Data Mining Applications for Empowering Knowledge Societies

Rahman, Hakikur
IGI Global, 31 de jul. 2008 - 356 pàgines
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Data Mining techniques are gradually becoming essential components of corporate intelligence systems and progressively evolving into a pervasive technology within activities that range from the utilization of historical data to predicting the success of an awareness campaign. In reality, data mining is becoming an interdisciplinary field driven by various multi-dimensional applications.

Data Mining Applications for Empowering Knowledge Societies presents an overview on the main issues of data mining, including its classification, regression, clustering, and ethical issues. This comprehensive book also provides readers with knowledge enhancing processes as well as a wide spectrum of data mining applications.


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Introduction to Data Mining Techniques via Multiple Criteria Optimization Approaches and Applications
Making Decisions with Data Using Computational Intelligence Within a Business Environment
Data Mining Association Rules for Making Knowledgeable Decisions
Tools Techniques Methods
Image Mining Detecting Deforestation Patterns Through Satellites
Machine Learning and Web Mining Methods and Applications in Societal Benefit Areas
The Importance of Data Within Contemporary CRM
Mining Allocating Patterns in Investment Portfolios
Business Data Warehouse The Case of WalMart
Medical Applications of Nanotechnology in the Research Literature
Early Warning System for SMEs as a Financial Risk Dete
What Role is Business Intelligence Playing in Developing Countries? A Picture of Brazilian Companies
Building an Environmental GIS Knowledge Infrastructure
The Application of Data Mining for Drought Monitoring and Prediction
Compilation of References
About the Contributors

Application of Data Mining Algorithms for Measuring Performance Impact of Social Development Activities
Applications of Data Mining
Prospects and Scopes of Data Mining Applications in Society Development Activities

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Hakikur Rahman, an academic of over 25 years, has served leading education institutes and established various ICT projects funded by ADB, UNDP and World Bank in Bangladesh. He is currently serving the BRAC University in Bangladesh. He has written/edited more than 15 books, 35 book chapters and contributed over 100 papers/articles in Journals, Magazines, News papers and Conference Proceedings on ICTs, education, governance and research. Graduating from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 1981, he has received his Master's of Engineering from the American University of Beirut in 1986 and completed his PhD in Computer Engineering from the Ansted University, BVI, UK in 2001. [Editor]

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