Imatges de pÓgina


daughter of the late Richard Barwell, Esq. of Lately at Cambridge, the lady of the Baron

Stanstead. Sussex. Charles de Thierry, a son and heir.

2. At Kensington, Lieut. George Bague, of the Nov. 21. At Purley-house, near Croydon, Mrs.

Roy. Navy, and of the Folly-house, Ipswich, to George Harrington, a son.

Miss Yarrow, of Jermyn-street. 22. The lady of Henry Earle, Esq. of George

4. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Bishop street, Hanover-square, a son.

of Llandaff, Edward Stanley, Esq. of Ponsonby24. In Curzon.street, the lady of R. Frankland,

hall, Cumberland, to Mary, second daughter of Esq. MP. a daughter.

the late William Douglas, Esq. formerly Judge 25. In Park-place, St. James's, the lady of Thomas

of the Court of Adawlyt at Dacca, in the Hon. Rose, Esq. a daughter.

East India Service, in Bengal. In Upper Harley.street, the lady of Sir Wm.

- The Rev.S. H. Alderson, "Fellow of Caius Col. Struth, a son.

leve, Cambridge, to Miss Bennet, only daughter 27. At Exmouth, the lady of the Attorney General,

of Phil. Bennet, Esq. of Kongham hall, Suffolk.

5. At Marylebone-church, James Wadmore, Esq. #son. - At Cadewell, Deron, the lady of Sir John Louis,

of Chapel-street, Paddington, to Miss Henrietta Bart. a daughter.

Robinson, of Maida-place. 29. In Gower-street, the lady of Colonel O'Connor,

8. At Streatham, Robert Whitmore, Esq. of Linof the 73d Regt, a son.

chin's.ino, to Eliza, fourth daughter of Joseph 30. At Truro, in Cornwall, the lady of Capt. Pen. Kave, Esq. of Wandsworth-common and New gally, RN, a son.

Bank-baildings. Dec. 1. The lady of the Rev. Dr. E. D. Clarke, of 10. At Lamport, Northamptonshire, Lieut.-Col. Cambridge, a daughter.

Packe, of 'the Grenadier Guards, to Eliza, only - At Bryn, Glamorganshire, the Hon. Lady

daughter of the Rev. Vere Isham. Morris, a daughter.

11. At Osmaston, near Derby, Samuel Ellis Bris2. In Grosvenor-square, Lady Elizabeth Belgrave,

towe, Esq. of Beesthorpe-hall, near Newark, a daughter.

Notis, and of Tw: ford,' near Derby, to Mary At Greendown-cottage, the lady of Sir F. Ford,

Anne, eldest daughter of Samuel Fox, Esq. of a son.

Osmaston-ball. 3. At South Stoneham house, Hants, the lady of 12. By Special Licence, at the residence of the Rt. John Flemming, Esq. MP. for that county, a

Hon. Lord Stewart, at Wynyard, by the Rt. Hon. danghter.

and Rev. Lord Viscount Barrington, Sir Henry 5. At Kensington, the lady of Wm. Wilberforce,

Harding, KCB. and one of the Representatives Esq. a son a dheir.

of the City of Durham, to Lady Emily Jane 7. Lady Cochrane, a daughter.

James, sister of the Most Noble the Marquess 9. In Grosvenor-place, the Countess of Uxbridge,

of Londonderry. a son and heir.

13. At St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, by the Rev. R. ll. At Brighton, the lały of Capt. Lempricre, RA.

Scott, Capt. James Arthur Murray, RN. son of a daughier.

the Rt. Hon. Lord Wm. Morriy, and nephew to 12. In Guilford-street, Rossell-square, the lady of

his Grace the Duke of Athol, to Harriet, voung* Robt. Espinasse, Esq. a daughter.

est daughter of the late Wm. Coupland, Esq. of

that tou!!. 15. !o Duke.street,, the lady of Sir Rich. Paul Jodrell, Bart. a daughter.

