Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Facts On File, 2004 - 550 pàgines
Exploring the period of transition from medieval to modern times, Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation, Revised Edition covers all aspects of the European Renaissance and Reformation, from visual arts and architecture to philosophy, religion, and politics. In some 2,100 A-to-Z entries, this comprehensive reference provides detailed information on three centuries that have defined the shape of modern Western civilization. The scope of this encyclopedia is the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, during which time the pivotal events of the Renaissance and Reformation occurred, irrevocably changing the future's course. as well as general interest topics such as the role of women, drawing, families, food and cookery, literacy, libraries, and travel. Along with the addition of substantial new material emphasizing the recent findings of cultural historians, the text has been updated and revised throughout, taking into account the newest scholarship. Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation, Revised Edition is complete with a new introduction, chronology, and bibliography, as well as a comprehensive index, approximately 100 black-and-white photographs, and an insert of 20 full-color images. An authoritative work for students and professionals alike, the encyclopedia is an accessible reference written with the non-specialist in mind.

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