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New Editions-continued. PICTORIAL EDITION of SHAKSPERE. surpassing beauty of detached passages of our great Part I. super-royal 8vo. 2s. 6d.

which he displays in the conduct of his story, — his *** To be continued Monthly.

wonderful Method,—his exquisite Art,--the imperishable freshness of his Scenes, the unerring truth of his

Characters. DR. DRAKE, in the Prefatory Essay to his “Memorials of Shakspere,” points attention to a want which every lished, as nearly as can be ascertained, in the order in

In this edition the Comedies and Tragedies will be pubwished that an edition of Shakspere were undertaken, they were written, but in separate classes; and the Hiswhich, whilst in the notes it expunged all that was

tories according to the order of events. Whilst this trifling, idly controversial, indecorous, and abusive, arrangement is preserved with reference to the compleshould, at the same time, retain every interesting dis

tion of the work in volumes, a necessary variety will be qnisition, though in many instances remodelled, re

offered in the periodical publication of Plays taken from written, and condensed ; nor fearing to add what farther

each of the three classes, as for example: research, under the guidance of good taste, might Part 1.-Two Gentlemen of Verona COMEDY. suggest."

2.-King John

HISTORY. Such an edition of Shakspere as Dr. Drake has here so

3.-Romeo and Juliet

TRAGEDY. jndiciously described it will be attempted in the “Pictorial Shakspere" to supply.

The Plays will occupy Thirty-seven Parts. The entire But, in addition to the literary illustrations of Shak. work, including spere that may be supplied by judicious research and

SHAKSPERE'S SONNETS AND OTHER POEMS, careful selection, there is a vast storehouse of materials yet unemployed, that may, with singular propriety, be

AND A LIFE OF SHAKSPERE, used for adding both to the information and the enjoy with local Illustrations, as well as other introductory ment of the readers of our great poet-we mean Pictorial matter, will extend to Forty-four Parts. The ultimate Ilustrations. We have embellished editions of Shakspere, arrangement will be as follows :out of number, that attempt to represent the incidents of

Parts. Vols. his scenes and translate his characters into portraits for


14 2 the eye-with greater or less success ;-but we have no


10 edition in which the aid of Art has been called in to give


13 a distinctness to the conceptions of the reader by repre


13 senting the

Poems, Life, &c. REALITIES upon which the imagination of the poet must have rested.

6 Of these Pictorial Illustrations many, of course, ought to

Charles Knight and Co. Ludgate Street. (5937) be purely antiquarian ;-but the larger number of subjects offer a combination of the beautiful with the real, which must heighten the pleasure of the reader far more than any fanciful representation, however skilful, of the

GERMAN and ENGLISH incidents of the several dramas.

DICTIONARY (quite complete.) 2d Edition, 2 vols. IN THE DESIGNS AND ENGRAVING OF THE royal Svo. €1. 168. cloth boards.

(5938) WOODCUTS the most eminent artists will be employed.

D. Nutt, Foreign Bookseller, 158, Fleet Street. THE NOTES

Also, just imported,





writes parece cererte subiectele sait fappeario necessary to leave GOTHA ALMANAC, 1839, either in French

procure from gentlemen conversant with particular de DEUTSCHE

or, Pro.


investigated for the complete information of the reader.

or German. 4s. 6d.

(5939) The almost endless variety of objects presented in the text will call for the best assistance that the Editor can



NOTES will be presented at the foot of each page; whilst the fuller annotations will be appended to each act.


gressive Exercises in the German Language. By AN INTRODUCTORY NOTICE

WILLIAM WITTICH, Teacher of German in University will be prefixed to each Play, which will point out

College. 2d Edition, corrected and much enlarged, 12mo.

