and a half above the highest mark left by the former inundation, with uncommon rapidity, an'd carried off several villages, and some hundreds of their inhabitants.
Pàgina 418 - In this foggy and cold region, therefore, want spurs on the Indian to labour, and excites his industry. At the height of San Miguel pines begin to mingle with the oaks, which are found by the traveller as high as the elevated plains of Perote, where he beholds the delightful aspect of fields sown with wheat.
Pàgina 419 - The Indians of New Spain bear a general resemblance to those who inhabit Canada, Florida, Peru and Brazil. They have the same swarthy and copper...
Pàgina 168 - ... connected, became transformed, as if by magic, into three distinct cities, each, individually, of prodigious extent, and each separated from the other two by a wide arm of that sea whose silver tide encompassed their base, and made its vast circuit rest half in Europe, half in Asia. Entranced by the magnificent spectacle, I felt as if all the faculties of my soul were insufficient fully to embrace its glories.
Pàgina 38 - Devol is the modern name of Deavolis. It is situated on a river of the same name. which falls into the Apsos five miles below Berat. The pass is now called the Boghaz of Tzangon. Achrida and Deavolis were the two cities which commanded the two roads leading from the Adriatic to Thessalonica. Anna Comn.
Pàgina 420 - Berlin, Philadelphia, and some parts of Westminster, there does not exist a city of the same extent, which can be compared...
Pàgina 533 - Till within the last fifty years the burning of a Jew formed the highest delight of the Portuguese; they thronged to behold this triumph of the faith, and the very women shouted with transport as they saw the agonized martyr writhe at the stake. Neither sex nor age could save this persecuted race ; and Antonio Joseph de Silvia, the best of their dramatic writers, was burned alive because he was a...
Pàgina 565 - ... to which they resort ; but if any exist, they have hitherto remained undiscovered. The greatest part of the land capable of cultivation is found near the seashore, along which the towns and villages of the natives are thickly scattered. The population at present is about 85,000, and this will...
Pàgina 537 - Ab.i-zal, which flow, the former to the west, and the latter to the east of the ruins of Sus, may be fairly presumed to be those ancient streams.

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