Imatges de pÓgina

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. The Life of William Hey, Esq. FRS. proved Writers, Ancient and Modern. By late Senior Surgeon of the General Infir- Mr. Crabb, Author of English Synonymary at Leeds. In Two Parts.—Part I. mes. In Two 4to. Vols. with numeroue The Professional Life, with Remarks on Engravings, to be published in Monthly his Writings.- Part II. The Moral and Parts. Social Life, with Appendices. By John Elements of Self Knowledge, or a Fa. Pearson, FRS. &c.

miliar Introduction to Moral Philosophy. The Genuine Remains, in Prose and In 1 Vol

. 12mo. principally adapted to Verse, of Samuel Butler, with additional Young Persons, entering into active Life. Notes, &c. In 2 Vols. 8vo.

By the Rev. Thomas Finch.
The Royal Exile, or Poetical Epistles of A Fourth and Improved Edition of Mr.
Mary, Queen of Scots, during her Cap- Robert Stevens's Essay on Average, and
tivity in England, with other Original on other Subjects connected with the Con-
Poems. By a Young Lady. In 2 Vols. 8yo. tract of Marine Insurance. To which will

A Celestial Atlas, comprising Projections be added, the Practice and Law of Mer..
of the Planispheres and particular Con- cantile Arbitrations.
structions of the Signs of the Zodiac, and Laodamia to Protesilaus, and Enone to
the Constellations in each Hemisphere, ex- Paris, Translated from Ovid's Epistles,
actly as they appear in the Heavens, in a into English Verse. By J. Guy, Jun.
Series of Thirty beautifully Engraved Conversations on Mineralogy, with Plates,
Maps. By Alexander Jamieson, AM. by Mr. Lowry. In 12mo.

Illustrations of the History, Manners Europe, or a General Survey of the preand Customs, Arts, Sciences, and Literature sent Situation of the principal Powers, of Japan; selected from Japanese Manu. with Conjectures on their Future Prospects. scripts, and Printed Works. * By M. Tits. By a Citizen of the United States. In 1 ingh, formerly chief Agent of the Dutch Vol. 8vo. East India Company at Nangasaki; and The Perils of Man, or War, Women, accompanied with many Coloured Engrav. and Witchcraft. In 3 Vols. By James ings, faithfully Copied from Original Ja. Hogg, the Ettrick

Shepherd. panese Paintings and Designs.

The Annual Biography and Obituary Constance, a Tale. By Miss Hill, Au. for the Year 1822. Containing Memoirs thor of The Poet's Child.

of celebrated Men who have died in 1820. Remarks on Cutaneous Diseases. By 21. Mr. Wilkinson, of Sloane-street.

An Atlas of Ancient Geography. By
A new Edition of Mr. Young's Farmer's S. Butler, DD. Author of Ancient and
Kalendar. By Mr. John Middleton, Au. Modern Geography. Also, by the same,
thor of the Middlesex Survey.

An Atlas of Modern Geography.
Description de l’Egypte, ou Recueil des Mr. Booth's Letter to Mr. Malthus, on
Observations et des Recherches Faites en the Subject of Population.
Egypte, Pendant l'Expédition de l'Armée Madaline, a Tale. In 2 Vols. 12mo.
Française. In 25 8vo. Vols. and 180 By Mrs. Opie.
Livraisons of Plates. To be published The Miscellaneous Works of the Right

Hon. Henry Grattan. In 1 Vol. 8vo.
A Practical Scheme for the Reduction A new Work by Miss Spence, entitled
of the Public Debt and Taxation, without Old Stories. In 3 Vols.
Individual Sacrifice. By Jonathan Wilks. The Second Edition of Views of Ame-

The Village Coquette, a Novel. By the rica, in a Series of Letters from that CounAuthor of Such is the World. In 3 Vols. try to a Friend in England, during 181812mo.

19-20. By Frances Wright. A Critical Dissertation on the Nature Proofs and Illustrations of the Principles and Principles of Taste. By M. M‘Der- of Population. By Francis Place. mot. In 1 Vol. 8vo.