14. At Penrice, Glamorganshire, by the Hon. and At Woburn Abbey, her Grace the Duchess of Rev. Charles Strangeways, John Nicholl, Esg. Bedford, a son.

of Merthyrmawr, only son of the Rt. Hon. Sír 16. At Brompton, Mrs. Horsley, wife of Win. John Nicholl, to Jane Harriot, secopd daughter Horsley, Mus. Bac. Oxon, twins.

of the late Thos. Mansell Talbot, Esq. of Mar

gam and Peprice Castle, in the same county. IN SCOTLAND.

At Lyinpstone, William Sykes, Esq. only brother At Edinburgh, Lady Elizabeth Hope Vere, a of Sir Francis Sykes, Bart. of Basildon-park, daughter.

Herts, to Miss Galley, daughter of Edward GalIN IRELAND.

tey, Esq. of Exeter. At Marino, near Cork, the lady of Thos. G. French,

IN SCOTLAND. Esq. and daughter of Pascoe Grenfell, Esq. MP. Jobn Viscount Glenorchy, only son of the Earl a daughter.

of Breadalbane, to Eliza, cldest daughter of At Cork, the Ri. Hon. Lady Audley, a son.

George Baillie, Esq. of Jerviswoode.
At Dublin, at the house of her father, Sir James

Galbraith, Bart. the lady of Capt. Charles Geo.
Stanhope, a son.

W'm. Gun, Esq. of Fort.lodze, county Kerry, ne

phew to Lord Ventry, to Margaret, second danghABROAD.

ier of Thos. M.Kenny, Esq. of FitzwilliamAt Leghorn, the lady of Major-Gen. Sir Patrick street, Dublin, and one of the Alderney of that Ross, KC. JIG. a son.


ABROAD. Nov. 22. At Kenilworth, John Rob. Browne Care,

At Madras, Lieut. Col. Marshall, Paymaster of the Esq. eldest son of Sir Wm. Browne Cave, Bart.

Presidency, to Maria Letitia, second daughter of of Stretton, Derbyshire, to Catherine Penelope,

Evelyn J. Gascoigne, Esq. Deputy-master-al

tendant. youngest daoghter and co-beiress of the late w Mills, Esq. of Barlaston.

DEATHS. 24. Al, by the Bishop of Lately at Larkbear-house, near Exeter, Marga

Llandaff, Win. Rob. Keith Douglas, Esq. MP. ret. youngest daughter of the late Bennet youngest brother of the Marquess of Queens. Langion, Esq. and the Dowager Countess of berry, to Elizabeth, cldest daughter of Walter Rothes,

Irvine, Esq. of Luddington-house, Surry. Nov. 22. At his house, in Tenterden-street, Hanover. 25. At Whitehaven, Wm. Mucready, Esg. Manager square, in his 36th year, Janies Wilson, Esq. of the Bristol and Whitehaven theatres, to Miss FRS. Professor of Anatomy to the Royal College Desmond.

of Surgeons, and many years lecturer in the 17. At Sudbury, John Eaton, jun. Ezq. banker, Hunterian school of Windmill-street.

Shrewsbury, to Marv, second daughter of Sir At his seat at Eardiston, Worcester, in his 76th Lachlan Maclean, MD. of the former place. year, Sir Wm. Sinith, Bart. many years an ac29. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Astley Paston tive Magistrate of that county. He is succeed.

Cooper, Esq. of Cheverell's, Herts, nephew and ed in bis titles and estates by his only surviving heir to Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Bart. to Eliza. son now Sir Sydney Smith. beth, only child of \'m. Rickford, Esq. P. for 23. At Falmou

Pellew, the lady of s. Aylesbury.

Pellew, Esq. Collector of his Majesty's Customs - At Huyton-church, near Knowsley-park, the at that Port.

