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seded altogether, and their places and is said to have been drawn up by supplied by public functionaries paid Dupin, the celebrated advocate. It by the Crown, namely, the Members embraces all the facts, and occupies of the Cours Royales, comprising, at much more space than we can spare. the least, twelve judges. These The father states, that having gone personages may, if they think fit, not to the convent to demand his daughonly punish whatever they consider ter, he was compelled, under four to be a libel, but they may instantly bayonets, to settle a pension for life suspend, or suppress altogether, the on her to enable her to live there, offensive journal; so that not only while the infatuated victim, surroundthe person, but the property, of every ed by monks and nuns, actually publisher in the kingdom would be at laughed at the agony of her own their despotic, irresponsible disposal! father. We need scarcely say that this projet We gave, in our last, an account of excited universal indignation ; so the rise and progress of the American much so, indeed, that there was a navy; we now present an abstract of general rush of members to inscribe the Annual Report made by the Sea their names to speak in the ensuing cretary of the American Treasury to debate against it, and forty-two ora- the Speaker of the House of Repretors were instantly enrolled. The sentatives, containing an exposé of discussion is expected to be most the public finances. It is a very imstormy; and, if the measure be pere portant document, and well deserves, severed in, we both think, and, as in these times, the attention of more friends of the liberty of the press, than one House of Representatives. hope, that it will lead to a dissolution The entire estimated expenditure of of the Ultras. In the meantime, an the American Government for the occurrence has just taken place at year 1822, is less than 3,500,000). ! Paris, which has sensibly affected This covers the civil list, the army, the public mind here, and gives rise the navy, and the interest of their to reflections, with the expression of national debt. The civil, diplomatic, which we do not wish to trust our- and miscellaneous head, does not selves. We allude to the conversion amount to 400,000l. The interest on of the elder daughter of a Mr. Douglas the national debt, in which is included Loveday, an English gentleman. This a sum for reimbursing the holders of unfortunate man, smitten, it seems, a certain part of it, does not exceed with the too prevailing mania for a 1,270,0001. Besides the above sum, French education, was induced to there is a real sinking fund of 4,300,000 place his two daughters and his niece dollars, equal to more than one-fourth at the boarding-school of a Madame of the entire annual expenditure, and Reboul, with an express stipulation equivalent to one-twentieth part of that there should be no interference the whole unredeemed debt. The with their religious principles. At military estimates, including ord. this school they continued for six nance, fortifications, and pensions, is years, and, at length, the father an- stated at five millions of dollars; and nounced his intention of taking them the charge for the navy, including back to England. What was his those now building, and those navihorror, however, on going to the gating the various seas of the world, school for the purpose, ať finding amounts only to 700,000/.! A people, that they had not only all been con- uniting such enterprise with such ecoverted to Catholicism, but that the nomy, must, and at no very distant eldest had been juggled into a con- period, make a proud and conspicuous vent. It seems their understandings figure in the page of history. were darkened, and their terrors ex- The King of Portugal has been the cited, by some fraudulent legend of a first European potentate to acknowmiraculous host tortured by a Jew in ledge the independence of any of the the year 1290, under the reign of revolted South American provinces. Philip le Bel. Mr. Loveday presented A very explicit document upon this a petition on the subject to the Cham- important subject has been transmitber of Deputies, complaining of the ted from the Portuguese deputy resifraud, and imploring the restitution dent at Buenos Ayres to the Chilian of his child. This petition is to be envoy at the same place, so couched the subject of a future discussion, as to leave little doubt of its iạtent and its authority. The principle of senses--an explosion of orange loythis recognition, as laid down by the alty took place, and a triumphant King of Portugal, is, that the obedience majority scouted the attempt, with a of a people is a proof of the legitimacy spirit worthy the descendants of King of the government. This is admitted William, (we mean, his Irish descend to be the case in Chili, and the King unts.) The consequence of this has expresses his perfect readiness to ex- been orange, and, indeed, demi-offitend his national recognition to the cial dinners, in which we have been other States of South America, when told, that even the loyalty avowed ever they come within the principle did not amount to more than a conby which his present conduct has ditional declaration. The Catholics, been governed. In the meantime, to do them justice, had not been perfect tranquillity remains in Portu- roused to any very extraordinary regal; the Cortes still sit, and are unin- active exertion. The leaders are terruptedly occupied in devising the putting forth their annual manifestoes best means for perpetuating the newly of policy, and the lower orders are acquired constitutional liberty of their preparing work for future special country.