A Mother's Portrait Sketched soon after Blighted Ambition, or the Rise and Fall her Decease, for the

Study of her Children. of the Earl of Somerset, an Historical Ro. By their Surviving Parent. mance. By Maurice Brantome. In 3 Vols. The Principles of Medicine, on the plan 12mo.

of the Baconian Philosophy.--Vol. I. On A Universal Technological Dictionary, Febrile and Inflammatory Diseases. By containing Definitions of all Terms of Art Mr. R. D. Hamilton. and Science, Drawn from the most Ap



Antiquities, Architecture, and Fine Arts.

History. A Description of the Antiquities and Quintus Curtius's History of Alexander other Curiosities of Rome. By the Rev. the Great, translated by Peter Pratt, 2 Edward Burton, MA, 8vo. 158.

Vols. ll. 108. Iamblichus on the Mysteries of the The History of Scotland from the Inya. Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians. By sion of the Romans till the Union with Thos. Taylor. 8vo. 168.

England. With a Sketch of the Rebel Views in Paris and its Environs. By lions of 1715 and 1745. By D. MackinFrederick Nash. No. 7. 4to. 168.

tosh. 12mo. 6s. A View of the Inside of Westminster

Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology: Abbey, with the Ceremony of the Coronation, engraved by C. Turner, from a Pic- Life, with the Pleasure of making a Will.

The Art of Invigorating and Preserving ture by Frederic Nash. ll. ls. Proofs, By Dr. Kitchiner. Third 12mo, Edition. Il. lls. 6d. Views of the Colosseum, engraved by

A Letter to Dr. Parry, on the Influence W. Cook, and by J. C. Allan. No. I. of Artificial Eruptions in certain Diseases, 11. ls. Proofs, ll. 108.

&c. By Edward Jenner, MD. &c. 4to. 58. Smirke's Illustration of Merry Wives of

A System of Pathological and Operative Windsor, being No. III. of Illustrations Surgery, founded on Anatomy, with Enof Shakspeare. Royal 8vo. 14s. Imperial gravings. By Robert A1, FR$. &c. Vols. 8vo. 185.

I. and II. 125. éd. each. A Series of Portraits of Eminent Cha

Miscellaneous Works of the late Robert racters, introduced into the Novels and Willan, MD. Edited by Ashby Smith, Tales of the Author of Waverley, No. I. MD. 8vo. 12s. to V. 12mo, 8s. each. 8vo. 10s.

A Treatise on Diseases of the Nervous Biography.

System. Vol. I. on Convulsive and MaAnecdotes of Dr. Samuel Johnson, dur. niacal Affections. By J. C. Prichard, ing the last twenty Years of his Life. By MD. &c. 8vo. 12s. Hester Lynch Piozzi. Small 8vo. 78. A Treatise on Diseases of the Chest,

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Translated from the French of R. T. H. Alfieri. By Charles Lloyd. 12mo. 3s. Laennee, MD. By John Forbes, MD.

8vo. 14s. Botany.

Miscellaneous A Natural Arrangement of British

Sir William Jones's Discourses, 2 Vols. Plants, according to their Relations to each

24mo. 58. 6d. other, as pointed out by Jussieu, &c. By Samuel Frederick Gray. 2 Vols. 8vo. 21. 24. deals, Trials of Battle, Courts of Chivalry,

A Brief Display of the Origin of OrEducation.

&c. By James P. Gilchrist. 8vo. 12s. The Scottish Orphans, a Moral Tale for The Beauties of Addison, 12mo. 68. Young People. “By Mrs. Blackwood. Letters of Mary Lepel, Lady Hervey, 12mo. 38. 6d.

with a Memoir and Notes. '8yo. 98. Gd. The Orphans of Normandy, or Florentin The Gossip, a Series of Original Essays and Lucie. By Mrs. Sherwood. 12mo. and Letters, &c. 48. 6d. 36. 6d.

Time's Telescope for 1822; or, the AsA Dictionary of French Homonymes. tronomer's, Naturalist's, Botanist's, and By D. Boileau. 8vo. 98. 6d.