5s. cloth. 1. The Historical Facts,--the real or imaginary incidents,

(5941) ---and the complete Stories or detached passages in works of imagination, - from either of which the plot of the

Printed for Taylor and Walton, Booksellers and PubDrama, or any portion of it, is supposed to be derived ;

lishers to University College, 28, Úpper Gower Street. 2. The evidence which exists to establish the date when the Play was written ;3. THE PERIOD AND THE LOCALITY OF THE DRAMA,

ENGINE and STEAM with an account of the materials from which the local NAVIGATION. The New Edition of Tredgold. By illustrations have been derived ;

W. S. B. WOOLHOUSE, Esq. 2 large vols. 125 Plates,

£3. 35.-Now ready. 4. THE COSTUME OF THE DRAMA, in which Notice will be introduced Woodcuts, copied from

Also, separately, ancient MSS. or Books, that may exhibit the authentic

STEPHENSON'S LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE, practically Costume of the place and of the period which the Poet

and popularly elucidated. 4to. with 4 elaborate Engravhad in his mind

ings and 40 Woodcuts.

(5912) 5. THE MUSIC OF THE DRAMA, in which the original airs of Shakspere's exquisite songs

John Weale, 59, High Holborn. will, as far as possible, be given,-with an account of the later Musical Compositions that have been adapted to the Poet's words. At the end of each Play A SUPPLEMENTARY NOTICE

RUPEDS. By F. SHOBERL; with Ilustrations by will contain an examination of the various Critical

T. Landseer. New Edition, 2 vols. in 1, 16mo. 6s. hf.-bd. Opinions upon each Play; and, in this portion of the work,


LESSONS for LITTLE obtrusive exhibition of his own opinions, to analyze and LITTLE

LEARNERS. present in one view whatever is valuable in the multi

By Mrs. BARWELL. 4th Edition, farious criticism npon Shakspere, -and especially to

with New Engravings, i6mo.3s. 6d. cloth. (5914) exhibit those views (no edition of Shakspere having yet presented such to us) which do justice not only to the John Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church Yard.

CWorks lately published.


piece that is the great piece or penny. Skinner, while THE ABBÉ GAULTIER'S GEOGRAPHI.

word PAR equat, is derived from the Greek preposition ENCYCLOPÆDIA METROPOLITANA.



LOCAL WORDS used in ENGLAND. Ry F. duction to Etymology on a NEW PLAN. By ROBERT Grose, and S. PEGGE, F.A.S. Post Svo. elegantly SULLIVAN, Esq. Barrister at Law, As. 6d. bound and printed, 4s, 6d. cloth.

(5949) lettered.

EXMOOR SCOLDING and EXMOOR “It is a trifling etymology that barely refers us to some word in another language either the same or similar, (Devonshire) Language; with Soies, and a Glossary.

COURTSHIP, in the Propriety of the Exmoor unless the meaning of the word, and the cause of its imposition, can be discovered by such a reference."

10th Edition, post ovo. Is. 6d.

(3930) J. HORNE TOOKE.

John Russell Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Sobo. *** This Edition contains 82 pages of Additional Derivations.


NEW and EASY SYSTEM of SHORT. GROAT.-This, now the smallest, was originally the

HAND, by which a person may teach himself in a largest of our silver coins, to which circumstance it owes

few hours. By A. G. Tyson, 12mo. 2s. cloth. (3951) its name, GROAT, the old form of the word great. The

Whittaker and Co. Ave-Maria Lane. GROAT was first coined in the reign of Edward JlI.; and as it was four times the size of the silver penny (till then largest groat

, that

CAL GAMES. A New Edition, with Counters, it was originally made of brass or iron; but there is no complete, tl. 7s.; or may be purchased in separate pornecessity for this supposition, as it is only by comparison

tions as follow:

(5952 that things are great or little. When the GROAT made FAMILIAR GEOGRAPHY. 16mo. 3s. cloth. its appearance, it was four times as larget as the largest

GEOGRAPHICAL and HISTORICAL QUESTIONS. silver coin in use, and this is sufficient to account for its

16mo. 38. cloth. name. It is worthy of remark that the French and Italians have denominated their GROAT, grost, grosso, that is GREAT.

