Tooke's Pantheon of the heathen gods and illustrious heroes

E. J. Coale, 1823 - 305 pÓgines

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PÓgina 38 - He spoke, and awful bends his sable brows, Shakes his ambrosial curls, and gives the nod, The stamp of fate, and sanction of the god : High Heaven with trembling the dread signal took, And all Olympus to the centre shook.
PÓgina 83 - At her command rush forth the steeds divine ; Rich with immortal gold their trappings shine. Bright Hebe waits ; by Hebe, ever young, The whirling wheels are to the chariot hung. On the bright axle turns the bidden wheel Of sounding brass; the polish'd axle, steel.
PÓgina 209 - Cocyto eructat arenam. portitor has horrendus aquas et flumina servat terribili squalore Charon, cui plurima mento canities inculta jacet ; stant lumina flamma, 300 sordidus ex humeris nodo dependet amictus. ipse ratem conto subigit, velisque ministrat, et ferruginea subvectat corpora cymba — jam senior, sed cruda deo viridisque senectus.
PÓgina 205 - Nature made. Far on the right, her dogs foul Scylla hides : Charybdis roaring on the left presides, And in her greedy whirlpool sucks the tides ; Then spouts them from below : with fury driv'n, The waves mount up and wash the face of heav'n. But Scylla from her den, with open jaws, The sinking vessel in her eddy draws, Then dashes on the rocks.
PÓgina 42 - The king of gods begot me : what shall be, Or is, or ever was, in fate, I see : Mine is the...
PÓgina 60 - Hermes obeys; with golden pinions binds His flying feet, and mounts the western winds: And, whether o'er the seas or earth he flies, With rapid force they bear him down the skies. But first he grasps within his awful hand The mark of...
PÓgina 209 - There Charon stands, who rules the dreary coast — A sordid god : down from his hoary chin A length of beard descends, uncomb'd, unclean; His eyes, like hollow furnaces on fire; A girdle, foul with grease, binds his obscene attire. He spreads his canvas; with his pole he steers; The freights of flitting ghosts in his thin bottom bears. He look'd in years ; yet in his years were seen A youthful vigor and autumnal green.
PÓgina 47 - I hung thy sacred fane, Or fed the flames with fat of oxen slain ; God of the silver bow ! thy shafts employ, Avenge thy servant, and the Greeks destroy.' Thus Chryses pray'd: — the favouring power attends, And from Olympus
PÓgina 135 - Visceribus miserorum et sanguine vescitur atro. Vidi egomet, duo de numero cum corpora nostro prensa manu magna, medio resupinus...

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