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lucent as they glance over some clas- nerva Sunias, and there the scite of sic stream? What can vie with that the gardens of Alcinous. alabaster skin but marble temples, Close to the gate a spacious garden lies, dedicated to the Queen of Love? From storms defended, and inclement skies; What can match those golden freckles Tall thriving trees confess the fruitful but glittering sun-sets behind Mount

mould, Olympus ? Here, in one corner of The reddening apple ripens here to gold. the room, stands the Hill of the Here the blue fig with luscious juice o'erMuses, and there is a group of flows, Graces under it! There played the With decper red the full pomegranate NINE on immortal lyres, and here glows; sit the critical but admiring Soottish The branch here bends beneath the weighty fair, with the catalogue in their pear, hands, reading the quotations from And verdant olives flourish round the year. Lord Byron's verses with liquid eyes, Eternal breathes on fruits, untaught to fail ;

The balmy spirit of the western gale and lovely vermilion lips – would that The same mild season gives the blooms to they spoke English, or any thing but

blow, Scotch !-Poor is this irony! Vain The buds to harden, and the fruit to grow. the attempt to reconcile Scottish figures with Attic scenery! What This is Pope's description of them land can rival Greece? What earthly in the Odyssey, which (we must say) flowers can compare with the colours is very bad, and if Mr. Williams had in the sky? What living beauty can not given us a more distinct idea of recall the dead? For in that word, the places he professes to describe, Greece, there breathe three thou- we should not have gone out of our sand years of fame that has no date way to notice them. As works of to come! Over that land hovers a art, these water-colour drawings delight, brighter than that of suns, serve very high praise. The drawsofter than that which vernal skies ing is correct and characteristic: the shed on halcyon seas, the light that colouring chaste, rich, and peculiar; rises from the tomb of virtue, genius, the finishing generally careful; and liberty! Oh! thou Uranian Venus, the selection of points of view striking thou that never art, but wast and and picturesque. We have at once art to be; thou that the eye sees not, an impressive and satisfactory idea but that livest for ever in the heart; of the country of which we have thou whom men believe and know to heard so much; and wish to visit be, for thou dwellest in the desires places which, it seems from this reand longings, and hunger of the presentation of them, would not bely mind; thou that art a Goddess, and all that we have heard. Some splewe thy worshippers, say dost thou netic travellers have pretended that not smile íor ever on this land of Attica was dry, flat, and barren. Greece, and shed thy purple light But it is not so in Mr. Williams's over it, and blend thy choicest bland authentic dranghts; and we thank ishments with its magic name? But him for restoring to us our old, and, here (in the Calton Convening room, as it appears, true illusion--for in Waterloo Place, close under the crowning that Elysium of our schoolMelville monument-strange contra. boy fancies with majestic hills, and diction !) another Greece grows on scooping it into lovely winding valthe walls

other skies are to be seen, leys once more. Lord Byron is, we ancient temples rise, and modern believe, among those who have Grecian ladies walk. Here towers spoken ill of Greece, calling it a Mount Olympus, where Gods once sand-bank," or something of that sat-that is the top of a hill in Ar- sort. Every ill-natured traveller cadia—(who would think that the ought to hold a pencil as well as a eyes would ever behold a form so pen in his hand, and be forced to visionary, that they would ever see produce a sketch of his own lie. As an image of that, which seems only to the subjects of Mr. Williams's a delicious vanished sound ?) this is pencil, nothing can exceed the local Corinth--that is the Parthenon—there interest that belongs to them, and stands Thebes in Bæotia—that is the which he has done nothing, either Plain of Platæa,-yonder is the city through injudicious selection, or negof Syracuse, and the Temple of Mic ligent execution, to diminish. Quere. Is not this interest as great in Lon- N. B. There are a number of other don as it is in Edinburgh? In other very interesting sketches interspersed, words, we mean to ask, whether this and some very pleasing home views, exhibition would not answer well in which seem to show that nature is London?

W. H.

every where herself.

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A Letter from Mrs. Winifred Lloyd, to her Friend Mrs. Price, at the Parsonagem

house at

in Monmouthshire.


