Imatges de pÓgina


THE Inns of Court having founded a Readership of Hindu, Mahommedan, and Indian Law for the legal training of the numerous students who annually come from India to acquire a knowledge of our legal system, it has become necessary to select for study some of the early translations of Hindu and Mahommedan works, the original texts of which may be regarded as the sources of the respective native systems. But the works on these subjects are scarce, expensive, and have been published in a most cumbersome form. It has occurred to the editor that this would be a favourable opportunity to publish new editions of some of these works, in such a form and at such prices as would bring them within the reach of all those who are engaged in learning, in practising, and in administering the native laws, and he has now made his first attempt with the Institutes of Menu, translated by Sir William Jones, and revised and collated by Mr. (afterwards Sir G. C.) Haughton; comprising, as Sir W. Jones says, that system of duties, civil and religious, and of law in all its branches, which the Hindoos venerate as having been promulgated in the beginning of time by Menu, the son of Brahma. It was at first intended to append notes of all those cases which have since been decided by the Courts of India and the Privy Council, upon the authority of the text of Menu, but that idea has been abandoned in consequence of the great bulk to which the work would have swollen,

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