commissions. It is quite melancholy The accounts from Ireland, we re- to read the accounts from the inte. gret to say, are of quite as uncivi- rior- the heart sickens at them--take lized a nature as any which it has two for an example. A clergyman of been our painful duty hitherto to the church of England has been shot communicate. The appearance of at the head of an armed military the Marquis Wellesley has not abated body, by another military body, who one jot the malignant and disor- supposed him an enemy! The second ganizing spirit of the different fac- instance is, if possible, worse ;-a tions which divide and agitate that body of the Yeomanry seized a poor distracted country. Indeed, so far illicit distiller-his neighbours went from it, that he seems himself likely to rescue him—the army threatened to become, in some degree, the sub- to kill their prisoner if his friends ject of fresh contention. We are led persisted, and actually put their to this remark, from no slight expe- threat in execution !! They shot, in rience of the people of Ireland, and broad day light, the wretched creafrom observing that the Corporation ture, and afterwards actually fired of Dublin have congratulated Mr. sixty rounds of ball cartridge aGoulbnrn on his coming into office, mongst the peasantry. This is reand condoled with Mr. Saurin on his lated in all the Irish papers, without going out, but they have cautiously a comment! We turn gladly from the abstained from any allusion whatever subject. to his Excellency. This, to say the The King will open Parliament least of it, is neither very compli- in person ; great preparations are mentary, nor very hospitable; but making in the department of the we hope it will teach his Excellency Horse, and in that of the Lord Chamin time, that a compromise with the berlain; it promises to be a very Catholics, by the prohibition of orange stormy Session. The agriculturists toasts, and with the Protestants, by have taken the field already, and the creation of an orange Baronet, is titions against the present state of not the way to conciliate either. The things are pouring in from many state of party spirit now in Dublin Counties; it is thought some expemay be gathered from the trumpet- riment will be tried on the fund holdtongued fact, that the committee ap- All the clerks have suffered a pointed to arrange the grand con- considerable reduction in many of ciliation dinner in commemoration of the public offices. Is this beginning his Majesty's visit, have been com- at the right end ? It is said that the pelled publicly to relinquish their Lords of the Treasury have it in contrust in despair. The avowed reason templation to suspend all Exchequer for this, has been the failure of an or other processes, for the collection experiment to introduce some Roman of any arrears of taxes due, and unCatholic freemen into the guild of paid by individuals, or from parishes, merchants in Dublin-the result was previous to the 5th of April, 1816. inevitable, and such as must have We do not think they will lose much been foreseen by any man in his by this retrospective liberality.




FEBRUARY 1, 1822.


AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The expectation of obtaining some ré. modate themselves to one common standlief from the distress which threatens to ard—the price of subsistence. But the diruin the Agriculturist, gives an intense in- rect taxation only is included in the above terest to the approaching meeting of Par. accounts. The indirect taxation in such liament. The county of Norfolk, so dis- computations escapes observation. tinguished for its cultivation and opulence, In 1812, Colquhoun estimated the Agrihas been convened by the high Sheriff; cultural productions of Great Britain and and resolutions, and a petition founded on Ireland, at (nearly) 217 millions. The those resolutions, have been agreed upon following are the averages he took, and in the fullest assembly of proprietors and those for the week ending Dec. 29, 1821. substantial yeomanry that has ever been

Per Quarter. known there. It is a singular trait in the proceedings, that the requisition originated


1821. with, and was signed by about sixty of the


70%, 6d.

46s. 2d. tenantry, some of great, and all of con


378. Od.

198. 7d. siderable wealth, of solid practical know.


293. Od. 168. 8c ledge in Agriculture, and of the first res

438.10d. Rye.

21s.lld. pectability in point of character and habits. Peas and Beans.. 386.10d. 24s. 8d. There was no difference in opinion as to the cause of the evil. TAXATION was Here then is a clear reduction of nearly admitted, even by Mr. Wodehouse, the one half the entire total of Agricultural ministerial Member, to be the prevailing income ; and, considering the manner in source of distress. That gentleman, him. which the averages are known to be taken, self a very active member of the Agricul. it is only a fair computation to reckon that tural committee, said, speaking of the it is reduced one half ; 1812 was the year of report, that there never was a document, the greatest prosperity ; but when Colless suited to the condition of the country; quhoun's prices are regarded, it will be there was, throughout the whole, such a seen that his estimate must have been very mixture of matter, such a dexterous chaos, low indeed ; the published prices of wheat a reference to parallel where there was no assigning 123s. 8d. (he has taken only parallel; an application of analogy where 70s. 6d.) as the average at that time, and there were no circumstances in the least every other species of grain bore a similar degree analogous, that the report was any proportion. Thus the real power of the thing but what might be desired.” Much country to sustain the weight of taxation useful information relative to the state of was greatly beyond what he estimated it, Norfolk Agriculture was previously pub- (viz, as 123 to 76) for concerning the revelished in that County. From these ac- nue there could be neither exaggeration counts, which were derived from authentic nor diminution. and most respectable sources, and which In 1812, according to the same autho. hear strongly upon the national as well as rity, which in this instance is founded upon the local case, it appears :--that to bring official returns to parliament, it appears the farmer to the level of 1790,

that the net revenue of the country was Rent 'must be lowered nearly 50 per Cent. 65,231,0681. It seems from the documents Tithes..


