P. F. Collier, 1898 - 540 pÓgines

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PÓgina 538 - Their intelligence and capacity for remembering facts make them well fitted for use in modern warfare, as do also the coolness and calmness of their disposition. Physically they are on the average not so strong as Europeans, but considerably more so than most of the other races of the East ; and on a cheap diet of rice, vegetables...
PÓgina 390 - China had recovered from her internal confusion, there was nothing to be gained and much to be lost by protracted resistance to the peoples of the West.
PÓgina 459 - At many of the principal places in China open to foreign residence, the Sisters of Charity have established institutions, each of which appears to combine in itself a foundling hospital and orphan asylum. Finding that the Chinese were averse to placing children in their charge, the managers of these institutions offered a certain sum per head for all the children placed under their control given to them, it being understood that a child once in their asylum no parent, relative, or guardian could...
PÓgina 280 - ... of that property : but (beyond the actual pressure of necessity,) that demand was founded on the principle, that these violent compulsory measures being utterly unjust per se, and of general application for the forced surrender of any other property, or of human life, or for the constraint of any unsuitable terms or concessions, it became highly necessary to vest and leave the right of exacting effectual security, and full indemnity for every loss, directly in the queen.
PÓgina 459 - In this way many children have been taken to these establishments in the last stages of disease, baptized there, and soon after taken away dead. All these acts, together with the secrecy and seclusion which appear to be a part and parcel of the regulations which govern institutions...
PÓgina 304 - Now three principal things are required for the redress and satisfaction above spoken — namely, compensation for losses and expenses, a friendly and becoming intercourse on terms of equality between officers of the two countries ; and the cession of insular territory...
PÓgina 398 - ... necessarily followed that no advantage would accrue from any further hesitation with regard to allowing Europeans to enter the imperial service for the purpose of opposing them. Ward was officially recognized, and allowed to purchase weapons and to engage officers. An Englishman contracted to convey 9,000 of the troops who had stormed Ganking from the Yangtse to Shanghai. These men were Honan braves, who had seen considerable service in the interior of China, and it was proposed that they should...
PÓgina 165 - I will assemble a mighty host, and, invading the country of the great Ming, I will fill with the hoar-frost from my sword the whole sky over the four hundred provinces.
PÓgina 319 - ... everywhere adored. The oath administered to the neophytes is as follows, with the preamble. " Whereas, on account of humanity, justice, propriety, wisdom, and faithfulness, of benignity, gentleness, respect, politeness, and condescension, of whatever is low, and whatever is great, in heaven or earth, we combine everywhere to recall the Ming and exterminate the barbarians, cut off the Tsing, and await the right prince.
PÓgina 346 - Lee-yeong-heen, one of the partners in the Chin-chew Hong, for the purchase of the lorcha by the former. Shortly after the arrival of the vessel here, she was claimed by one Quan-tai of Macao, who asserted that she had been his property before she was seized by the pirates. Of course, the then owners disputed his claim ; upon which he commenced a suit in the Vice-Admiralty Court. After a short time, by consent of the parties, the question was referred to arbitration, and the arbitrators appointed...

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