Historian's Guide throughout the Year: A Grammar of the Sanscrit Language with an Introduction, containing the Outon a New Plan. By the Rev. W. Yates. lines of Conchology, and a coloured Plate 4to. 21. 10s.

of Shells. 12mo. 9s. The fruits of Enterprize, exhibited in Leigh's New Picture of London and its the Travels of Belzoni. By the Author of Environs for 1822, with very important the Indian Cabinet. With 24 Engrave additions and numerous Views, expressly ings. Os.

engraved for this Edition. 18mo." Price Geography.

98. New Edinburgh General Atlas ; con- Observations on Vocal Music, and Rules sisting of 48 Plates, including every New for the Accent and Emphasis of Poetry Discovery, &c. with an Index. Each Map By W. Kitchiner, MD. 12mo. 4s. is accompanied with a Letter-press Descrip- Frend's Evening Amusement for 1822. tion, embracing every important feature in 38. the Geographical, Political, and Sta:istical

Novels and Tales. condition of the Countries delineated there. The Pirate. By the Author of Waveron. Oblong folio, half-bound, 31. 3s. ley. 3 Vols. 11. 11s. 6d.

A System of Universal Geography. By The Sybil's Warning. By Edward Malte Brun, Part III. 8vo. 78. 6d. Ball, Esq. 2 Vols. 12mo. 12s.

May You Like It. By a Country Cu- An Essay on the Theory of Money, and rate. 12mo. 6s.

the Principles of Commerce. By John The Priest, a Novel. In 3 Vols. 18s. Wheatley.--Vol. II. 4to. 11. 1s.

Maurice Powell, an Historical Welsh Howell's Collection of State Trials. Tale of England's Troubles. 3 Vols. 18s. Vol. XXX. being Vol. IX. of the Con. Poetry and the Drama.

tinuation, royal 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Sardanapalus, a Tragedy; The Two

Theology. Foscari, a Tragedy ; Cain, a Mystery. By Sermons, by Edward Maltby, DD. Vol. Lord Byron. 8vo. 158.

II. 8vo. 12s. Gordon, a Tale; a Poetical Review of

An Introduction the Critical Study Don Juan, 8vo. 48.

and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. By Specimens of the German Lyric Poets,

Thomas Hartwell Horne, MA. 4 Vols. consisting of Translations in Verse, from

8vo. 31. 38. the Works of Burger, Goethe, Klopstock, Six Discourses Preached before the Uni. &c. with Biographical Notices. 8vo. 10s. 64. versity of Oxford. By Thomas L. Strong,

Faustus, from the German of Goethe, BD. 8vo. 6s. with Retsch's Twenty-six Outlines, 4to. 20s. The Plates separately, 148.

Voyages, Travels, and Topography, • The Pleasures of Conversation, a Poem. Journal of Sentimental Travels in the By W. Cooke, Esq. 5s.6d.

Southern Provinces of France, with 17 The Two Pages of Frederick the Great, Coloured Engravings, by Rowlandson, royal a Comic Piece. By John Poole, Esq. 2s. 8vo. 188.

Idle Hours, a Collection of Poems. By Italy. By Lady Morgan. 3 Vols. 8vo. W. H. Armstrong, 12mo. 68.

21. 2s. Selim, a Turkish Tale, in Three Cantos. Sketches taken during Ten Voyages to By G. Fitzgerald.

Africa. By Captain John Adams. 8vo. Sir Heraud of Arden, a Tale, rl. 8vo. 6s. 78. 6d.

Desultory Thoughts in London, Titus Letters from Palestine, descriptive of a and Gisippus, and other Poems. By Charles Tour through Galilee and Judæa. By Lloyd. 12mo. 78. 6d.

T. R. Jolliffe. Third Edition. 2 Vols. Rosalie, a Swiss Relic, with other Poems. 8vo. Il. ls. 58.

Some Account of Kentish Town, its Political Economy.

Ancient Condition, Improvement, and preElements of Political Economy. By sent State. 2s. 6d. James Mill, Esq. 8vo. 8s.