Earl of Wilton, to Lady Mary Stanlcy, daughter - Lately at Horton-lodge, near Epsom, aged 88, of the Farl of Derby. The ceremony was per- the Hon. Louisa Browning, widow of J. Brown formed in presence of the principal members of ing. Esq. eldest daughter and only surviving child the noble houses of Grovesnor and Derby.

of the late Rt. Hon. Chas. Calvert, Lord Balti. Dec. 1. At Weymouth. George Steed, Esq. Surg. more, and sister to Sir Frederic Calvert, the last of the Roy. Drugogus, to Georgiana, youngest Lord Baltiusore.

- At Ashton-under-Lyne, aged 84, Mr. James city. He afterwards studied the Scots Law un

Newton, 'This very eccentric character lived der Dr. A. D. Fordyce, intending to follow the quite a solitary being, rarely admitting any one Legal Profession; but in consequence of some within his house. His property, wbich was origi- unsuccesst'ul speculations of his father, who nally considerable, gradually decreased through was a builder, he was compelled to relinqnish his neglect. About three years since his house this desigo; and, in 1777, he came to London, was broken open, since which event he never where he was recominended to Mr. Urquhart, went to bed, but always slept upon a sofa with one of the Propietors of the General Advertiser. six wax lights burning in the room, both sum- About this period he published some poems and mer and winter.

political pamphlets; afterwards (1782) be com25. In Old Burlington-street, the lady of 'Thomas

menced the European Magazine, which JourCorkavne, Esq. three weeks after child-birth. na!, however, he conducted only twelve months, - At Necton, at the house of his son-in-law, W. being then chosen Editor of the Gazetteer. At Mason, Esg. the Rev. Paul Columbine. DD. the commenceincnt of the French Revolution Rector of Little Plumnstead with Witton and he became the Chief Proprietor, as well as Edin Brundale annexed, Rector of Thurlton, and tor, of the Morning Chronicle. lu 1798 he mar. perpetual Curate of Hardley, all in Norfolk; ried Miss Anne Hill. The cbaracter of this also Rector of Chilton in Suffolk. He had be:n gentleman, as a Public Journalist, is well 64 years the incumbent of Thurlton and Hard. known, and the rectitude of his political prinley, and was in the 92 year of his age.

ciples were admitted, even by those who es28. At Woodcot-house, near Reading, Ann, the poused a different party. His reinains were

wife of Thos, Fraser, Esq. late High Sheriff of luterred, on the 12th, in his family vault, at Oxfordshire, after a long and severe illness. Wimbledon; the funeral, in compliance with - At Twickenham, in her 96th year, Mrs. Sarah his wish, was strictly private, there being pre

D'Oyly, the widow of Christopher D'Oyly, Esq. sent only lis executors, his two sons, Mr.
and sister of the late Hans Stanley, Esq. and William and Mr. Thomas Erskine Perry, and a
Lady Mendip, and grand-daughter of Sir' Hans few friends.

7. At Taunton, in her 76th year, Mary Aune, Dowa29. At his house, in Wellington-crescent, Rams. ger Baroness de Paravicini, relict of Jean Bap

gate, the Rrv. Archdeacou Vince, MA. FRS. tiste, Baron de Paravicini, formerly Lieui.. Pluvian Professor of Astronomy to the Univer. Colonel Commandant of the regiment de Versity of Cambridge, Rector of Kirby Bedon, and giers Swisse, in tlic service of Louis 16th. MaVicar of South Creak, Norfolk. The Professor dame de Paravicini was a native of Oakhampton, was a native of Fressingfield in Suffolk; his pa- Devonshire. rents were in very humble circumstances, and - Of apoplexy, aged 69, John Ring, Esq. Surwere unable to do inuch towards educating hiin, geon, Hanover street, Hanover-square. yet be discovered at a very early age an aptitude 8. At Bishton, Staffordshire, in bis 85th year. for mathematical studies, which fortunately ob- Jolin Sparrow, Esq. late chairman of the Genctained for him the notice of the late Mr. Tilney, ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and one of and through him the assistance of more opulent the oldest Magistrates of that county. patrons. By their aid he was sent to the Uni. 9. In her 71st year, Mary, the wife of Charles versity of Cambridge, where he ultimately ob- Lloyd, Esq. Banker, of Birmingham. tained the highest mathematical honours.' Be. 11. Ai her house in Queen Ann-street, aged 82, sides his large work on Astronoiny, he was au- the Honourable Mrs. Anson, relict to the late thor of several other Mathematical publica- George Anson, Esq. of Sbuckborough, in the tions.