My Dear Mrs. Price,—This is at their backs—Becky thought it to let you know that me and Becky was the fire of London-but the and little Humphry are safe arrived show gentleman said it was Troy that in London where we have been since was burned out of revenge, so that Monday. My darter is quite inchant- was a very good thought to paint. ed with the metropalus and longs to Then there was Bellshazzer's Feast be intraduced to its satiety which as you read of it in the Bible with please God she shall be as soon as Daniel interrupting the handwritthings are ready to make her debutting on the wall.—with the cunning in. It is high time now she should men and the king and all the nobe brought into the world being bility. Becky said she never saw twenty years old cum Midsummer such bewtiful painting, and sure and very big for her size. You enuff they were the finest cullers I knows, Mrs. Price, that with her ever set eyes on, blews and pinks figure and accumplishments she was and purples and greens all as bright quite berried in Wales but I hopes as fresh sattin and velvet and no when the country is scowered off she doubt they had court sutes all span will shine as bright as the best, and new for the banket. As for Hummake a rare havoc among the mail phry there was no getting him from

She has larned the pinaforte a picter of the Welsh Bard, because and to draw, and does flowers and he knew the ballad about it and saw shells, as Mr. Owen says, to a mi- the whcie core of Captain Edwards's rikle, for I spares no munny on her sogers coming down the hill with to make her fit for any gentleman's their waggin train and all, quite nawife, when he shall please to ax her. tural. To be sure their cullers were I took her the other day to the Bul- very bewtiful, but there was lock's museum to see Mr. Martin's many mountings piled atop of one expedition of picters because she has another, and some going out of sight such a pretty notion of painting her- into heaven that it made my neck self, and a very nice site it was, ake to look after them. Next to that thof it cost half a crown. I tried to there was a storm in Babylon * but get the children in for half-price but not half so well painted, Becky said, the man said that Becky was a full- as the rest. There was none hardly grown lady and so she is sure enuff, of those smart bright cullers, only a 80 I could only beat him down to bunch of flowers in a garden that take a sixpence off little Humphry. Becky said would look bewtiful

The pieters are hung in a parler on a chaney teacup: How somever up stairs (Becky calls it a drawing some gentlemen looked at it a long room) and you see about a dozen for while and called it clever and said your munny, which brings it to about they prefeared his architecter work to a penny a piece and that is not dear. his painting and he makes very handThe first on the left hand as you go some bildings for sartain. They in and on the right coming out is said too that this picter was quieter called Revenge. It reperesents a man

than all the rest but how that can be and woman with a fire breaking out God he knows for I could not hear

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• The storming of Babylon : Mrs. Lloyd must have got her Catalogue by hearsay.




a pin's difference betwixt them—and play and any other sites we may see besides, that it was in better keep- you shall hear. Till then give my ing which I suppose means it is sold respective complements to Mr. Price to a Lord-The next was only a with a kiss from Becky and Humphry lady very well dressed a walking in

and remane a landskip, but oh Mrs. Price how Your faithful humble sarvant shall I tell you about the burning of

WINIFRED LLOYD. Herculeum! Becky said it put her in mind of what is written in the P. S. I forgot to say that after we Revealations, about the sky be- had seen Mr. Martins expedition, we ing turned to blood, and indeed it went from the Bullock's to the Boseemed to take all the culler out nassus, as it is but a step from wan of her face when she looked at it. to the other. The man says it is a It looked as if all the world was perfect picter, and so it is, for sartain, going to be burnt to death with a and ought to be painted. It is like a shower of live coals!-Oh dear! to bull, only quite different, and cums see the poor things running about from the Appellation Mountings. in sich an earthquack as threw the My Humphry thought it must have pillers off their legs! and all the been catcht in a pound and I wunmen of war in distress, beating their dered the child could make sich a bottoms and going to rack and ruin nateral idear, but he is a sweet boy, in the arbour! It is a shocking site and very foreward in his larning. to see only in a picter, with so many He was eyely delited at the site you people in silks and sattins and velvets may be sure but Becky being timorhaving their things so scorched and some shut her eyes all the time she burnt into holes! Oh Mrs. Price! was seeing it. But saving his pushwhat a Providence we was not born ing now and then, the anymil is no in Vesuvus, and there are no burn- ways veracious and eats nothing but ing mountings in Wales !