NEW PATENTS. Thomas Martin and Charles Grafton, of David Redmund, of Agnes-Circus, OldBirmingham, printing ink manufacturers ; street-road, Middlesex, engineer ; for an for a method of making fine light black of improvement in the construction or manuvery superior colour, which they call spirit facture of hinges for doors.--Nov. Oth. black ; and a new apparatus for producing Franz Areton Egells, of Britannia-terthe same.—Oct. 24th.

race, City-road, Middlesex, engineer ; for Benjamin Thompson, of Ayton Cottage, certain improvements on steam-engines. Durham, Gent. for a method of facilitating Nov. 9th. the conveyance of carriages along iron and William Westley Richards, of Birmingwood rail-ways, tram-ways, and other ham, gun-maker; for an improvement in roads.--Oct. 24th.

the construction of gun and pistol locks.-Charles Tuckley, Sen. of Kenton-street, Nov. 10th. Brunswick-square, cabinet-maker; for cer- James Gardner, of Banbury, Oxfordtain improvements applicable to window- shire, ironmonger; for a machine preparasashes, either single or double hung, fixed tory to melting in the manufacture of talor sliding sashes, casements, window shut- low, soap, and candles; and which maters, and window blinds.--Nov. Iste chine may be used for other similar pur.

Samuel Hobday, of Birmingham, patent poses. - Nov. 9th. snuffer maker; for a method of manufac- John Bates, of Bradford, Yorkshire, turing the furniture for umbrellas and pa- machine-maker; for certain machinery for rasols, and of uniting the same together.- the purpose of feeding, fumaces of every Nov. Ist.

description, steam-engines, and other boilJohn Frederick Archbold, Esq. of Ser- ers, with coal, coke, and fuel of every kind. jeant's-inn, Fleet-street, London; for a -Nov. 9th. mode of ventilating close carriages.-Nov. William Penrose; of Stummorgangs, Ist.

Yorkshire, miller ; for various improveRichard Wright, of Mount-row, Kent- ments in the machinery for propelling road, Surrey, engineer; for improvements vessels, and in vessels so propelled.Nov. in the process of distillation.Nov. 9th. 10th.

BANKRUPTS IN ENGLAND, Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not expressed, it will be always in London or the Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names ure placed after a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country. Gazette.Nov. 24 to Dec. 20. Hounsfield, J. Cononley, York, calico-manufacBeaumont, J. D. Maidstone, upholsterer. (Dick

turer. (Lowe, Southampton-buildings, Chan. ipson, 35, St. Swithin's-lane. T.

cery-lane. c. Byass, H. Rayleigh, Essex, surgeon.

Howard, J. St. Martin's-court, St. Martin's-lade, [Milne,

cordwainer. (Jones, Mincing-lane. T. Temple. C. Clark, J. Commercial-place, Commercial-road,

Kay, T. Lambridge-place, Somerset, auctioneer. Middlesex, ship-owner. [Simpson, 1, Fen-court,

(Noel, Great Ormond-street. T.

Longrigg, I. Liverpool, lined-draper. (Wheeler, Feuchurch-street. T. Dentith, J. Liverpool, silversmith. [Wheeler,

28, Castle-street, Holborn. C. 28, Castle-street, Holborn. C.

Longster, G. Highbury-terrace, Islington, merDobell, J. Cranbrook, Kent, currier. (Alliston, Monkhouse, R. New Shoreham, Sussex, timber

chant. (Smith, Bedford-row. T. Freeman's-court, Cornbill. T. Dobson, T. and G. Thompson, Darlington, Dur.

merchant. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square., C. ham, mercers. [Perkins, Gray's-inn. c.

Niblock, J. and R. S. Latham, Bath, woollen-dra Elliott, T. and S. Haslock, Northampton, boot

pers. [Bourdillon, Bread-street.C manufacturers. [Carter, Lord Mayor's Court.

