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Christ College, Oxford, 173.
Importance of Masters, 173.

Purity of Morals, as well as Literature, 174.
Beating, deprecated, 175.

Recreation, kind of, 175.
Studying made a Game, 176.
Oral Method and Exposition, 176.

English Composition. Correct Speech, 176.
Woodward, Hezekiah, 193, 224.

Pictorial Illustrations, 193, 224.
Light to Grammar, 190, 224.
Gate to Sciences, 190, 224.
Woolwich, Examination for, 103.
Words, Teaching of, 339.
Pope's exposure, 339.

Working Classes, 366, 460.
Athens, 460.

Value of Knowledge to, 361.
Educated for a trade, 488.
Citizenship, 489.
Development, 490.
World, Knowledge of, 191.
W. P.. Arithmetical Views, 209.
Wrestling, 180, 409.

Writing Master, 815.
Writing School, 815.
Writing and Reading School, 423.
Writing or Penmanship,
Hoole, 315.
Hodder, 315.
Evans, 315.
Wykeham, William of, 13.
Life-work, 13.

Taylor, 316.
Quintilian, 213.

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The International Series of the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION will consist of three volumes of at least 800 pages each-and will be devoted to the completion (as far as practicable) of subjects presented in the previous Series, and a General Survey of National Systems, Institutions, and Methods of Instruction in the light which the former volumes of the Journal, and the material brought together by the International Exposition of 1876 at Philadelphia is expected to furnish.

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION for 1875-6 (Volume I. International Series) will be published quarterly: viz., on the 15th of September and December, 1875, and March and June, 1876. Each number will contain at least 208 pages, and the volumes for 1875-8 will be illustrated by three Portraits from steel plates, and over one hundred wood cuts.

TERMS: For a Single Copy of the four consecutive Numbers (1, 2, 3, 4), $4 00 For a Single Number, 1 25

All subscriptions payable in advance.

All communications relating to the Journal and other publications of the Editor may be addressed to

P. O. Box U, Hartford, Conn.

VOLUME I, for 1875-76 will be forwarded by mail in cloth binding at $5.00; and in half-goat at $5.50. The three volumes (entire International Series) will be forwarded in numbers as issued to any order enclosing, prior to July, 1876, the sum of $10.00.

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