THE ATLAS. Folio, 15s. half-bound. PEER.–To derive this word from a PREPOSITION will


(5953) not, I trust, be considered as a breach of privilege. The

John Harris, St. Paul's Church Yard. term Peer, in French paire, has been applied to the nobility, because, though they may differ in rank or degree, their essential privileges are EQUAL. The Latin , by the side of, -;

A Subscriber to this work, who is going abroad, equality and from placing two things beside each other wishes to dispose of his set. It is upon LARGE PAPER, for the purpose of comparison, par has come to signity and quite complete as far as published. The price wanted Two equals or a PAIR; as a pair of candlesticks; a pair of is seventeen shillings per Part--something less than half the carriage horses, &c. The quotation under the word subscription price. There are 47 Parts published, and Paragon, in which the real Florimel is placed beside her only about five more to follow. - To be seen at Mr. enchanted' semblant or counterfeit, illustrates this word Cockran's, Bookseller, 108, Strand.

(5953*) also.

And if thou said'st I am not PEER
To any lord in Scotland here,
Lowland or Highland, far or near,

Proud Douglas thou hast lied !-Scott.

Travellers. By MARIA Hack, Author of " English Stories,". "Geological Sketches," &c. &c. New Edition, 6s. cloth lettered.

(5954) Skinner. GROAT.-Numisma quoddam, a magnitudine sic dictum, fortasse enim olim ex ære vel ferro cusum

Harvey and Darton, Gracechurch Street. erat.

+ Twenty shillings originally weighed a POUND, as the term denotes : but the same number of the Present SACRED MINSTRELSY; or, Poetry for

the Devont. By Miss JANE STRICKLAND, Author of we may infer that the GROAT originally was about three times its present weight, and from its thinness, perhaps Cleveland," "The Christian Convert,” &c. &c.

" Moral Lessons from the Proverbs of Solomon," " Elen

With tine five times as large.

Frontispiece, ls. 6d. bound, gilt edges.

(5965) Our piece of four-pence, being formerly GREAT (even as great as a shilling now is), was called a Grot."

Also, uniform with the above, BUTLER'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, 1633. $ Gros.--Le nom de gros fut donné à cette espêce parce- By Miss JANE GRAHAM, Author of “Histories from que c'estoit la plus GROSSE monnoie d'argent qu'il y Scripture,”' &c. ls. 6d. bound.

(5956) eust alors en France. Il pesoit 3 deniers, sept grains trebuchant.--LE BLANC, quoted by MENAGE. (5915)

By the same Authoress,

A COMPANION at the LORD'S SUPPER, London : Samuel Holdsworth, Amen-Corner. Dublin : Curry and Co. Edinburgh: Fraser and Co.

according to the Church of England. Is. 6d. bd. (5957) THE HARP uf Zion; or, Original and Select Poetry. By the Rev. Basil Wood. Is. 6d. W.




Text-Book of Scriptural Promises for every day important subjects. By the Rev. W. Dalton, M.A. in the year : with an appropriate verse to each.

by the Incumbent of St. Paul's Church, Wolverhampton... 2d Rev. H. C. Mason. Is. 6d. bound.

(5959) Edition, crown 8vo. 6s.

(5946) Also, by the same Author,



HINTS for the IMPROVEMENT of THE FAMILY ALTAR; or, Morning and

the MANNERS and APPEARANCE of both Evening Prayers for a Month, suited to Domestic Worship. By Capt. H. F. Mellors. Is. ud. bound.

SEXES; with Details of the Etiquette of Polished Society. 6s.

(3961) London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co.; and J. Nisbet.

Dean and Munday, Threadneedle Street, and may be Wolverhampton : T. Simpson.

obtained of most Booksellers.



Works lately published-continued.




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of BRITISH LAND. NEW LAWS of DEBTOR and CREDITOR; with SCAPE SCENERY. Embellished with 20 Plates, copious Notes, Explanations, Classified Index, &c. &c.; from Drawings by Copley Fielding, D. Cox, &c. Large 8vo. by H. Wickens, Esq., Solicitor. Is. 60. (5962) 128. handsomely bound.

“Mr. Kidd's is the most useful and valuable, because “This is a most beautiful work. The illustrations are the ONLY AUTHENTIC work published, on the various chiefly from drawings by those eminent artists, Cox and operations of the new Act. The excellent Explanatory Fielding, the whole of which are admirably engraved. Notes and Index stamp it with a lasting value.

