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Fig. 12. Rough sketch of the position of the ‘Rete' in Astrol. ii. 3 (second part). Denticle near O; first point of Aries near H; 8h. 8 m. p.m. Fig. 13. Diagram of the Elevation of the Pole; Astrol. ii. 23. The arc AN is 56°; A'N is 48°; A'P is 4°; and PN is 52°. A, A’ are two positions of the Pole-star. Plate VI. Fig. 14. A ‘Table’ or disc shewing the twelve astrological “Houses’; Astrol. ii. 36 and 37. Fig. 15. Diagram shewing how to ascertain the meridional line from two shadows of an upright gnomon; Astrol. ii. 38. Fig. 16. Diagram illustrating the use of the Umbra Recta; Astrol. ii. 41, 41 a, and 41 b. Fig. 17. Diagram of the use of the Umbra Versa, at two observations; Astrol. ii. 42, 42 a, and 420. Fig. 18. Use of the Umbra Recta, at two observations; Astrol.

ii. 43 and 43a.


For some corrections in the Hous of Fame, see p. xv. P. 31, Hous of Fame, Ioz3. For House read Hous P. 62, Hous of Fame, 2098, supply a comma at the end of the line. P. 89, Legend, 284. For Jerome read Ierome P. III, Legend, 741. For as read nas P. 172, Legend, 2663. For forlon read forlorn P. 173, Legend, 2685. For death read deeth P. 334, note to 1. 1896. See p. lvi. P. 347, l. 13 from bottom; for saidu read sadu P. 395, last line. After Last Day.—add See further at p. 504. P. 396, l. 24. This line should stand thus—of Homburg; see Anglia, vii. I 17, and Appendix, p. 81. P. 433, ll. 4 and 5 from bottom: these should be—(Addit. 5140) reads ‘the Nunne' instead of ‘another, although the next Tale in the MS. is not that of the Second Nun. This also is P. 437, l. 11. This is numbered, 6665; it obviously ought to be 5665.

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