county of Stafford. She was daughter of George 30. At St. Paul's Cray, Vrs. Chittock, daughter of Venables, first Lord Vernon, and mother to the

the late Dr. Stebbing, Preacher of Gray's-inn late, and grand-mother to the present Viscount and Chancellor of the Diocese of Sarum.

Anson. Dec. 1. At Clifton, after a lingering illness, Lieut.- At his house in Mansfield-street, Sir Martin General John Lee.

Browne Folkes, Bart. of Hillington-hall, in the -At Newton-house, the seat of the Earl of Dar- county of Norfolk, MP. for the borough of

lington, in her 20th year, Miss Russel, niece to King's Lynn, in the same county, and FRS. the Countess of Darlington. This unfortunate He was created a Baronet, 1774; served the young lady was killed in her bed, by the falling office of High Sheriff for the county, 1783; and, of a stack of chimneys through the ceiling of her

in 1790), was chosen Member for Lyun, which apartment, during a violent gale, between 3 and

borough he continued to represent till the time 4 in the inoruing. For some time hopes were of his death. Sir Martin married Fanny, one of entertained of her resuscitation, as there were the daughters, and co-beiresses of Sir John Turno marks of serious injury on her person.

ner, Bart. of Warliamn, Norfolk, by whom he 2. At Cholmondley-house, Piccadilly, Colonel has left one son. Seymour, son-in-law of the Marquis of Chol. 14. In Gloucester-place, Portman-square, the mondley, in consequence of a disease contracted Hon. Mrs. Fitzgerald, widow of the late Lieut.. when on duty with his regiment, 30 Guards, at Colonel Fitzgerald, of the 2d Life Guards, who Walcheren.

fell at Waterloo. Richard Heury Lloyd, Esq. one of the Aldermen 15. In Devonshire-street, Portland-place, aged 27, of Winchester, aged 6-1.

Anu, the wise of Lieut.-Colonel Wilby. - At Ripley, Surrey, in his 80th year, Robert

IN IRELAND. · Harrison, Esq. forinerly of Mansion-house.

At Dublin, in her 534 year, Mrs. Matilda Wolsestreet, Banker. 3. Miss Poolter, daughter of the Rev. E. Poulter,

ley, only sister of Sir Wm. Wolseley, Bart. Prebendary of Winchester Cathedral.

of Mount Wolseley, in the county of Carlow. At bis house, Upper, aged 33,

Aged 15, Mr. Leunon, the cldest son of Major Lieut.-Colonel Andrew Hamilton. This officer

Lennon, of Grange cottage, Queen's county. had been 18 years in the service of his country,

This young gentleinan went to call upon a friend and had been repeatedly wounded in different en.

a few years older than himself, and being gagements under the Duke of Wellington. He wrapped up in a Portuguese cloak, most imwas also Military Secretary at Ceylon, from

prudently determined upon surprising him, and wbich Island he returned under the influence of

concealing his face, and assuming a feigned diseases of the climate, which terminated in his

voice, accosted him as a robber. The effects of death.

his levity proved most fatal, for the other snatch4. At Stratford, in his 70th year, the Right Hon.

ing up a blunderbuss, wounded Mr. Lennon io Lord Henniker, LLD. Fks. &c. who is suc.

the face and head so horribly, that he died the ceeded in his title and estate by his nephew,

next morning. John Minet Henniker, Esq. of Lincoln's-inn,

At Dublin, Mrs. Aylmer, relict of the late Capt. and of Stratford-green, Essex. His remains

Richard Aylmer, of the 17th regiment of foot, were interred in the family vault at Thornham,

and grand-daughter to the late Sir John Norris, Suffolk, on the 15th.

