The English Reports: Privy Council (including Indian appeals) (1809-1865), Volum 20

W. Green, 1902

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Pàgina 558 - ... all and every sum and sums of money which may be in my house or about my person, or which may be due to me at the time of my decease...
Pàgina 458 - In the event of a company formed under this Act being wound up, every present and past member of such company shall be liable to contribute to the assets of the company to an amount sufficient for payment of the debts and liabilities of the company...
Pàgina 35 - According to the true notion of an undivided family in Hindoo law, no individual member of that family, whilst it remains undivided, can predicate of the joint and undivided property, that he, that particular member, has a certain definite share.
Pàgina 463 - ... alleged contributory, or other debtor or person apprehending liability to the company, and all questions in any way relating to or affecting the assets of the company or the winding up of the company, upon the receipt of such sums, payable at such times and generally upon such terms as may be agreed upon, with power for the liquidators to take any security for the discharge of such debts or liabilities, and to give complete discharges in respect of all or any such calls, debts, or liabilities.
Pàgina 35 - No individual member of an undivided family could go to the place of the receipt of rent, and claim to take from the collector or receiver of the rents a certain definite share. The proceeds of undivided property must be brought, according to the theory of an undivided family...
Pàgina 23 - Statutes of 1904, in accordance with the interpretation of these provisions by the judgment of the Lords of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, on the appeal of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company v.
Pàgina 514 - Where a right, question or fact is distinctly put in issue and directly determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in a former suit between the same parties...
Pàgina 255 - Hindoo cannot make a testamentary disposition of his property. Decided cases, too numerous to be now questioned, have determined that the testamentary power exists, and may be exercised at least within the limits which the law prescribes to alienation, by gift inter vivos.
Pàgina 66 - Therefore it is a settled rule of law that a wedded wife being chaste takes the whole estate of a man who, being separated from his co-heirs, and not subsequently reunited with them, dies leaving no male issue.
Pàgina 458 - ... compromise all calls and liabilities to calls, debts, and liabilities capable of resulting in debts, and all claims, whether present or future, certain or contingent...

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