Imatges de pàgina

Penthesilea, an Amazon.
Pelting, paltry.
Pennons, small flags.
Perdu, one of the forlorn hope.
Perdurable, lasting.
Perdy (par Dieu), a French oath.
Perfect, certain; well-informed.
Periapts, charms worn about the

P. Pack, to bargain with. Pack, an accomplice. Packing, plotting, fraud. Paddock, a toad. Pagan, a dissolute person. Pageant, a dumb-show. Paid, punished. Palabras, words. Pale, dominions. Pale, to encircle with a crown. Pall, to wrap, to invest. Palled, vapid. Palmers, pilgrims. Palmy, victorious. Palter, to juggle, to cheat. Paly, pale. Pang, to afflict. Paper, to commit to writing. Parcel, part; to reckon up. Parcel-gilt, partially gilt. Parish-top, a large top, formerly

kept in every village, to be

whipped for exercise. Parle, parley. Parlous, perilous, shrewd. Part, to depart. Parted, endowed, shared. Particular, private. Partizan, a pike. Parts, party. Pash, to strike ; a head. Pashed, crushed. Pass, to decide, assure, convey. Pass on, to decide. Passed, eminent. Passing, surpassing. Passion, suffering. Passionate, grieving. Passioning, being in a passion. Passy-measure, a dance. Paritor, an apparitor, or officer of

the bishop's court. Pastry, the pastry-room. Patch, a fool. Patched, in a fool's coat. Path, to walk. Pathetical, affecting. Patient, to soothe. Patine, a dish used with the cha

lice in administering the Eu

Perjure, a perjurer.
Person, parson.
Perspectives, optic-glasses.
Pervert, to avert.
Pestilence, poison.
Pewfellow, a companion.
Pheere, companion.
Pheeze, to tease, to currycomb.
Phill-horse, shaft-horse.
Phisnomy, physiognomy.
Pick, to pitch. :
Pick-axes, fingers.
Picked, foppish.
Pickers, the hands.
Picking, insignificant.
Pickt-hatch, a place noted for

Pick-thank, a parasite.
Piece, a contemptuous term for a


Paucas, few.
Pavin, a dance.
Pay, to beat.
Peat, pet, darling.
Pedascule, a pedant.
Peer-out, to peep out.
Peevish, foolish.
Peize, to weigh, or keep in sus.


Pied ninny, a fool.
Pieled, shaven.
Pight, pitched, fixed.
Pilcher, the scabbard.
Piled, deprived of hair.
Pilled, pillaged.
Pin, a term in archery.
Pin and web, a disorder of the

Pinfold, a pound.
Pix, the box that contains the

Place, a mansion.
Placket, a petticoat.
Plague, punish.
Plainly, openly,
Plaited, complicated.
Plantage, plantain.
Planched, made of planks.
Plant, the foot.
Plates, silver money.
Platforms, schemes.
Plausive, gracious, applauded.
Pleurisy, plethory.
Pleached, folded.
Plot, portion.
Point, negative.
Point, a hook used to fasten the

Point-de-vice, exactly.
Points, tags to laces.
Poize, weight.

Polack, a Polander.
Polled, bared.
Pomander, a perfume-ball.
Pomewater, an apple.
Poor-john, salted fish.
Popinjay, a parrot.
Popularity, intercourse with the

Porpentine, porcupine.
Port, deportment.
Port, a gate.
Portable, bearable.
Portance, behaviour.
Possess, to inform.
Potch, to push.
Potents, potentates.
Poulter, a poulterer.
Pouncet-box, a perfume-box.
Power, an army.
Practice, stratagems.
Prank, to adorn.
Precept, a justice's warrant.
Precisian, a puritan.
Prefer, to offer.
Pregnant, ready.
Prenominate, forenamed.
Prest, ready.
Pretend, to intend.
Prevent, to anticipate.
Pricket, a buck of the second

Prig, to pilfer.
Prime, sprightliness of youth.
Primer, of more consequence.
Primero, a game at cards.
Princox, a coxcomb.
Probal, probable.
Prodigious, portentous.
Proface, much good may it do

Profane, gross in language.
Progress, a royal journey of state.
Prognostication, almanack.
Project, to shape.
Prolixious, coy, delaying.
Proof, puberty.
Prompture, suggestion.
Prone, humble, also prompt.
Propagate, to advance, to improve.
Proper, handsome.
Proper-false, deceitful.
Propertied, possessed.
Properties, incidental necessaries

to a theatre.
Property, due performance.
Propose, to imagine, to converse.
Proposing, conversing.
Provand, provender.
Provost, a sheriff or gaoler.
Prune, to plume.
Pugging, thievish.