Paide, E. Little Chart, Kent, paper-maker. (Eloffice, Royal Exchange T.

wyn, Thavies-inn. c. Mumby, R. Glamford Briggs, Lincoln, mercer. Dec. 4.-Barker, W. Welch Whittle, Lancaster,

(Mason, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars. C. victualler. [Chippendall, Great Queen-st. C. Ricket, H. Shoreditch, Middlesex, grocer. [A. Box, T. Buckingham, banker. (Evans, Hattonmory, Throgmorton-street. T.

garden, T. Rivolia, A. Brook-street, Holborn, looking-glass Burkity, W. Beverley, York, miller. (Shaw, 18, manufacturer. [Jones, New Inn. T.

Ely-place, Holborn: C. Sanders, J. Coventry, auctioneer. (Coombe, Cop- Court, H. Fisb.street-hill, straw hat-manufacturer. thal-court. C.

[Reynolds, 96, St. John-st. Clerkenwell, T. Temple, N. Fleet-street, wine-merchant. (Bart. Gayfer, T. Bruisyard, Suffolk, merchant. (Alex. leti, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street. T.

ander, 36, Carey-st. Lincoln's-inn-fields. C. Warner, R. Huntingdon, ironmonger. (Egan, 25, Greaves, J. Sheffield, York, merchant. [Knowles, Essex-street, Strand. C.

2, New-inn, C. Whatley, T. Batcombe, Somerset, shopkeeper. Harrison, John, Beck foot, Westmoreland, joiner. [Dyne, 59, Lincoln's-inn-fields. C.

(Holme, New-inn. C. Whitehead, James, Hanley, Stafford, mercbant. Hutchings, James, Home Park buildings, Devon,

(Wright, 10, King's Bench-walk, Temple. c. builder. (Raine, Temple. c. Wild, W. Sheffield, merchant. (Blakelock, Ser- Mabson, W. Kelsale. Suffolk, farmer. [Elkins, jeant's.inn. c.

Temple-chambers. C. Winch, B. Hawkhurst, Kent, farmer. [Gregson, Moyse, w. Saxmundham, Suffolk, baker. (ElAngel-court, Throgmorton-street. T.

kins, Temple-chambers. C.

Staff, E. and W. W. Norwich, brick-makers. Nov. 27.- Bayliss, T. Curdworth, Warwick, dealer. [Clarke, Chancery-lane. C.

[Holme, New-inn. C. Boultbee, J. and J. W. Cole, Peterborough, banke

Warner, J. Garforth, York, maltster. [Battye, ers. (Anderton, Quality-ct. Chancery-lane. C.

Chancery-lane. C. Cooper, c. Upper North-place, Gray's-lon-road, Dec. 8.-Bellott, H. Manchester, cotton-manu.

grocer. [Amory, Throgmorton-street. T. facturer. (Wiglesworth, Gray's-inn. C. Denzilve, M. K.''Bridport, Dorset, bookseller. Epps, J. Holborn, ham merebant. [Harvey, 43, [Hopkinson, Lincoln's-in. c.

Lincoln's-inn-fields. T. Eastwood, K. Leeds, draper. [Makinson, Tem- Gale, Q. Newgate market, butcher. [Wilmot, 38,

Essex-street, Strand. T. Fowler, J. Mark-lane, tea-dealer. (Hodgson, 14, Landcastle, J. and R. N. Gillard, jan. Bristol, car. John-street, Adelphi. T.

penters. (Sherwood, Canterbury-square, SouthJackson, R. Cannon-street, merchant. [Borra. wark. C. daile, jon. 18, Cateaton-street. T.

Lapage, S. Clement's-lane, dry salter. (Griffith, Kirkham, G. Lancaster, merchant. [Chippendall, 86, High-street, St. Mary.le-bone. T.

56, Great Queen-street, Lincolu's-ilm-fields. c. Litchfield, John, Cambridge, gardener. [Farlow, Levi, H. Nelson-square, Blackfriar's.road, mer. Gray's-inn. Ć.

chant. (Green, Angel-court, Throgmorton-st. T. Margetts, Thos. Old Woodstock, Oxford, wheelMorton, Þ. Salford, Lancaster, merchant. [El. wright. [Lowden, Clement's-inn. C. lis, Chancery-lane. C.

