Annals of some of the British Norman isles constituting the bailiwick of Guernsey. [With] Postscript

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PÓgina 116 - Whoe'er has travell'd life's dull round, Where'er his stages may have been, May sigh to think he still has found The warmest: welcome at an inn.
PÓgina 418 - Believe me, no : I thank my fortune for it, My ventures are not in one bottom trusted, Nor to one place ; nor is my whole estate Upon the fortune of this present year : Therefore my merchandise makes me not sad.
PÓgina 381 - And we also bless thy holy Name for all thy servants departed this life in thy faith and fear; beseeching thee to give us grace so to follow their good examples, that with them we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom: Grant this, O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, our only Mediator and Advocate.
PÓgina 366 - Present, THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY in Council WHEREAS there was this day read at the Board a Report from the Right Honourable the Lords, of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs dated the first of last month in the words following Viz.
PÓgina 368 - The Lords of the Committee, in obedience to Your " Majesty's said Order of Reference, have this day taken " the said Act into consideration, and do agree humbly to "report, as their opinion, to Your Majesty, that it may " be advisable for Your Majesty to approve of and ratify "the said Act.
PÓgina 381 - We bless thee for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life ; but, above all, for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ ; for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory.
PÓgina 59 - ... she has selected, usually taking her station upon its edge so that the margin passes between her legs. With her strong mandibles she cuts without intermission in a curve line so as to detach a triangular portion. When this hangs by the last fibre, lest its weight should carry her to the ground, she balances her little wings for flight, and the very moment it parts from the leaf flies off with it in triumph; the detached portion remaining bent between her legs in a direction perpendicular to her...
PÓgina 58 - Having thus finished a cell, her next business is to fill it to within half a line of the orifice with a rose-coloured conserve composed of honey and pollen, usually collected from the flowers of thistles ; and then having deposited her egg, she closes the orifice with three pieces of leaf...
PÓgina 328 - The ground whereon you are going to lay this man is mine ; and I affirm that none may in justice bury their dead in ground which belongs to another. If, after he is gone, force and violence are still used to detain my right from me, I APPEAL TO ROLIO, the founder and father of our nation, who, though dead, lives in his laws. I take refuge in those laws, owning no authority above them.
PÓgina 315 - Bengal for the time being and all other persons whom it may concern are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

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