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H. V. Bayley, Secretary and Accountant
Messrs. Coutts and Co., Agents in England.


Instituted, Oct. 1804.

H. V. Bayley, Secretary and Accountant.

Agents in England,

Henry Stone, Henry Alexander,

Sir Charles Cockerell and Co.

These regulations are under revision.

The object of this fund is to provide for the maintenance of the widows and children of such of the subscribers as may not, at their demise, leave property sufficient for the subsistence and education of their families; also to assist in maintaining such of the subscribers themselves as may be compelled, by sickness or infirmity, to return to Europe, without an adequate provision for their support. The following are the rates of contribution :— If the salary or other public allowances of the subscriber be not more than 1,000 Sa. Rs. per mensem, his monthly subscription to be .... Sa. Rs. 10

If more than 1,000, and not above 2,000 ........ 20

If more than 2,000, and not above 3,000 ........ 30

If more than 3,000, and not above 4,000 40

If more than 4,000 50

The contribution payable by each subscriber is deducted from his monthly allowances by the sub-treasurer, coir lector, or other officer, payingthe same, and transferred to the treasurer of the fund. The committee of managers may, in particular cases, admit a deviation from it, if a different mode of payment shall be desired by any subscriber.


Established, 1st November, 1824. * .

Capt. R. B. Brittridge, Secretary.
Agents for the Fund in England,
Messrs. Sir Charles Cockerell and Co , Austin-Friars.

Donations and Subscriptions to be paid to the Bengal Military Fund.

All subscribers to pay a donation, or premium, on entering the fund, agreeably to the rates specified in the accompanying table, No. 1, and shall also allot for the support of the fund, as long as they shall continue subscribers, the monthly sums specified in Table No. II., agreeably to their rank, whether in India or Europe. The subscription of Cadets to be calculated at the rank of ensign. -

TABLE I.—Amount of the Premium or Donation payable by the different Rank.


TABLE II.—Amount of Monthly Subscriptions of the ^ different Ranks.

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8. The following rules have effect from 1st January, 1837 :—

] st. All members who have served 32 years may subscribe as colonels, all who have served 27 as lieut.colonels, all who have served 22 as majors, all who have served 12 as captains, and all junior officers as lieutenants.

2d. Medical officers may subscribe as colonels after 27 years' service, as lieut.-colonels after 22 years, as majors after 17 years, and after 10 years as captains.

3d. Chaplains may subscribe after 15 years as lieut.colonels, after 20 years as colonels.

4th. Admission to subscribe in the next higher rank, to which his service may render an officer eligible, shall depend on the payment of the increased donation, within the period prescribed by regulation 2 of the existing rules. Further, the claim must be made within three months, if he be in India, or if at home, within twelve months, from the date of these five new rules, or from the completion of the qualifying service.

5th. If the privilege to subscribe in the next higher rank be not embraced within the above periods, the application, whenever subsequently made, must be accompanied by a health-certificate; and compound interest at 8 per cent, per annum, shall be charged upon the additional donation, and arrears of subscription accumulated half-yearly (as by article 2 of the existing rules) from the date of these rules taking effect, or from the completion of the qualifying service.

TABLE shewing the Amount of Pension to Widows (during their widowhood) of each Rank.

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Widow of a Colonel and 18 Sur-
geons, 1st class

Widows of Lieut.-colonels, and 18
Surgeons, 2d class

Widows of Majors, Chaplains, and
18 Surgeons, 3d class

Widows of Captains, and Surgeons

Widows of Lieutenants, and Assistant-surgeons

Widows of Cornets, 2d-Lieutenants, and Ensigns

Rs. a. p.

228 2 0

128 8 0

136 14 0

91 4 0

68 2 0

54 2 8

342 3 9

273 15 0

205 '6 3

136 17 6

102 3 9

81 5 0


Rev. J. M'Queen, Secretary and Treasurer.

Major William Turner, 69, Cornhill, Agent in England.


Instituted, April, 1808.

Bt. Major Moberly, Acting Secretary and Accountant.

Messrs. Arbuthnot and Latham, Great St. Helens, Ditto, and Auditors in England;

Where every information can be obtained on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from eleven till three.

Cadets and chaplains, on their appointment, can be enrolled at once as subscribers to the fund in England, on payment, to the secretary of the fund there, of the following sums as a donation :—

Unmarried. £ s. d. Married. £ s. d.

Cadets 34 5 9 j 102 17 3

Chaplains 85 14 4 | 257 2 11

A ssistant-surgeons, desirous of becoming members, will be admitted in England on payment there, to the secretary, of the following donation:—

Unmarried... £57 2s. lid. | Married £171 8*. Sd.

N.B.—Assistant-surgeons and chaplains, having legitimate offspring, will, in addition thereto, be required to pay up the subscription and interest laid down in the second article.

Section II.—Donations and Subscriptions.

1. The donations and subscriptions-of all subscribers shall be regulated agreeably to the following tables, A. and B. Widowers having legitimate offspring to be considered and to pay as married. The donation and subscription of Cadets to be calculated on the rank of ensigns, the subscription commencing from the date of their admission on the establishment.

(A.) Table of Donations for the different Classes, to be paid in India or in Europe, at £100per 875 Rupees.


Ensigns to be exempted from any demand for their donation until twelve months after their admission on the establishment; they are at liberty to pay earlier, if so desirous.

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