Marsden, P. Sheffield, grocer. (Blakelock, Ser. Nicolson, J. "Cummersdale, Cumberland, iron. jeant's-inn, Fleet-street. C. founder. (Clennell, Staple's-inn. C.

Page, W. Lime-street, spirit merchant. (Farlow, Parker, R. Whitchurch, Salop, stationer. [Stock- 14, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. T.

er, New Boswell-court, Carey.street. C. Staff, H. A. Norwich, soap.manufacturer. [LythRitchie, J., F. Richardson, and J. Ritchie, Wat. goe, Essex-street, Strand. C.

ling-street, warehousemen. [Smith, Hatton. Warner, R. Peckfield-house, Garforth, York, dealcourt, Threadneedle-street. T.

er. (Wiglesworth, Gray's-ian-square. C. Staff, c. and W. W., Norwich, bombasine-manu. Williams, Sam. Bristol, apothecary. (Poole, 12, facturers. [Abbott, Roll's-yard, Chancery-lane. Gray's-ion-square. c. c.

Dec. 11.-Aydon, S. and W. Elwell, Shelf, York, Dec. 1.-Armistead, J. Clapham, York, cotton. iron-masters. (Walker, 29, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

C. spinner. [Norris, 26, John-street, Bedford-row.

Baker, W. and N. Baker, Portsea, grocers. (Shel. Attwood, A. Lymington, Southampton, surgeon. ton, Sessions-house, Old Bailey.c. [Capes, Gray's-inn. C.

Calvert, J. Tavistock Hotel, Covent Garden, mer. Bray, D. Plymouth-dock, victualler. [Bourdillon, chant. (Lavie, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry. T, Bread-street, Cheapside. C.

Edwards, W. Chatham, linen-draper. (Rippon, Campart, W. H. Croydon, hatter. (Saunders, II, Great Surry-street. T. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy.square. T.

Evans, T. Mackynlleth, Montgomery, innkeeper. Cella, P. Modeford-court, Fenchurch-street, wine- [Philpot, 3, Southampton-street, Bloomsburymerchant. (Annesley, Finsbury-square. T.

square, C. Clarksơn, J. Gracechurch-street, hatter. (Os. Fuller, J. M. Worthing, linen-draper. (Jones,

baldeston, London-street, Fenchurch-st. T. Sise-lane. T. Cropper, Jas. Great Peter-street, Westminster, Garrick, J. L. Mitcham, merchant. (Grimaldi,

brewer. [Mangnall, 16, Aldermanbury. T. 1, Copthall-court. T. Fisher, F. jun. Leicester-square, surgeon." (Budd, Haviland, R. Cirencester, Gloucester, rectifier. Bedford-row. T.

[Becke, Devonshire-stree:, Queen-square. C.

ple. c.

Holland, H. L. Birmingham, builder. (Alex. Smith, H. St. Martin's.lane, Middlesex, woollen. ander, Carey-street, Chancery-lane. C.

draper. [Pownall, Old Jewry. T. Kenwood, C. G. John-street, West, Middlesex, Dec. 18.-Bamfard, R. Pontefract, York, maltster.

printer. (Jones, Minciog-lane. T. Rendall, J. Bridport, Dorset, painter. (Allen, Barratt, A. Newport Paguch, Buckingham, farmo

(Lake, 9, Cateaton-street. C. Clifford's-iun. C. Tippetts, E. and E. Gethen, Basinghall.street, fac.

er. (Spence, 7, Furnival's-inn. C. tors. [Pullen, 34, Fore-street, Cripplegate. T.

Bingham, R. Gosport, Southampton, clerk. [Mon

tagu, 43, Lincoln's-ipp-fields. c. Todd, S. Southampton, mercer. [Browne, New Callanan, D. and T. Walsh, King-street, Wap

Furnival's-inn. C.
Townsend, J. Honiton, Devon, and (i. Brooke, ping, soap-makers. (Thompson, 8, Walbrook.

Whimple, Devon, bankers. [Luxmoore, Red
Lion-square, Holborn. C.