Vice-Admiral of England, and Admiral and 5. At Brighton, in his 65th year, James Perry,

Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Fleets. Esq. the Editor and Proprietor of the Morning

ABROAD. Chronicle. Mr. Perry was a native of Aber- At Valencia, in South America, of his wounds deen, where he was born, Oct. 14th, 1756, and received in the battle of Carabobo, July 17th, in 1771, was entered at the University of that Thomas Ilderton Ferriar, Esq. eldest son of the late Dr. Ferriar, of Manchester, Colonel in the At the Cape of Good Hope, Dr. Hussey, who had Columbian service, and Adjutant General of the resided ihere 14 years, as Inspector of the MiliApure.

tary Hospitals. At Chupra, in Bengal, in bis 224 year, William At Paramaribo, in his 27th year, Thomas Sherrard

Hankey Sunith, Esq. of the Hon. Company's Wale. Esi. eldest son of Lien!..General Sir C. Civil Service, cidest son of N. Hankey Smith, Wale, KCB. of Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire. Eso. of Decrbotts, Suffolk.

At Paris, after a few days illness, the crlebrated On his passage home from Grenada, John Oyle, sportsman, Colonel Thornton, late of. Thorn.

Esq. Capi. of the 9th regiment of foot, and son of ville Royal, Yorkshire, the late Hobert Ogle, Esq. of Eglinghiam, in the At Malta, where he went for the benefit of his county of Nortbarnpton.

health, Sir James Ormsby, Bart. in his 25th At Florence, suddenly, the Countess of Bes. year. borough, wife of the Earl of Besborough, and

LONGEVITY. sister of the late Duchess of Devonshire and of Earl Spencer.

At Liverpool, Edward Simon, aged 104 years and

22 days, a labourer in the Docks. This instance Al Paris, the relict of the late Hon. Thomas Wal.

of longevity seems to have been hereditary, for pole.

his mother had attained the unusually great age At Geneva, Bryan Cook, Esg. of Owstop, in the county of York, in his otth year.

of 105 years at the time of her death.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. The Rev. William Wilkinson, MA, of the Uni. Latin Essay; An te rera preraluerit apud Eruversity of Oxford, to the living of Sowerby, near ditiores Antiquorurn Polytheismus ? Thirk, Yorkshire. Patron the Archbishop of York. Sir Roger Versdigue's Prize, for the best com. --A Dispensation has passed the Great Seal, en. position in English Verse of 60 lines, by an under abling the Rev. G f. L. Vi olar, MA. Domnestic Graduate-Palmyra. Chaplain to H.R.H. the Duke of Work, to hold the CAMBRIDGE.-The Pluvian Professorship beVicarage of Little Marlow, Bucks, with the Rec- ing vacant by the death of Archdeacon Vince, the tory of St. Michael and St. Martin Vintrs, in the Vice.Chancellor has appointed the 31 of January city of London.-The Rev. Char es Penrice, to the for the election of a new Professor.-Ata CongreRectory of little Plumstead with litton and Brun- gation, held on the 5th of December, the following vale annexel, vacant by the deat's of Dr. Colum. degrees were conferred :bine.-The Rev. J.T. Hurlock, DD. Prebend of Honorary Master of Arts.--Lord Hervey, of Tri. Salisbury Cathedral. -The llev. Edward Day, ib. nity College, eldest son of the Earl of Bristol, institute in the Rootory oi Kirby Belon, Norfolk, Master o: Irts.-The Rev. R. Skinner, of St. vacated by the death of Professor Vince, of Cam- College. bridge