The letterpress, by the author of the “ROMANCE OF NA

STANDARD. TURE,” is highly interesting; many of the descriptions IDD'S NEW and COMPLETE MAN of being at once graphic, eloquent, and full of poetic feeling.

Nor is its excellence its sole recommendation--for here

we have a large volume with twenty plates, elegantly containing, in small compass, every possible information bound, for twelve shillings."--PLYMOUTH HERALD. on all Matters of actual Business, Trade, Commerce, A very lively and unaffected account of scenes of pic&c.; the whole so arranged as to perfect a young man inturesque beauty.”-SPECTATOR. a thorough Commercial Education. 3d edition, 9s. bound. “This is a desirable addition to the number of our

“We will venture to assert," says the TIMES, " that by Annuals, and one which will doubtless meet with as much the purchase of this useful book, a man may fully qualify success as any one of them."-COURT JOURNAL. himself for any situation atever, in the commercial “Chepstow Castle, Tintern Abbey, Goodrich Court and world."

(5963) Castle, Monmouth, the Coldwell Rocks, and, indeed, all

the most striking passages, wherever tradition is likely IDD'S VOICE from the COUNTER; and to carry the curious, or pastoral beauty to attract the

GENERAL GUIDE to TRADE. Adapted to the lover of nature, are touched upon in succession by our use of Masters and Servants; and forming a suitable author, whose rapid and lively pen brings before us à Companion to “Kind's VoICE FROM THE COUNTING- series of travelling experiences of a most varied and House." 7th edition, Is. 6d.

agreeable character."-Atlas. “Mr. Kidd's Voice from the Counter' is a most useful

“There are landscapes in this volume of most exquisite book; and one which cannot fail of becoming extensively

character. .... We can conscientiously recommend the work."-EXAMINER.

(5967) popular. The precepts it contains are worthy the atten. tive consideration of every tradesman who would render London: Orr and Co. Birmingham : Wrightson and Webb. his business prosperous, and conduct his establishment

Sold by all Booksellers. on a plan that must eventually ensure him success."?TRUE SUN.

(5964) London : W. Kidd, 7, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

Manchester : Bancks and Co.


GREAT BRITAIN. (Being the 3d Series of the

Book of Gems.) Edited by S. C. HALL. With Biographi. STANDARD LIBRARY EDITIONS.

cal Notices and Plates of Autographs. I thick vol. 8vo. In medium 8vo. uniform with “ Byron's Works,” the with 43 highly-finished Engravings on Steel, from the “CURIOSITIES OF LITERATURE," &c.

burins of the first-rate engravers, after original Pictures and Drawings by the most eminent Artists, #1. lls. 6d.

on extra vellum paper. Biographical Notice, and a copious Glossary. 2s.6d. " It will give to most purchasers as much poetry as they SCOTT'S LADY OF THE LAKE. Is.

desire of the modern minor poets."-SPECTATOR. LAY OF THE LAST MINSTREL. ls.

“The engravings are really admirable."'-EXAMINER. MARMION. ls. 2d.

“A more elegant and useful present book can hardly CRABBE'S BOROUGH: a Poem. 18. 4d.


Whittaker and Co. Ave-Maria Lane.
BOUNTY. Is. 4d.

LIBRARY.-The "The first real people's editions we have seen, that com- TYAS'S POETICAL bine high literary merit with a cheapness that places them

Publisher baving ascertained that several Booksellers within the reach, we should say, of all who can wish for

in the Country have forborne to order the Poetical them, whilst their mechanical execution is such as to Library, and that some wholesale houses have declined render them fit for any book-shelf where Mr. Murray's, sending it when ordered by others, from an apprehension Mr. Cadell's, or Mr. Moxon's single volume editions are

that the glass front would be broken in carriage, he begs admitted, have emanated from the shop of Mr. Smith, of

to state that he packs them in such manner as to prevent Fleet Street."-SPECTATOR.

breakage, and will warrant their safe arrival if forwarded “The elegance with which these works are brought out

as delivered by him. is a strong recommendation, and certainly, in point of

R. Tyas takes this opportunity of recommending it to economy, they are not exceeded by any publication of the

the Trade as the best compendium of British Poetry day. The works selected are of the highest order, and

extant, while the volume of American Poetry included in already stamped with fame. The typography is exceed

the set is perhaps one of the most popular selections that ingly beautiful, and the press appears to have been cor

ever issued from the press. rected with more than ordinary care."-ATLAS. (5965) 50, Cheapside, Oct. 31, 1838.