Cavey, J. Beckley, Sussex, dealer. (Egan, 25,

Essex-street, Strand. T. Wills, R. Broad-street, Bloomsbury, tobacconist. (Cobb, Clement's-inn. T.

Else, S. Tredegar Iron-works, Bedwellty, Mon

mouth, shopkeeper. (Gregory, Clement's.inn.

C. Dec. lá.-Beale, W. Newbury, Berks, timber- Gleave, S. Warrington, Lancaster, shopkeeper. dealer. [Ashfield, Tokenbouse-yard. c.

[Hurd, London. C. Bell, J. and G. Bell, Berwick-upon-Tweed, coop. Jarvis, É. Norwich, carpenter. (Poole, Gray's ers. [Bennett, Lambeth-hill, Doctor's Com.

ian-square. C. mons. T.

Marshall, W. H. Bristol, ship-broker. (Vizard, Brander, J. and J. Barclay, Size-lane, merchants. Lincoln's-iun. C.

(Hurd, King's-bench-walk, Temple. T. Browne, J. Canterbury, linen-draper. [Reardon,

Parr, J. Stand-lane, within Pilkington, Lancas.

ter, check-manufacturer. [Perkins, HolbornCorbet-court, Gracechurch-street. T.

court, Gray's-inn. C. Chamberlin, J. Bristol, merchant. (Poole, 12, Pattison, c. St. Neots, Huntingdon, ironmonger. Gray's-inn-square. C.

[Day, St. Neots. C. Cleaver, W. Church-lane, Chelsea, grocer. (Daw. Staples, G. C. Halifax, woolstapler. (Wiglesson,, New Burlington-street. T.

worth, Gray's-ian-square. C. Durrant, William, Castle-street, Finsbury, tailor,

Turner, G. Liverpool, merchant. [Taylor, 9, (Clarke, Bishopsgate Churchyard. T.

King's Bench-walk, Temple. c. Eastwood, H. Eastwood, York, fustian-manufac

Wildman, J. Fen-court, Fenchurch-street, merturer. (Ellis, 43, Chancery-lane. C.

chant. (Le Blanc, New Bridge-street. T. Hatfield, H. Abingdon.row, Goswell-street-road, merchant. (Jones, Mincing-lane. T.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. James, R. Conderton, Worcester, dealer in horses. (Jenkins, 8, New-inn. c.

Gazette-Nov. 27 to Dec. 20. Kay, E. Sheffield, merchant. [Battye, Chancery. Bell, A. and J. Sword, rope-makers, Leith. lane. C.

Hutchinson, J. D. iron-merchant, Edinburgh. Moore, J. Sowerby, York, woollen-cloth-manu- Chalmers, J. merchant, Glasgow.

facturer. (Wiglesworth, Gray's-inn-sg. C. Mylne, W. merchant, Leith. Potter, T. Manchester, publican. (Shaw, 18, Provand, J. merchant, Glasgow. Ely-place, Holborn. c.

Swayne, W. manufacturer, Dysart.


Paris. Hamburg. Amsterdam Vienna. Nuremberg Berlin. Naples Leipsig. Bremen 21 Dec. 18 Dec. 21 Dec. 5 Dec. 13 Dec. 15 Dec. 6 Dec. 14 Dec. 13 Dec.







Paris. ......




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Hamburg • 185%
Amsterdam 573
Vienna.... 252
Franckfort. 34
Augsburg . 250
Genoa...... 475
Leghorn... 512

Cadiz....... 15.50
Naples. 439
Bilboa. 15:56
Madrid. 15.60
Oporto. 560

1064 147 148] 1474

81% 1474 88 367 924

40.10 | 10 fl. 10.5
574 1174 fr. 119

146 1465

1354 1362 36

353 991 106
551 992 994

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93 371



Franck fort.

16 Dec.

Breslaw. Christiana. Petersburg. Riga. Antwerp Madrid. Lisbon. 12 Dec. 28 Nov. 30 Nov. 30 Nov. 17. Dec. 10 Dec. 28 Nov.


London ....... Paris ......... Hamburg.... Amsterdam. Genoa.

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