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The Pulpit and its Handmaids.

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of its object.

MONEY.—Money can only do landscape; I would have everfor Religion what it does for

one star to differ from Art-it can furnish the paint, another star in glory,” and the brush, the studio; but the thus preserve the power of the genius to create a breathing

a breathing nightly firmament to inspire beauty on the canvas, it cannot me by the boundless variety supply. The true evangelizing of its lustrous dome. Who genius, without which churches, would have all minds think colleges, and books are so much alike? cumbrous machinery, no wealth GOOD WORKS.—Character is can purchase.

made up of habits, and habits The office of love is always are made of acts; and it is only that of a priest, evermore pre

when the idea or impression is senting offerings at the shrine translated into an earnest act,

that it becomes a real power. LIFE is a moral market. In RELIGIOUS truth, if left to it we are to carry on a moral remain in the form of ideas in merchandise for God.

the mind, is only, to the man, ONE TALENT.— Though you like the raindrop upon the leaf; can do but little, remember that it may glisten like a diamoná the "great globe” itself-the in the sun and add a moment's universe-is but a combination brilliance to the object, but it of littles. Who built the Coral is of no service to the tree; but Islands, laid their foundation in when ideas are translated into the abysses of the deep, and deeds, they are like the rainspread out their landscapes on drops penetrating the roots, the ocean's heaving breast ? and bearing new energy into Work, though your power is but the power of an insect.

SOCIETY,—The soul shut up DON'T LIVE IN CREEDS.—Is it from society, is like the seed reasonable to suppose that he shut up from soil, and air, and whose work it is to study, dew, and light. and sound out, all the notes HAPPINESS, like its highest in redemption's infinite scale of emblem-light, is diffusive. music, should be everlastingly SUSPICION.-It is a law, that ringing the few imperfect notes the less of the true a man has that you have acquired ?-notes, in him, the more suspicious he too, whose blendings, as yet, is of others; and the more he make no melody that can charm is under the influence of evil, the world.

the more disposed he is ever to RELIGIOUS INDIVIDUALISM.-I wear the mask, and to injure would have each seed, as now,

others in the dark. even to the tiniest of them ERROR. — Error frequently all, produce a form peculiar to brings out the latent energies itself, and thus preserve for and glories of truth, as steel ever the infinite variety of our brings fire from the flinty rock.

every branch.

THB GOOD TIME COMING.— A LIE.— A lie has no power, Deep in the heart of the only as it wears the garb of world is the sentiment that truth. there are bright days in store BELIEF.—All moral character for the world, that Eden shall is built upon, and ever modified bloom again, and that the crown by, beliefs. The soul that has shall once more encircle the a firm and living faith in her brow of the race.

theology, will be to heretical MISERY.-Misery is an ac- thoughts, even in their most cident, happiness is a necessity; violent form, as the moon to -for Christ's being is a ne- the ocean in the fiercest battles cessity. Misery had a begin- of her billows: she will look ning; happiness is eternal. calmly down, and with majestic Misery is local; happiness is silence move on her way. universal. The misery of the HONEST doubt is better than universe, as compared with the traditional faith. happiness, is only as one blight- PREDESTINATION.-Philosophy ed leaf in an immeasurable finds predestination everywhere forest.

in nature-in the floating dewLOVE.-Love alone can inter- drop and the heaving ocean; pret the history of love-love in the motions of atoms and the alone receive the revelations of revolutions of stars; in the love. Love is the “unction from organization, growth, and decay the Holy One, enabling us to of every species of plant and understand all things."

every class of sentient life. CHRIST MUST REVEAL HIMSELF. CHARACTER. Character is -As neither stars, nor moon,

that out of which will flame the nor all the artificial lights of hell, or bloom the paradise of the universe, can fully reveal every man. the sun, so neither can any IDEAS. —What so mighty, as ministry, in heaven or earth, ideas ? They are the seed of fully reveal Christ to the soul. character and the soul of his

GOD ALONE CAN SAVE.-Any tory. As they move, the world power can destroy. An insect, moves. The individual idea a breath of wind, may destroy sways

the individual man. The a nation; but no power but that national idea is the national of God can restore the life of a sovereign. All the arts that blade of grass.

beautify and bless our lives are THE DIVINE IDEA.—Theidea of but ideas that have taken form God is the vivifying sun of the -plants that have


from soul. You may put the acorn the germs of thought. into good soil, give it plenty of PEACE.—True peace is the air and rain; it will never rise peace of a quickened, active to the majestic oak if you shut conscience, that has done battle out from it the sun. And what- with lusts and evil habits, won ever else you give humanity, if the victory, and obtained the you give it not the great idea throne of the soul; ruling all of God, it will never rise to by the harmonious will of God. virtue, to glory, and to bliss. CONFIDENCE in God is ever

The universe to a holy being more, the foundation of true is the tongue of God.


pass by them.

