The Parliamentary Register: Proceedings and Debates, Volum 2

J. Debrett., 1802
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Pàgina 18 - That the raising or keeping a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with consent of parliament, is against law.
Pàgina 98 - His Britannic Majesty, on his side, agrees to grant the liberty of the Catholic religion to the inhabitants of Canada ; he will, consequently, give the most precise and most effectual orders that his new Roman Catholic subjects may profess the worship of their religion, according to the rites of the Romish Church, as far as the laws of Great Britain permit.
Pàgina 99 - Councils and the representatives of the people so to be summoned as aforesaid to make, constitute, and ordain laws, statutes, and ordinances for the public peace, welfare, and good government of the said Colonies, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the laws of England...
Pàgina 17 - Britain; and that the King's majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons of Great Britain, in parliament assembled, had, hath, and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and Pickering, Statutes at Large, vol. 27, pp. 19-20. validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the crown of Great Britain, in all cases whatsoever.
Pàgina 16 - A Provisional Act, for settling the Troubles in America, and for asserting the Supreme Legislative Authority and Superintending Power of Great Britain over the Colonies.
Pàgina 99 - England, and under such regulations and restrictions as are used in other colonies; and in the mean time, and until such assemblies can be called as aforesaid, all persons inhabiting in, or resorting to, our sakl colonies, may confide in our royal protection for the enjoyment of the benefit of the laws of our realm of England...
Pàgina 323 - Assembly; be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, that it shall and may be lawful for His Majesty, his heirs and successors, by...
Pàgina 20 - ... realm, to be indicted and tried for the same in any shire or county within the realm. Also the three acts passed in the last session of parliament, for...
Pàgina 143 - an act to restrain " the trade and commerce of the provinces of Massachusetts Bay " and New Hampshire, and colonies of Connecticut and Rhode" Island, and Providence Plantation, in North America, to Great '• Britain, Ireland, and the British islands in the West Indies ; and " to prohibit such provinces and colonies from carrying on any "fishery on the Banks of Newfoundland, and other places therein' " mentioned, under certain conditions and limitations.
Pàgina 192 - Ireland hath been, is, and of right ought to be, subordinate to and dependent upon the Imperial Crown of Great Britain, as being inseparably united to and annexed thereunto; and that the King's Majesty, by and with the consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and the Commons...

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