Only vegeatables. The man showed us think to be holding our sheelds over some outlandish sort of pees that it our heads to keep off the hot sinders lives upon but he give it two hole and almost suffercated to death with pales of rare carrots besides. It brimstun. It puts one in a shiver must be a handsum customer to to think of it.

the green Grocer and a pretty penny There is another picter of a burn- I warrant it costs for vittles. But ing mounting with Zadok t hanging it is a wonderfull work of natur, upon a rock-Becky knows the story and ought to make look and shall tell it you—but it looked to his ways as

Mr. Lloyd says. nothing after the other, though the Which of our infiddles could make a criketal gentlemen you knows of, said Bonassus, let them tell me that Mrs. it was a much better painting. But Price! I would have carried him there is no saying for people's tastes home in my eye to describe to you as Mr. Owen says, the world does & Mr. Price, but we met Mrs. not dine upon one dinner—but I Striker the butcher's lady and she have forgot one more and that is drove him quite out of my head. Mac Beth and the three Whiches, Howsomever as you likes curosities, with such a rigiment of Hilanders I shall send his playbill that knows that I wonder how they got into one more about him than I do, though picter. Becky says the band ought there's nothing like seeing him with to be playing bag Pipes instead of wan's own eyes. I think if the man kittle drums, but no doubt Mr. Mar- would take him down to Monmouth tin knows better than Becky, and I in a carryvan he would get a good am sure from what I have heard in

many hapence by showing him. Till the North that either kittles or then I remane once more drums would sound better than bag Your faithful humble sarvant Pipes.

WINIFRED Lloyd, We are going tomorrow to the

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* Mírs. Lloyd mcans Sadak, in the Tales of thc Genii.

you after


By Sylvester (Douglas), Lord Glenbervie.* RICCIARDETTO is an amusing hur- the hero of his burlesque is poor lesque of the chivalrous poetical ro- Ferrau; whom he takes a peculiar mance. It bears, probably, much the pleasure in persecuting. He certainly same relation to the Orlando Furioso keeps up this character throughout of Ariosto, as Sir Launcelot Greaves with great spirit. The meeting in does to Don Quixote. Forteguerri the cell between Rinaldo and Ferrau (called also by the affected Greek turned hermit, in the second canto, parody of Carteromaco) reversed the hears so minute a resemblance to experiment of Gay,—who stumbled that of Richard Lion-heart and Friar on genuine pastorals, while aiming Tuck in Ivanhoe, as to preclude the at comic travesties,—and found him- idea of mere coincidence. The self betrayed into parody, while pro- readers of the novel will at once perfessedly exemplifying the facility of ceive this, from an extract which we the romantic epopea. He received shall give in the version of Mr. Mefrom nature an invincible disposition rivale, cant. 2, stanzas 23 and 199: to pleasantry; of which his unsparing abuse of priests, while hinn- “But tell me," said the knight, half choaked self secretary to the Propaganda, is

with laughter a standing proof. The ambition of “ What cause has worked this wonderful coping with the serious poets, which

conversion ? acted as the original impulse to the What game was up ?—what mischief were creation of this poem, occasionally breaks out in sallies of poetic fancy,

When you sustain'd this sudden soul's

immersion ? such as we meet with in the better And last, what makes you exercise your parts of Lord Byron's Juan; the

craft here, hint of which (to say no more) was Mid wilds untrod by Jew, Moor, Turk, clearly taken from Ricciardetto.

or Persian ? There are some very pretty tales, “ The tale is long," return'd the whitewhich, if they have not all the poe

wash'd sinner; tical sentiment of Ariosto, are very “ If so," rejoin'd the knight, “ let's first similar to those of Boyardo, in the

have dinner." Inamorato. The introductions, or openings, to the cantos, are evident Ferrau replied, “ dark is my chimney.

nookimitations of Berni's Refacciamento of Ariosto ; and not unlike the style

No wasting there, no baking, boiling, of the Malmantile of Lippi. There I save myself the charges of a cook,

stewing; are, however, in Forteguerri, more boldness and less delicacy. He says

And pay with present fasting past mis

doing; all that he means to say. Berni al- But, if for once, Rinaldo, you can brook ways leads us to suspect that he To taste the frugal life I'm now pursuing, means more than he says, and some- You'll find dried figs and raisins in yon times the contrary to what the words

coffer imply Forteguerri descends fre- My winter-hoard,—I've nothing else to quently into broad farce, and not

offer." seldom into the extreme of vulgarity : there is little of that genteel, refined Rejoin'd the knight, “ sith 'twill nö better wit, so conspicuous in Berni. In

be, Ricciardetto we meet with the cha

Whate'er you can bestow I'll freely eat ; racters of Ariosto and Boyardo not Hunger devours stone walls—’tis so with always placed in the most honour.