TRUE peace

of soul is not the man of the true spirit learns peace of a stagnant lake, but the this, and acts accordingly. peace of a flowing river, too IDEAS.—Ideas are our ruddeep to be rippled, too strong ders. As the soul glides along to be resisted.

the warm and swelling sea of MOTION.- Creation is like a feeling, it can only be turned to flowing river; there is not a new points of the moral comparticle at rest, and all move simultaneously towards the DOCTRINE AND PRECEPT.boundless.

Doctrines and precepts are rays SIN HARD TO DIE.-An atom from the same eternal sun of may kill a giant, a word may truth ;-the former, however, break the peace of a nation, a throwing their radiance upspark burn up a city; but it


the vast requires earnest and protracted heavens that encircle us, and struggles to destroy sin in the impressing us with ideas of soul.

infinitude; the latter flowing God's method of helping man down upon our earthly path, is through the wise and right and guiding our feet in the way use of his own faculties; and the of life.

The Preacher's Confidential Council


[There arise in the pulpit and pastoral experience of almost every minister certain questions of casuistry and doctrine which he would not care to have opened in a general journal, but upon which he would like the judgment of his brethren. This department will be available to such. Ministers of all denominations are invited

to it.]


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“SIR,—Who am I that I should contend with SOLOMON ? Before the imperial sage it behoves me to bow, blush, and vanish from the scene! He charges me with 'sarcasm,’ ‘misquotation,' misconception,' and 'illogical inference,' and I know not what beside. I take it all in good part, as it becomes me.

“One of his great objections to my hymnal criticism is, that my principle would lead to the removal from our hymn-books of some of our best hymns, such as, 'How bright are those who in glory shine, Who are these in bright array?' 'On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,' There is a land of pure

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delight,' etc. These are not hymns at all. They are mawkish sentimentalism run into rhyme. The essence of a hymn is an appeal to God either in the language of gratitude, penitence, submission, or adoration. A hymn should deal as directly with God as a prayer. The 'psalms and hymns and spiritual songs' of which the Apostle speaks, are those that make melody in the heart to the Lord, not melody in the heart to glorious spirits that shine, to 'Jordan's stormy banks,' to 'a land of pure delight,' and to everything, in fact, but the One Being who should fill the horizon of the soul in all worship. His philosophic majesty is pleased to say that he would be glad if I would put my knife into hymns that are objectionable.' Were I to do this, Mr. Editor, I should be cutting away until the end of my life, and sink


valuable periodical with excrescences. It was said by the late Rev. W. Webster, M.A., Editor of the Greek Testament, that in the Con. gregational Hymn Book,' perhaps one of the best hymnals extant, out of the thousand there is scarcely more than two hundred that

a man of culture, conscience, or reflection would think of sing. ing. I take up a book called the Christian Hymnal,' which is just published, and the first hymns I open my eyes on are the two following:


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Nothing, either great or small,

Nothing, sinner, no;
Jesus did it, did it all,

Long, long ago.
When He, from His lofty throne,

Stooped to do and die,
Everything was fully done,

Hearken to His cry:
" It is finished !" Yes, indeed,

Finished every jot:
Sinner, this is all you need;

Tell me, Is it not?

Weary, working, plodding one,

Wherefore toil you so ?
Cease your doing; all was done

Long, long ago.
Till to Jesus' work you cling,

By a simple faith,
Doing is a deadly thing,

Doing ends in death.

Cast your deadly doing down,

Down at Jesus' feet;
Stand in Him, in Him alone,

Gloriously complete.'

«• What sacred fountain yonder springs

Up from the throne of God,
And all our covenant blessings brings ?

'Tis Jesus' precious blood.
What mighty sum paid all my debt,

When I a bondsman stood,
And hath my soul at freedom set ?

'Tis Jesus' precious blood.
What stream is that which sweeps away

My sins, just like a flood,
Nor lets one guilty blemish stay?

'Tis Jesus' precious blood.
What voice is that which speaks for me,

In heaven's high court, for good,
And from the curse hath set me free?

'Tis Jesus' precious blood.

What theme, my soul, will best employ

Thy harp before thy God,
And make all heaven to ring with joy?

'Tis Jesus' precious blood.'

"The doctrine of these two hymns is at once unphilosophic, unscriptural, and pernicious; namely, that a sinner has nothing to do in the way of salvation but believe what was done for him eighteen hundred years ago. That salvation is to be obtained through faith in Christ, is a Scriptural doctrine that I reverently recognise and gratefully accept. But in these two compositions there is a wretched and pernicious perversion of this truth. What thoughtful man who knows anything about modern Christendom does not feel that the wretched cry from certain pulpits, 'Only believe, only believe' is a cant-popular it is true, but derogatory to the God of love, and obstructive to the progress of true spiritual knowledge and the real growth of souls in power, freedom, and moral nobility.

Yours, etc.,


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