printed by Mr. Hume, from similar Labour

sources, that the expenditure of the year 50 80

ending January 5, 1821, was 53,340,1131. Direct taxes

The inevitable conclusion, then, is that Tradesmens' bills,

Agricultural production is now charged Capital

with a weight of taxation double, according 45

to Colquhoun's statements, but, in fact, · By this process, it is clear that every in a much heavier ratio than in 1812. The man's income or means of life would be Agricultural production then realized 217 reduced to about one half; and, in some millions, and paid its proportion of 65 instances, (the Clergy) more than one half millions, the whole production of the coun of their present amount. Were this the try being computed to be 430 millions; whole of the evil, it would soon be found Agricultural production is now only 108 light, because all things would thus accom- millions, and pays the same proporțion of;

Hon. Reg.

Rates ..

75 50



53 millions. The real proportions we have of promoting the extension and improveshown were much more favourable to the ment of Agriculture the most important Agriculturist, but we accept the division of department of the government. Colquhoun, and this must satisfy the As the matter now stands, it becomes country at large that no arrangement short fairly a question of political economy, and of an enormous reduction of the public ex- as it seems to us, is divided between two penditure can meet the exigencies of the alternatives ; first, to reduce the interest of

the public debt, by a disastrous and dishoWith these views of the subject, the nourable compromise with the public cremost liberal determination of Earl Fitz. ditor ; secondly, by great national measures WILLIAM, in respect to his tenantry, coin- to increase production, through the emcides. That nobleman has lowered his rents ployment of those paupers who are now from thirty-five to forty-five per cent. ac- consumers only. We need scarcely say, cording to circumstances, and he signified we incline to the latter plan, and believe to his tenantry, at his audit, that prices it to be perfectly feasible. The example must return to a peace level. Lord John of the parish of Terrington, in Norfolk, Russell has also addressed a public letter to where the poor's rate has been all but abthe Agriculturists of Huntingdonshire, in rogated by the allotment at a rent of which he anticipates that the present mi- twenty-two acres of land to those claiming nisters will ere long give up the landed in- parish allowances, is a sufficient proof of terest to the political æconomists, who ad- what may be done by such means; and vocate a free trade; and his Lordship founds when it is known and considered that of his belief on their desertion of their opi- seven millions disbursed in poor's rate six nions relative to the paper circulation, and are paid by the country, and one only by their manifest relaxation in regard to the large towns, the practicability becomes Catholic question. The cause is however the more apparent. Even the large towns as obvious as the effect. It resides in the might be relieved by the adoption of some open intercourses of the world, and the extended application of the same principle progress of knowledge; the impolicy of -perhaps by Mr. Owen's plan. antiquated restrictions is now clearly seen The nation at large will learn with reand understood.

gret, that it is probable the Holkham sheepIn addition to these circumstances, Lord · shearing meeting will be suspended this Stourton has published another letter, and year, in consequence of the lamentable disSir John Sinclair a short address, in which tresses of the Agriculture interest. he recommends the abolition of the ware- The actual operations of the field have housing clause, an imposition of 10s. upon this month been few. In the strong land, wheat imported, at the rate of 80s. per 'the turnips have suffered injury from the quarter, a change in the system of ave. rains. rages, and the erection of a general board The wheats are flourishing, and unless of agriculture, manufactures, and com- checked by future frost, will vegetate luxumerce, where all questions connected with riantly ; the prices of wheat have advanced the national industry shall be discussed. a trifle; long wool had also more demand, This plan the Baronet conceives would put and is selling from 26s. to 288. per tod. an end to jealousy, and render the means Jan. 24, 1822.


