Kenilworth;: A Romance, Volum 3

Archibald Constable and Company; and John Ballantyne, Edinburgh; and Hurst, Robinson, and Company, London., 1821 - 351 pàgines

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Pàgina 167 - said Elizabeth, looking around, " we are defied, I think — defied in the castle we have ourselves bestowed on this proud man ? — My Lord Shrewsbury, you are marshal of England: attach him of high treason." " Whom does your Grace mean ? " said Shrewsbury, much surprised, — for he had that instant joined the astonished circle. "Whom should I mean but that traitor Dudley, Earl of Leicester! — Cousin of Hunsdon, order out your band of gentlemen pensioners, and take him into instant custody....
Pàgina 348 - The oaks were shatter'd on the green ; Woe was the hour ! for never more That hapless Countess e'er was seen. And in that manor now no more Is cheerful feast and sprightly ball : For ever since that dreary hour Have spirits haunted Cumnor Hall. The village maids, with fearful glance, Avoid the ancient moss-grown wall, Nor ever lead the merry dance Among the groves of Cumnor Hall. Full many a traveller oft hath sigh'd, And pensive wept the Countess' fall, As wandering onwards they've espied The haunted...
Pàgina 157 - Leicester had expressed at the queen's knowing aught of their union, and became more and more satisfied that the person whom she now beheld was Elizabeth herself, she stood with one foot advanced and one withdrawn, her arms, head, and hands, perfectly motionless, and her cheek as pallid as the alabaster pedestal against which she leaned. Her dress was of pale sea-green silk, little distinguished in that imperfect light, and somewhat resembled the drapery of a Grecian Nymph, such an antique disguise...
Pàgina 81 - ... guarded tower, from the top of which was poured a clamorous blast of warlike music, which was replied to by other bands of minstrelsy placed at different points on the Castle walls, and by others again stationed in the Chase; while the tones of the one, as they yet vibrated on the echoes, were caught up and answered by new harmony from different quarters.
Pàgina 163 - Leicester was at this moment the centre of a splendid group of lords and ladies, assembled together under an arcade, or portico, which closed the alley. The company had drawn together in that place...
Pàgina 315 - In Cumnor Hall so lone and drear ; And many a heartfelt sigh she heaved, And let fall many a bitter tear.

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