Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745: John Erskine, earl of Mar. James Radcliffe, earl of Derwentwater. The Master of Sinclair. Cameron of Lochiel


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Pàgina 316 - is your father with his wild savages; how would you like to be with him? "It signifies little," replied the other, " what I would like ; but I recommend it to you to be prepared, or perhaps my father and his wild savages may be nearer to you before night than you would like.
Pàgina 377 - situated in the face of a very rough, high and rocky mountain called Letternilichk, still a part of Benalder, full of great stones and crevices, and some scattered wood interspersed. The habitation, called the Cage, in the face of that mountain, was within a small thick bush of wood.
Pàgina 146 - We saw nothing in him that looked like spirit. He never appeared with cheerfulness and vigour to animate us. Our men began to despise him ; some asked if he could speak. His countenance looked extremely heavy. He cared not to come abroad amongst us soldiers, or to see us handle our arms or do our exercise.
Pàgina 275 - Third for my rightful and lawful sovereign. Him I had an inclination to serve from my infancy, and was moved thereto by a natural love I had to his person, knowing him to be capable of making his people happy. And though he had been of a different religion from mine, I should have done for him all that lay in my power, as my ancestors have done for his predecessors, being^ thereto bound by the laws of God and man.
Pàgina 365 - The manner of the Highlanders' way of fighting, which there is nothing so easy to resist, if officers and men are not prepossessed with the lyes and accounts which are told of them. They commonly form their front rank of what they call their best men, or True Highlanders, the number of which being always but few ; when they form in battalions, they commonly form four deep, and these Highlanders form the front of the four, the rest being Lowlanders and arrant scum. When these...
Pàgina 278 - Albeit that here in London Town It is my fate to die; O carry me to Northumberland, In my father's grave to lie. There chant my solemn requiem In Hexham's holy towers; And let six maids of fair Tynedale Scatter my grave with flowers.
Pàgina 158 - I shall leave them no reason for complaint, that I have not done the utmost they could expect from me. Let those who forget their duty, and are negligent of their own good, be answerable for the worst that may happen. For me it will be no new thing if I am unfortunate. My whole life, even from my cradle, has shown a constant series of misfortunes ; and I am prepared — if so it please God — to suffer the threats of my enemies and yours.
Pàgina 365 - The sure way to demolish them is at three deep to fire by ranks diagonally to the centre where they come, the rear rank first, and even that rank not to fire till they are within 10 or 12 paces ; but if the fire is given at a distance, you probably will be broke, for you never get time to load a second cartridge ; and if you give way, you may give yourselves for dead, for they,* being without a firelock or any load, no man with his arms, accoutrements, &c.
Pàgina 354 - Charles, whose mind was wound up to the utmost impatience, paid no regard to this proposal, but answered, " that he was determined to put all to the hazard. In a few days...
Pàgina 185 - what did you call us to arms for? Was it to run away? What did the King come hither for? Was it to see his people butchered by hangmen, and not strike one stroke for their lives? Let us die like men, and not like dogs!

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