Puke, a sort of russet colour.
Purchase, stolen goods.
Purchased, unjustly acquired.
Purl, to curl.
Purlieu, border.
Pursuivants, heralds.
Pussel, a low wench.
Put to know, forced to acknow-

ledge. Putter-out, one who lends money

on interest. Putting-on, incitement. Puttock, a hawk.

Q. Quail, to sink, to faint, to be van

quished. Quaint, fantastical, also graceful. Quaintly, skilfully. Quaked, terrified. Qualify, to lessen, moderate. Quality, confederates, condition. Quarrel, a quarreller. Quarry, the game after it is killed. Quart d'écu, the fourth of a French

Rib, to enclose.
Ribald, a lewd fellow.
Rid, to destroy.
Rift, split.
Riggish, wanton.
Rigol, a circle.
Rim, money.
Ringed, encircled.
Rivage, the bank or shore.
Rivality, equal rank.
Rivals, partners.
Rive, to burst, to fire.
Romage, rummage, bustle.
Ronyon, a drab.
Rood, the cross.
Rook, to squat.
Ropery, roguery.
Rope-tricks, abusiveness.
Round, a diadem.
Round, rough.
Rounded, whispered.
Roundel, a coantry dance.
Rounding, whispering.
Roundure, a circle.
Rouse, carousal.
Roynish, mangy.
Royal, a coin.
Ruddock, a redbreast.
Ruff, the folding of the tops of

Ruffle, to be noisy.
Ruffling, rustling.
Rump-fed, fed with offals.
Ruth, pity.


Rank, rate or pace.
Rank, rapidly grown.
Rapt, enraptured.
Rapture, a fit.
Rarely, curiously.
Rascal, lean deer.
Rash remonstrance, premature

Quat, a pimple.
Queasy, squeamish.
Quell, to murder.
Quench, to grow cool.
Quern, a handmill.
Quest, pursuit.
Question, conversation.
Questrist, one who seeks an-

S. Sacarson, the name of a bear. Sacred, accursed. Sacrificial, worshipping. Sacring-bell, the bell announcing

the approach of the host. Sad ostent, with a grave appear


Sagg, or swagg, to sink down.
Sallet, a helmet.
Salt, tears.
Saltiers, satyrs.
Samingo, St. Domingo.
Sandied, sandy colour.
Sans, without.
Saucy, lascivious.
Savage, sylvan.
Savageness, wildness.
Saw, tenor of a discourse.
Say, silk.
Say, a sample.
Scaffoldage, the gallery of a the.

Raught, reached.
Ravin, to devour eagerly.
Ravined, glutted with prey.
Rawly, suddenly.
Rayed, betrayed.
Razed, slashed.
Raze, a bale.
Rear-mouse, a bat.
Reason, discourse.
Rebeck, a musical instrument.
Recheat, a horn, a tune to call the

dogs back.
Receipt, receptacle.
Receiving, ready apprehension.
Reck, to care for.
Reckless, careless.
Record, to sing.
Recorders, a kind of flute.
Recure, to recover
Red-lattice phrases, alehouse con-

Red-plague, the St. Antony's fire.
Reechy, discoloured with smoke.
Reels, wheels.
Refel, to confute.
Refer, to reserve to.
Regard, look.
Regiment, government.
Regreet, exchange of salutation.
Reguerdon, recompense.
Relume, to relight.
Remorse, pity.
Remotion, removal.
Removes, journeys.
Render, to describe.
Renege, to renounce.
Reports, reporters.
Reproof, confutation.
Repugn, to resist.
Reputing, boasting.
Reserve, to preserve.
Resolve, to be assured.
Resolve, to dissolve.
Respective, respectful.
Respectively, respectfully.
Resty, mouldy.
Retailed, handed down.
Retort, to refer back.
Reverb, to reverberate.
Revolt of mien, change of com-

Revolts, rebels.
Rheumatic, capricious.

Quests, reports.
Quiddits, subtleties.
Quietus, discharge.
Quillets, law chicane.
Quintain, a post set up for various

Quips, scoffs.
Quire, to play in concert.
Quiver, nimble, active.
Quote, to observe.

Rabato, a neck ornament.
Race, original disposition, also

Rack, wreck.
Rack, to exaggerate.
Rack, to harass by exactions.
Rack, the fleeting away of the

Racking, in rapid motion.
Rag, an opprobrious epithet.
Ragged, rugged.
Rake, to cover.
Ram, rain.
Rampallion, a courtesan.

