What Prohibition Has Done to America

Harcourt, Brace, 1922 - 127 pàgines

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Pàgina 69 - Nothing is more attractive to the benevolent vanity of men than the notion that they can effect great improvement in society by the simple process of forbidding all wrong conduct, or conduct which they think is wrong, by law, and of enjoining all good conduct by the same means...
Pàgina 70 - The principal danger lies in the attempt often made to convert into crimes acts regarded by large numbers, perhaps a majority, as innocent — that is, to practise what is, in fact, tyranny. While all are ready to agree that tyranny is a very mischievous thing, there is not a right understanding equally general of what tyranny is. Some think that tyranny is a fault only of despots, and can not be committed under a republican form of government; they think...
Pàgina 71 - An especially pernicious effect is that society becomes divided between the friends and the foes of repressive laws, and the opposing parties become animated with a hostility which prevents united action for purposes considered beneficial by both. Perhaps the worst of all is that the general regard and reverence for laws are impaired, a consequence the mischief of which can scarcely be estimated.
Pàgina 13 - It is safe to say that there has never been a time in the history of Florida or America when so many oranges were eaten in so short a time.
Pàgina 70 - Some think that tyranny is a fault only of despots, and can not be committed under a republican form of government ; they think that the maxim that the majority must govern justifies the majority in governing as it pleases, and requires the minority to acquiesce with cheerfulness in legislation of any character, as if what is called self-government were a scheme by which different parts of the community may alternately enjoy the privilege of tyrannizing over each other. The principal evils of legal...
Pàgina 8 - ... liberty ; and to entrench a denial of personal liberty behind the mighty ramparts of our Constitution is to do precisely the opposite of what our Constitution — or any constitution like ours — is designed to do. The Constitution withdraws certain things from the immediate control of the majority, withdraws them from the province of ordinary legislation, for the purpose of safeguarding liberty; the •From article by Fabian Franklin, Journalist.
Pàgina 57 - ... required millions of men and women to give up habits and customs of life which they thought not immoral or wrong, but which, on the contrary, they believed to be necessary to their reasonable comfort and happiness, and...
Pàgina iii - How the Eighteenth Amendment is a crime against the Constitution of the United States; how it violates the principle which lies at the bottom of respect for law; how it makes for despotism, whether by a majority or a minority "—these are the aspects of prohibition that are considered.
Pàgina 8 - But upon the question whether a regulation prescribing the personal habits of individuals forms a proper part of the Constitution of a great nation there is no room whatever for rational difference of opinion. Whether Prohibition is right or wrong, wise or unwise, all sides are agreed that it is a denial of personal liberty.
Pàgina 5 - Federal government itself, and the safeguarding of the fundamental rights of American citizens. These were things that it was felt essential to remove from the vicissitudes attendant upon the temper of the majority at any given time. There was not to be any doubt from year to year as to the limits of Federal power on the one hand and State power on the other; nor as to the structure of the Federal government and the respective functions of the legislative, executive, and judicial departments of that...

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