The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian: Concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East, Volum 2

John Murray, 1875

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Pàgina 81 - And be these juggling fiends no more believed, ;>< That palter with us in a double sense; That keep the word of promise to our ear, And break it to our hope.
Pàgina 253 - The children that are born here are black enough, but the blacker they be the more they are thought of; wherefore from the day of their birth their parents do rub them every week with oil of sesame, so that they become as black as devils.
Pàgina 257 - In punishment (?) by the cross (was) the suffering of this (one) : (He) who is the true Christ and God above, and Guide for ever pure.
Pàgina 22 - Sea, — a very long way, equal to 80 or 100 days' journey. And the name of the River is KIAN-SUY. The multitude of vessels that navigate this river is so vast, that no one who should read or hear the tale would believe it. The quantities of merchandize also which merchants carry up and down this river are past all belief. In fact, it is so big, that it seems to be a Sea rather than a River ! 2 Let us now speak of a great Bridge which crosses this River within the city.
Pàgina 438 - This personage is said to be of the ancient race of those Magi who are mentioned in the Gospel, and to rule the same nations that they did, and to have such glory and wealth that he uses (they say) only an emerald sceptre. It was (they say) from his being fired by the example of his fathers, who came to adore Christ in the cradle, that he was proposing to go to Jerusalem, when he was prevented by the cause already alleged.
Pàgina 262 - You must know," Marco Polo says, "that these Abraiaman are the best merchants in the world, and the most truthful, for they would not tell a lie for anything on earth.
Pàgina 177 - ... They have but one deck, though each of them contains some 50 or 60 cabins, wherein the merchants abide greatly at their ease, every man having one to himself. The ship hath but one rudder, but it hath four masts ; and sometimes they have two additional masts, which they ship and unship at pleasure.2 [Moreover the larger of their vessels have some thirteen compartments or severances...
Pàgina 101 - Polo said that he once beheld at that city 15,000 vessels at one time. And you may judge, if this city, of no great size, has such a number, how many must there be altogether, considering that on the banks of this river there are more than sixteen provinces and more than 200 great cities, besides towns and villages, all possessing vessels? Messer Marco Polo aforesaid tells us that he heard from the officer employed to collect the Great...
Pàgina 227 - Joseph, journeying brought To Glastonbury, where the winter thorn Blossoms at Christmas, mindful of our Lord. And there awhile it bode; and if a man Could touch or see it, he was heal'd at once, By faith, of all his ills. But then the times Grew to such evil that the holy cup Was caught away to Heaven, and disappear'd.
Pàgina 235 - And there are about the King a number of Barons in attendance upon him. These ride with .him, and keep always near him, and have great authority in the kingdom ; they are called the King's Trusty Lieges. And you must know that when the King dies, and they put him on the fire to burn him, these Lieges cast themselves into the fire round about his body, and suffer themselves to be burnt along with him.

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