(London, Jan. 23.) On reviewing the results of the foreign the case, we may observe, that on eratrade of the kingdom during the preceding mining the statements of the vessels ar. year, we are not able to discover so con- rived during 1821, at the principal ports of siderable an improvement as might have the Continent, from the East Indies, Brabeen wished, and as we believe some per- zil, Cuba, St. Domingo, &c. ; we find no sons expected at the commencement of the less than 516 vessels bringing their cargoes year. The foreign trade of the country direct to the place of consumption, which has been gradually falling off, owing to formerly came to England, and were recauses which are generally understood, shipped for the Continent. The high and were in a great measure anticipated, charges in this country have a very detrias the natural effects of the restoration of mental effect on commerce, and the amount peace, which would, of course, restore of foreign produce and manufactures warecommerce to a more natural state, by housed and bonded here for exportation is enabling foreign nations to resume their annually decreasing. We are, however, share, of which they had been deprived by inclined to consider the present prospects of the war. As a proof how far this has been the country in this respect as more cheer

Taken exportome consumption; }

ing than they have been at any period quantity will be 9,000 bags of Bengal ; within the last three or four years ; in the 7,000 Surats, and 500 Madras. The purgreat opening for British manufactures in chases during this last week have been 900 the Spanish Colonies in South America, bags ; viz. 850 Bengals, from 54 ordinary, which by the latest accounts appear to be to 6jd. very good; and a few Berbice, duty for ever lost to Spain : and, in fact, ac- paid, Jod. At Liverpool, the demand has counts have been received from the Ha- been pretty steady for this month past. vannah, stating that the Ports of Vera The sales from the 15th of December, to Cruz, in the Gulph of Mexico, and of the 19th of January, were about 34,000 Acapulco, in the Ocean, are thrown open bags, the arrivals about 28,000. About to commerce.

1,000 bags of the new crop were already We have likewise a prospect of an im- declared for public sale on the 25th of this mediate change in our own commercial sys- month. tem, by a removal of many of the restric- The imports of cotton into Great Britions hitherto in force, the subject having tain in 1821, were 80,000 bags less than been under discussion during the last ses in the preceding year; and the stock is sion of parliament, and expected to be one now 52,000 bags less than on the 1st of of the first that will be attended to in the January, 1821. opening of the session. The reports of

Bags. the committees are extremely interesting, The import was.

490,650 and are considered as holding out flattering Stock, January 1, 1821

406,420 prospects of extensive commerce, and gradually returning prosperity. We regret to

897,070 the close of 1821, were numerous beyond

-542,75) all precedent.

The manufactures have flourished during Stock, January 1, 1822 ........ 354,319 1821. The accounts from Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland, and every manu- Sugar.-For three weeks after the date facturing district agree in giving the most of our last report, hardly any business was favourable accounts, and stating every ma- done in sugars. There were very few Muschine and labourer to be in full employ. covades on show, the holders demanded an ment. Wages being low, the manufac. advance to which the buyers were unwilling turers have not only executed large orders to submit, and several considerable holders for exportation and home consumption, but even withdrew their sugars from the marhave also laid in a large stock at such low ket, fully anticipating a rise ; and, in fact, prices, as not to fear any competition in the buyers were obliged in the second week foreign markets. At the same time, the of this month to submit to rather higher labourers are able to live well, on account prices. On the 15th, there was a better of the low price of provisions. This is supply at market, more business doing, and not the place to refer to the reverse of the prices higher; the sales on that day were picture, particularly the distress of the 1,500 hogsheads. The demand for refined landholders, and the probable or possible improved at the same time, the quantity on means of relieving it.

hand was inconsiderable; and for that Cotton. The demand for cotton was reason, as well as the higher prices of raw steady for some time after our last publica- sugars, an advance of 1s. to 28. per cwt. tion, without any alteration in the prices ; was demanded. in the last week of December, about 500 Foreign sugars have been very heavy for bags were sold, Bengals 5gd. and 55 Su- some weeks, a decided reduction of 2s. a rats 6td. to 6fd. ; Demerara 10d, in the fol- 3s. per cwt. in Havannah and Bourbon delowing week, about 600 bags were sold; scriptions took place in the second week of Bengals being at a reduction of $ per cent. this month, compared with the prices paid on the prices of the last India sales. In towards the middle of last month ; 297 the second week, the demand revived con- chests Havannah, at public sale, sold, good siderably; the request was chiefly for India white 378. a 57s. 6d., middling and ordidescriptions, for home consumption ; the nary 348. a 36s., yellow and brown 24s. a purchases consisted of-61 Surats, good 24s. 6d. ; 3,800 bags Bourbon were brought 74d. ; very fair clean 6 d.; and 350 mid forward, of which only a small proportion dling, 6td. and 61d.; 350 Bengal, 5 d. a sold at the decline we have mentioned ; 54d. ; 50 very good, 6fd.; 190 ordinary good and fine yellow 21s. a 22s. ; middling and middling, 5#d. and 5fd.; and 74 and ordinary 188. a 198., brown 178. a Smyrnas, good 74d. ; the whole in bond. 178. 6d.

The declaration of a sale by the East Jan. 22.–The market was better supe India Company for the 8th of next month, plied with Muscovades last week than for has in a great degree suspended the de. some time previously; the buyers in conmand for cotton. It is expected that the sequence came forward and purchased more

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