Scald, beggarly.
Scale, to disperse.
Scaled, overreached.

Scaling, weighing.
Scall, scab.
Scamble, to scramble.
Scan, to examine nicely.
Scantling, proportion.
Scarfed, decorated with flags.
Scath, destruction.
Scathful, mischievous.
Sconce, the head.
Sconce, a fortification.
Scotch, to bruise.
Scrimers, fencers.
Scrip, a writing, a list.
Scroyles, scurvy fellows.
Scrubbed, stunted.
Sculls, shoals of fish.
Scutched, whipped.
Seal, to strengthen, or complete.
Seam, lard.
Seamell, a bird.
Sear, to stigmatise, to close.
Season, to temper, to infix, to

Seat, throne.
Sect, a cutting in gardening.
Seel, to close up.
Seeling, blinding.
Seeming, seemly.
Seen, versed, practised.
Seld, seldom.
Semblably, resemblingly.
Seniory, seniority.
Sennet, a flourish on cornets.
Sense, sensual desires.
Septentrion, the north.
Sequestration, separation.
Sere, or sear, dry.
Serpigo, a tetter.
Serve, to fulfil.
Setebos, a demon.
Set, a term at tennis.
Sessa, be quiet.
Several, separated.
Several, or severell, a field set

apart for corn and grass. Sewer, the placer of the dishes. Shame, modesty. Shard-borne, borne on scaly wings. Shards, beetles' wings. Shards, broken pots or tiles. Shark up, to pick up. Shaven Hercules, Samson. Sheen, shining, gay. Sheer, transparent. Shent, to scold, rebuke. Sherris, sherry. Shive, a slice. Shog, to go off. Shotten, projected. Shotten-herring, a herring that

has spawned.

Shoulder-clapper, a bailiff.
Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog.
Shove-groat, a game.
Shovel-boards, shillings used at

the game of shovel-board.
Shrewd, shrewish.
Shrift, auricular confession.
Shrive, to call to confession.
Side, purpose.
Side-sleeves, long sleeves.
Sieve, a common voider.
Sightless, unsightly.
Sights, the perforated parts of a

helmet. Silly, simple truth. Sinew, strength. Single, weak. Sink-a-pace, or cinque-pace, name

of a dance. Sir, the title of a parson. Sister, to imitate or re-echo. Sith, since. Sithence, thence. Sizes, allowances of victuals. Skain's-mates, kin's-mates. Skill, reason. Skills not, is no importance. Skinker, a tapster. Skirr, to scour. Slave, to treat with indignity. Sleave, the knotty part of silk. Sledded, carried on a sledge. Sleided, untwisted. Sleights, tricks. Slip, counterfeit coin. Slips, a contrivance in leather, to

start two dogs at the same

time. Sliver, to slice. Slops, loose breeches. Slough, the skin which the serpent

annually throws off. Slower, more serious. Slubber, to do carelessly, to ob

Sorel, a deer during his third

Sorry, sorrowful.
Sort, to happen, to agree.
Sort, the lot.
Sort and suit, figure and rank.
Sot, a fool.
Soud, sweet.
Soul-fearing, soul-appalling.
Sound, to publish.
Soused gurnet, a gudgeon.
Sowl, to pull by the ears.
Sowle, to drag down.
Sowter, the name of a hound.
Spanielled, dogged.
Specialty, particular rights.
Speculation, sight.
Speculative, seeing.
Sped, the fate decided.
Speed, event.
Sperr, to shut up, or defend by

Spill, to destroy.
Spotted, wicked.
Sprag, apt to learn, alert.
Sprighted, haunted.
Sprightly, ghostly.
Sprights, spirits.
Springhalt, a disease of horses.
Spurs, the greater roots of trees.
Square, to quarrel.
Squarer, a quarreller.
Squash, an immature peascod.
Squiney, to look asquint.
Squire, a rule or square.
Stage, to place conspicuously.
Stale, a decoy for birds.
Stannyel, a hawk or stallion.
Star, a scar.
Stark, stiff.
Starred, destined.
Statists, statesmen.
Statua, statue.
Statue, a portrait.
Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.
Sternage, the hinder part.
Sticking-place, the stop in a ma-

chine. Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, par

tisans, umpires. Stigmatic, marked with deformity,

Stigmatical, stigmatised.
Stilly, gently, lowly.
Stinted, stopped.
Stint, to stop
Stith, an anvil.
Stithied, forged at the furnace.
Stithy, a smith's shop.
Stoccata, a stab.
Stock, a stocking.