And therewith at the table took his seat: able situations. Forteguerri turns The holy friar said “ Benedicite: ” them occasionally into cooks and

Rinaldo never stayed to carve his meat, stable-boys, and gives them many a But bolted it; nor did he once give o'er drubbing from vulgar hands. But Till he'd demolislı'd all the winter store.”


* Murray, 1822.


Perhaps the humour of the scene And when he woke, all other things foris not improved by the novelist (ex

gotten, cept in the article of the dried pease,

Up, up,” he cried," and seek the Count,

'od rot'en." and the grimace with which they are swallowed), but the repast undoubttedly is : since Friar Tuck, at length Astolpho staring broad, like one just

waking, feeling his bowels relent, and his

Cried, “ damn her! what's our hostess hypocrisy give way, produces, be

to the county ? " fore the enlarging eyes of his guest, a miraculous supply of red-deer The merit of the translator in these pasty.

elegant facetiæ, is entirely his own. As the two translators present It must, however, be acknow. themselves in unavoidable juxta-po- ledged, that this is erring on the sition, we shall say a few words of right side. Where it is a question of the one just quoted, who preceded the mock-heroic or comic romance, the subject of our article, in a version flippancy may offend, but prosiness of the two first cantos. The rival is intolerable. We kuow nothing in translations bear but little resem- the annals of heavy facetiousness so blance to each other. Lord Glen- remarkable as the following stanza of bervie's is (we whisper it in confi- his lordship (and it is a tolerably fair dence) a little heavy. His prede- specimen of the general manner of cessor is impertinently flippant; fond execution); unless it be the incident of quaint rhymes, which do not appear of the German, who broke his shins to arise out of the natural diction, in jumping over the chairs of his but are strained and laboured to set apartment, by way of serving an apoff the skill of the translator in this prenticeship to gaiety. kind of knick-knackery. This is not The poor inamorato, thus forsaken, the case with Lord Byron's imita- Retired not till compellid by his comtion of the ottava rima in his poem

peers ; of Beppo, nor in Mr. Frere's Whistle- Then struggles with his trusty blade to which latter it seems to have

break in been the aim of Mr. Merivale to imi- To his uncover'd breast, and, bathed in tate or rival ; sed longo intervallo.

tears, We take, at random, å few speci- To send his heart to Stella ; but his bacon

Is tiinely saved, for now the drug apmens of complete failures in this

pears way; to say nothing of the unwar- Doing good work ; else had he slain in rantable liberties taken with the au

madness thor, and the vile taste of foisting Himself and friends, and fill'd all France English allusions into the poem.

with sadness. Such only as confirm'd them that the prince

The following is more determilay Somewhere or other hid in the Penins'la.

nately and desperately humorous; but we think the effect still hard

and heavy. A low or familiar exWho with this very nut work'd such a pression is introduced here and there, change,

with the evident study to appear That from a shadow, or the merest

volatile ; but there is, notwithstandatomy, She suddenly (which people thought right ing, an invincible ponderous gravity strange)

in the expression as well as in the Became almost a subject for phlebotomy: rhythm: The old man said, he got it in exchange

With this he catches up a piece of a stick, One day from a fair nymph of Mesopo

And says, “ your folly sliall have this tamy,

reward :" For pedlar's wares-(this old man was a Then brandishes the same with air gymPersian,

nastic ; And dull as Wordsworth’s pedlar in th'

Rinaldo on his knees solicits hard “ Excursion.")

For pardon, in a whining strain bom

bastic; And ere he could say, “ to my mistress Mine host does this as cowardice regard give it,"

And hits him on the nob: the knight grows Cool'd down his passions like a song by

furious, Knyvett.

And takes him by both legs in mode most



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