Bachelor in Civil Law.-The Rev. Charles Bur. OXFORD).-The Hev. Henry Hart Milmar, ton. of St. John's. AM. of Brazenose ('ollege, elected Professor of TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN.-The subjects Poetry in the room of ihe Rev.John Josins t'on- for the Vice-Chancellor's Prize, at the next Spring aybeare, resipurd. The following subjects chosen Commencemeut, are, for Graduates; Elizabeth for the Chancellor's Prizes, the ensuing year, viz. receiring the account of the Death of her Sister,

Latin Verses; Alpes ab Annibale superatæ. Queen Mary.--For under Graduates; The Reply English Essay; On the Study of Moral Evidence of Hippocrates to King Artaxerres.


Naval Academy, Gosport.

GENERAL REPORT. This month has been very wet and windy, 'the air, it is only necessary to mention, and the temperature of the air was high for that the barometer has undergone 29 the season. In the course of the month, ra- changes in 30 days : and the number of ther more than 6 inches of rain fell here; a gales, or the days on which they have predepth unprecedented in any monthly pe- vailed, is as follows:-1 from SE., 5 from riod during the last seven years, and of S., 12 from SW., 2. from W., and 1 from which about 4 inches were received in the NW.: so that 21 days have presented a pluviameter in five days, namely ; on the melancholy aspect of the weather. 3d, 0.63 inch; 11th, 1.42 inch ; 16th, The mean temperature of the air is 440 0.90 inch ; 17th, 0.74 inch ; and on the higher than the average temperature of 30th, 0.30 inch. So copious and frequent November for the last seven years ; and have the rains been since the Autumnal having had but two slight frosts this Equinox, particularly in the western parts month, the temperature of spring-water of the country, that the lowest lands have falls yery slowly. The atmospheric and long lain under water. It has rained, meteoric phenomena that have come within more or less, on 23 days (or 10 whole days our observation this month, are, 1 antheand nights) this month ; and the strong lion, 1 parhelion, 1 paraselene, 5 solar southerly and south-westerly gales with and 4 lunar halos, 15 meteors, 2 perfect which it has been accompanied, have had rainbows, lightning 2, thunder 1, and 21 their usual effects upon houses, trees, and gales of wind. shipping. To show the perturbed state of

DAILY REMARKS. November 1. An overcast sky, with 3. A continuation of the gale, with aldrizzling rain at intervals, and a strong most incessant rain ; and violent squalls in gale from SW.

the night. 2. As the precedling day: a wet night, 4. Å fine day, with the exception of a and the gale from the same quarter more few passing Nimbi and light showers : a boisterous.

clear frosty night; the ice, for the first time

this autumn, on the leads of the Observa- 20. Overcast in the day; and rain by tory, being as thick as a dollar.

night. 5. Fair, with Cumuli at mid-day, which 21. A fine dry day: overcast with an, passed to Cumulostrati; between two of attenuated veil of Cirrostratus in the eventhese clouds, at a quarter past 3 PM. the ing, followed by rain. planet Venus presented herself to the na- 22. AM. rain and a strong gale from ked eye; she was about 10° to the west- SW.: PM. cloudy and fine, and a gale ward of the meridian at that time. Large from the W. and small coloured halos, a close corona, 23. Cloudy, and a continuation of the and a burr around the moon in the evening, gale till mid-day, when a smart shower of caused by the different altitudes of the rain descended from an extensive Nimbus : passing cirrostrative clouds.

PM. fine-a gale from NW. in the after6. Hoar-frost and a Stratus early, fol. noon, and 6 small meteors in the evening. lowed by a fair morning: PM. overcast, 24. After a shower of rain, a fine morna and two winds almost opposite to each ing : PM. cloudy and windy. other.