[blocks in formation]

Stomach, pride.
Stone-bow, a cross-bow.
Stoup, a flagon.
Stover, thatch.
Strain, descent, lineage.
Strain, difficulty, doubt.
Strait, narrow, avaricious.
Strange, shy.
Stratagem, a great or dreadful

Strawy, straying
Striker, a borrower.
Stuck or stock, a term used in

fencing Stuff, baggage, substance or es


Tartar, Tartarus.
Task, to keep busied with scru-

ples. Tassel-gentle, or Tercel-gentle,

a species of hawk. Tasked, taxed. Taurus, sides and heart in medical

astrology. Tawdry, necklaces worn by coun

try girls. Tawney-coat, the dress of an ap

paritor. Taxation, censure,

satire. Tear a cat, to bluster, Teen, grief, trouble. Temper, to mould. Temperance, temperature. Tend, attend. Tender, to regard with affection. Tent, to take up residence, to

search. Tercel, the male hawk. Terms, the phraseology of courts. Tested, attested, brought to the

test. Testerned, gratified with a tester,

or sixpence. Tetchy, touchy, peevish. Tether, a string by which


animal is fastened. Tharborough, a constable. Theorick, theory. Thews, muscular strength. Thick-pleached, thickly inter

Toged, habited.
Tokened, spotted.
Tolling, taking toll.
Topless, supreme.
Topple, to tumble.
Touches, features.
Toward, in readiness.
Toys, whims, rumours.
Toze, to unravel.
Trade, established custom.
Tradition, traditional usages.
Trail, scent left by game.
Traitress, a term of endearment.
Trammel, to catch.
Tranect, a ferry or sluice.
Translate, to transform.
Trash, to check.
Traverse, to march across.
Traversed, across.
Tray-trip, a kind of play.
Treachers, traitors.
Trenched, carved.
Trick, peculiarity of feature.
Trick, to dress out.
Tricking, dress.
Tricksy, adroit.
Trigon,-Aries, Leo, and Sagit-

tarius, in the Zodiac.
Trip, to defeat.
Triple, one of three.
Triumphs, revels.
Trojan, cant term for thief.
Troll-my-dames, the game of nine

holes. Troll, to sing trippingly. Trossers, trousers, Trot, a term of contempt. Trow, to imagine. Trundle-tail, a dog. Trusted, thrusted. Try conclusions, to try experi

ments. Tub-fast, the sweating process

in disease. Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a

flourish on a trumpet. Tup, a ram. Turre, to whisper. Turleygood, or Turlupin, a gipsy. Twangling jack, a scurvy musi

cian. Twicken-bottle, a wickered bottle. Twigging, wickered. Tything, a district.

Stuffed sufficiency, ample abili

ties. Subscription, obedience. Success, succession. Sudden, violent. Sufficiency, abilities. Suggest, to tempt. Suggestion, temptation. Suited, dressed. Sumpter, a horse that carries ne

cessaries on a journey. Superfluous, overclothed. Supposed, counterfeit. Surreined, overridden. Suspire, to breathe. Surcease, an end. Suspect, suspicion. Swart, dark brown. Swashing, bullying. Swath, grass cut at one stroke. Sway, weight. Sweeting, an apple. Sweltered, weltered. Swift, ready. Swinge-bucklers, riotous fellows. Swounded, swooned. Swoop, the descent of a bird of prey.

T. Table, the palm of the hand. Table, a picture. Tables, tablets, memorandum

U. Umber, a dusky-coloured earth. Umbered, discoloured. Unaccustomed, unseemly. Unaneled, without extreme unc

Tabourine, a small drum.
Tag, the rabble.
Take, to strike with disease, to

Take-in, to conquer.
Take-up, to contradict.
Talent, talon.
Tall, courageous.
Tallow-keech, tub of tallow.
Tame, ineffectual.
Tame-snake, a poltroon.
Tarre, to excite, provoke.


Thill, the shafts of a cart.
Thin helm, thin covering of hair.
Thought, melancholy.
Thrasonical, boasting.
Thread, to pass.
Three-man-beetle, an implement

for driving piles.
Three-pile, rich velvet.
Thrift, prosperity, economy.
Thrum, the extremity of a weaver's

Thrummed, made of coarse wool-

Tib, a courtesan.
Tickle, ticklish.
Tickle-brain, a strong drink.
Tilly-vally, a trifle.
Tilth, tillage.
Timeless, untimely.
Tinct, tincture.
Tire, head-dress.
Tire, to fasten.
Tire, to be idly employed on.
Tired, adorned.
Tire-valiant, a head-dress.
Tirra-lirra, the song of the lark.


