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a two volume travelogue written in c1750. Interesting, but not to be read in its full mind-numbing details. Llegeix la ressenya completa

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Pàgina 125 - Then was the shallop haled up to the ship side, and the poore, sicke, and lame men were called upon to get them out of their cabbins into the shallop. The master called to me, who came out of my cabbin as well as I could, to the hatch way to speake with him : where, on my knees I besought them, for the love of God, to remember themselves, and to doe as they would be done unto.
Pàgina 15 - Therefore it is to be supposed that he and his people inhabited part of those countreys: for it appeareth by Francis Lopez de Gomara, that in Acuzamil and other places the people honored the crosse. Whereby it may be gathered that Christians had bene there before the coming of the Spanyards.
Pàgina ccxxvii - expect not heere florishing Phrases or Eloquent tearmes; for this child of mine, begot in the NorthWest's cold Clime (where they breed no Schollers), is not able to digest the sweet milke of Rhethorick, that's food for them.
Pàgina clxxiii - Voyages had influence at various levels: we have seen how they affected such authors as Smollett and Sterne; it is also clear that such books as Arthur Young's Travels in France (1792) had notable implications for the political economy 'of his revolutionary times. Still another sort of possible influence...
Pàgina 121 - Cabbin) lame, and told mee that they and the rest of their Associates, would shift the Company, and turne the Master, and all the sicke men into the shallop, and let them shift for themselves.
Pàgina 115 - Master of it, but hee bade mee let it alone, for (said hee) the Surgeon had a tongue that would wrong the best friend hee had. But Robert Juet (the...
Pàgina 16 - Cabota our Countrey man a Venetian, a man of great experience, and very rare in the art of Navigation, and the knowledge of Cosmographie, who sailed along and beyond this...
Pàgina cxcii - I give and recommend my Soul to God who gave it, and my body to the Earth from whence it came to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my friends.
Pàgina 225 - Also, he said that he thought the cause of his ill reward had of the Spaniards, to be for that they did understand very well that the English nation had now given over all their voyages for...
Pàgina 125 - Henrie Greene, and another went to the Carpenter, and held him with a talke, till the Master came out of his Cabbin (which hee soone did) then came John Thomas and Bennet before him, while Wilson bound his armes behind him.