25. AM. plumose and linear Cirri and 7. Overcast and a fresh gale from SE. Cirrocumuli in small round flocks, sucA large lunar halo in the evening.

ceeded by beds of Cirrostratus : PM. an 8. Cirri and Cirrostrati in the day ; overcast sky, light rain, and a hard gale and passing Cirrocumuli in flocks by night, from the sw. An anthelion of several with an increased temperature.

colours appeared in the forenoon for two 9. Overcast and a brisk wind. A halo minutes only, in a narrow cirrocumulative in the evening 45° in diameter.

cloud. It was about 125o distant from, 10. A wet mist in the morning, which opposite to, and of the same altitude as the terminated in light rain : PM. cloudy and sun, and is of a degree in diameter. It fine, and a brisk gale from the South. was different, both in colour and distance

11. AM. overcast with several Strata of from the sun, from the anthelia which wa clouds, and a continuation of the gale: have hitherto seen, as it had much the PM. steady arid almost incessant rain and appearance of a beautifully coloured para wind.

helion rather irregularly shaped, the co12. Calm and fine, but a humid air lours not having exhibited a circular form. with Strata in the morning and evening. 26. AM. overcast, and a continuation of A solar halo at mid-day in a bed of atte- the gale: PM. rain and wind. nuated Cirrus; and a lunar halo with 27. A fine day and night, and a dry a faint parasclene at half past 8 in the NW. breeze. The clouds were tinged with evening in a similar modification—the several colours at sunset, and 4 small medew collected in the rain-guage in the teors appeared near the polar star in the night amounted to between 2 and 10 of evening.

28. Light rain nearly all day and night, 13. An overcast sky and a brisk wind and a strong gale from Sw. all day : a rainy night.

29. AM. as the preceding : PM. fine. 14. Overcast and drizzling, with gleams The planet Venus was 45° 10' distant of sunshine at intervals, and a fresh gale from the sun's centre when on the meridian from the south. Venus was seen here a few minutes past 3 PM., and sufficiently again with the naked eye at half past 3 bright at that time to be measured with a PM., when she was about 43o distant from sextant. The unilluminated part of the the sun.

moon's disc was of a dull red colour in the 15. Overcast, except an hour at noon. evening, for the first time this autumn, and Groups of thunder clouds were wafted the upper cusp remarkably blunt compared from the southward in the afternoon by a with the lower one. Lightning towards the stiff gale, followed by rain, and one small NW. from 8 till 11 PM., followed by low meteor in the evening.

black clouds, 2 small meteors, rain, and a 16. A strong gale with showers of rain very hard gale from SW. -2 perfect rainbows at mid-day, and very 30. AM. fine, with beds of Cirrocumu. vivid lightning throughout the night (which lus of a sponge-like appearance, floating first came from SW. at 8 PM.) accom- beneath linear C'rrus and dense ('irros. panied with thunder, heavy rain and hail, tratus : PM. rain, and a very hard gale and a hard gale from that quarter.

from SW., which increased so much in 17. The lighter modifications of clouds, violence towards midnight, as to become a solar halo, and a parhelion on the east almost a hurricane, and appears to have side of the sun in the morning: PM. been generally felt throughout England, heavy rain, particularly in the night. Scotland, and Ireland : indeed, the da

18. Overcast with Cumulostratus, and a mage sustained by shipping and houses, heavy gale from the SW. by night. with the loss of many valuable lives, in the

19. AM. wet and windy : PM, fine, course of a few hours, seems almost increand a copious dew in the night.


an inch.

Kept at the Observatory of the Vaval Academy, Gosport. The units under “ Clouds” represent the days on which each modification of cload bag appeared.







AUN-Days of the Month.

Phases of the Moon.

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Evaporation in

Inches, &c.

Stratus. ::::Rain in Inches, &c.