Untrimmed, undrest.
Unvalued, invaluable.
Upspring, a dance, also an upstart.
Urchins, hedgehogs.
Usance, usury,
Utis, usage, practice.
Utter, to vend.
Utterance, extremity, relating to



Unavoided, unavoidable.
Unbarbed, beardless, unshaven.
Unbated, not blunted.
Unbitted, unbridled.
Unbolt, to explain.
Unbolted, coarse.
Unbonnetted, without dignities.
Unbookish, unlearned.
Unbreathed, unpractised.
Uncape, to uncover, a term in

Uncharged, unattacked.
Unclew, to unwind.
Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.
Unconfirmed, unpractised in

worldly craft. Uncurrent, irregular. Undercraft, to wear beneath the

crest. Under generation, the antipodes. Undergo, to be subject to. Under-skinker, a tapster. Understand, stand under. Undertaker, the defender of an

other's quarrel. Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey. Uneath, scarcely. Unexpressive, inexpressible. Unfair, to deprive of beauty. Unhaired, youthful. Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous. Unhoused, free from domestic

Vail, to bow, to sink, to conde

scend to look. Vailing, lowering. Vain, vanity. Vain, lying Valanced, fringed with a beard. Vanity, illusion. Vantage, opportunity, advantage. Vantbrace, armour for the arm. Varlet, a servant. Vast, waste, dreary. Vaunt, the avant, the forepart. Vaward, the forepart. Velure, velvet. Vent, rumour. Ventages, holes of a flute. Verbal, verbose. Verify, to bear witness. Venew, a bout (in fencing). Veneys, hits. Vengeance, mischief. Veronese, a ship from Verona. Versing, writing verses. Very, immediate, Via, a cant phrase of exultation. Vice, the fool of the old morali


Waist, that part of a ship between

the quarter-deck and the fore

castle. Waist, the middle. Walk, a district in a forest. Wanned, pale. Wannion, vengeance.. Wanton, an effeminate man, or

loose woman. Wappened, decayed, diseased. Ward, posture of defence. Ward, guardianship. Warden, a pear. Warder, a sentinel. Warn, summon. Warp, to change from the natural

state. Wassel-candle, a candle used at

festivals. Wassels, rustic revelry. Watch, a watch-light. Water-work, water-colours. Wax, to grow. Waxen, increase. Waxen, soft, yielding. Wear, the fashion. Wee, very little. Weeds, clothing. Ween, to imagine. Weigh, to value or esteem, to de

liberate. Weird, prophetic. Welkin, the sky. Welkin-eye, blue eye. Well-found, of acknowledged ex

cellence. Well-a-near! lack-a-day! Well-liking, plump. Wend, to go. Westward hoe, the name of a play

acted in Shakspere's time. Wether, used for a ram. Whelked, varied with protube

rances. Whe'r, whether. Where, whereas. Whiffer, an officer who walks first

in processions. Whiles, until. Whinidst, mouldy. Whip, the crack, the best. Whipstock, the carter's whip. Whirring, hurrying. Whist, being silent. White, the white mark in the target. White-death, the green sickness. Whiting-time, bleaching-time. Whitsters, linen-bleachers. Whittle, a pocket-knife. Whooping, measure and reckon


Unhouselled, without having the


Vice, grasp.

Unimproved, not guided by know

ledge or experience. Union, a species of pearl. Unkind, unnatural. Unlived, lifeless. Unlustrous, without lustre. Unmanned, a term in falconry. Unmastered, licentious. Unowed, unowned. Unpregnant, not quickened. Unproper, common. Unqualitied, unmanned. Unquestionable, averse to con

versation. Unready, undrest. Unrespective, inattentive to con

sequences. Unrest, disquiet. Unrough, beardless. Unsisting, unresisting, unfeeling. Unsmirched, undefiled. Unsquared, unadapted. Unstanched, incontinent. Untempering, not softening. Untented, not probed, virulent. Untraded, not in common use.

Vie, to brag, or contend in ri

valry. Viewless, invisible. Villain, a worthless fellow, also a

Vild, vile.
Violenteth, rageth.
Virginal, a kind of spinnet.
Virtue, valour, also the most effi-

cacious part.
Virtuous, healthy.
Virtuous, well-bred.
Vixen, or Fixen, a female fox.
Vizament, advisement.
Vox, tone or voice.
Vulgar, common.
Vulgarly, commonly.

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