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.26 0.151 63


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251 01

78 100

30.00 29.97/29 9851625860

29.38 29.90 29 910 65 58 615 D 29-87 29:56 29.715 | 60 42 51

29.75 | 29 4+ 29-595 || 473139
30.24 30.11/30-175 || 47 33 40
30-3230.23 30•300 || 49 44 46-5

30-21 30.16 30.185 || 52 48 50
8 30 12 30.10 30.110|| 54 4851
910 30.08 307 30 075 53 49 51
10 30-10 30.07 30-085 | 62 52 57
11 29.9429.78 29.860 59 50 54-5
12 30-08 29.94 30-010 | 57 | 45 51
13 29.95 29.73 29 810 | 57 55 56
14 29.79 29.77 29.780 | 60 5457
15 29.73 29.55 29-640 | 62 53 57.5
16 (29.50 29:50 29.500 | 59 51 55
17 29-66 29.61 29.635 || 59 50 51-5
18 30.0629-7629-910 || 56 48 52
19 30.01 29.97 29.990 | 58 47 525
20 30.00 29.78 29 890 35 4952
21 29.88 29 6429-760 | 54 4047
22 29.72 29-56|29-640 | 57 49 53
23 30.02 29 76/29 890 | 60 | 1050

29:81 29.701 29 755 57 46515
29.79 29.65 23.720 54 52 53

29.41 29 28 29 345 594552 27 29.81294829-6454736 41.5

29:81 29.72 -29.780 || 56 52 54 29 29 84 29.65 29.745 | 57 | 1551 30 29 9029-67 29.785 51 48 49 5

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W to NW

NW to E

SE to E
SE to S

W to S

SW to SE
S to SW
Sto SW
W to SE
NW to E
SW to W
W to SW
W to NW
SW to W
W to NW
SW to W
NW to SW

W to NW

SW to W
W to SW

1:42 •10 02


•07 10.07


.74 ·10


•12 12 08


*07 141 06


.29 12....


•161 •121 30

30:32 29.28 29-8136531 51.72 || 83.2 73.4/83.9

[blocks in formation]


The observations in each line of this Table, under Barometer, Thermometer, Wind, and Rain, are for a period of 24 hours, beginning at 8 AM.

BAROMETER Maximum...: 30:32 Nov. 6th, Wind E.

Miuinam...... 29.28 Do. 26th, Do. SW.
Range of the Mercury ........ 1.04
Mean barometrical pressure for the Month ....

29-843 for the lunar period, ending the 24th instant...

29.937 for 3 days, with the Moon in North declination

29-921 for 17 days, with the Moon in South declination

*29.95.3 Spaces described by the oscillations of the Mercury

7.490 Greatest variation in 24 hours ..

0.530 Number of Changes, caused by the variations in the Weight of the Atmosphere......


65° November 2d, Wind SW.
| Minimum


4th, Do. NW. Range...

3-4 Mean temperature of the Air

51.72 for 30 days with the Sun in Scorpio

.... 52.73 Greatest variation in 24 hours...

2011 Mean temperature of spring water at 8 AM..

53.82 DE LUC's WHALEBONE HYGROMETER. Greatest humidity of the Air

100° in the evenings of the 10th and 12th. Greatest dryness of .... Ditto

54 in the afternoons of the 6th and 27th. Range of the Irdex Mean at 2 o'clock PM.

73.4 - at 8 Do... A.11..

83.2 at 8 Do... PM.

83-9 of 3 observations each day at 8, 2, and 8 o'clock 80-2 Evaporation for the month

1.35 inch, Rain and Hail, for Ditto

6:02 ditto. Prevailing Winds, sw.

A SUMMARY OF THE WEATHER. A clear sky, ); fine, with variou modifications of clouds, 9; an overcast sky, without rain, 10, rain, 10.-Total, 30 days.

Cirrus, Cirrock mulus, Cirrostratus, Stratus, Cumulus, Cumulostratus, Nimbus.

2 12


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