(5969) London: William Smith, 113, Fleet Street. Edinburgh: Fraser and Co. Dublin : Curry and Co.


MEMOIR of MRS. HARRIET W. 3, St. James's Square, Nov. 1838,

WINSLOW, combining a Sketch of the Ceylon (EMOIRS of the LIFE and ADVEN. Mission. By Miron Winslow, one of the Missionaries;

with an Introductory Essay, by JAMES HARINGTON TURES of COLONEL MACERONI, late Aide-de

Evans, Minister of John-Street Chapel. 12mo. 6s. 6d. camp to Joachim Murat, King of Naples. 2 vols. demy Svo.

cloth boards. “The most amusing book that has for a long time fallen in our way, nor is the power of amusement its only re

A cheaper but unabridged edition, adapted for general commendation. Fanciful and eccentric it presents much circulation, is also published in a smaller size, 3s. 6d. originality of fact with a racy smartness of manner,

cloth boards.

(5970) abounding in anecdote and the most graphic illustrations “Seldom has a memoir more deeply interesting, or of life and character, habits and customs.

more instructive, been offered to the notice of the public. NAVAL AND MILITARY GAZETTE. It contains many important facts relating to the Ceylon

(5966) Mission; and in the letters of Mrs. W. some of the most London: John Macrone, St. James's Square. instructing lessons with which an inexperienced female AGENTS :-Dublin: John Cumming. Edinburgh: Bell missionary can be furnished.” and Bradfute. Glasgow: D. Campbell. Liverpool : W.

CONGREGATIONAL MAG. June 1838. Grapel.

John F. Shaw, 27, Southampton Row, Russell Square.


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A GENERAL ATLAS of the WORLD, containing 2 vols. 21s.-The publisher deems it necessary, in 52 Maps, colombier folio, full coloured,t10.10s. half-bound. consequence of a few coinplaints having been made of

GENERAL ATLAS of the WORLD, containing 30 Maps, supposed inaccuracies in the above work, to draw the

full coloured, £6. 6s. half-bound. attention of Booksellers and their customers to the following extract, from page 6 of the Preface:-“The reader

QUARTO ATLAS of the WORLD, full coloured, conwill occasionally find that the engraved crest differs, in taining 52 Maps, £2. 125. 6d. half-bound. some tritling particulars, from its blazonry or description. *** These Atlases contain all the recent discoveries. This occurs in cases in which it has been thought uvne.

(5976) cessary to execute new engravings for trivial differences James Wyld, Geographerto the Queen, Charing Cross East. or deticiencies, but, in general, where the crest and its blozonry do not agree, the difference is marked in the description in parentheses, or by itulic letters."

J. CHIDLEY HAS BOUGHT THE ENTIRE STOCK OP The publisher will also feel obliged by the Bookseller explaining to purchasers, that although under the engraved crest they will find one particular name, yet it is not, on

WALKER’S LADIES' EXERCISES. that account, to be understood that the crest appertains to that name exclusively; for instance, under the name of

WALKER'S MANLY EXERCISES. BURCH, the blazonry is given “an Eagle, wings expanded, gu." and reference is made to p. 68, No. 21, where the WALKER'S GAMES and SPORTS. crest will be found correctly engraved for Burch, though the name of Bolton is under it.

Sell, each, 9s. roan; or 8s. boards. The trade snipplied *** Any correction or addition, properly authenticated, on liberal terms.

(5977) and transmitted free of expense, addressed to the Editor

Of whom may be had, just published, of B. F. C. 48, Salisbury Square, will oblige, and have attention.


HISTORY. 3 vols. 8vo. Portraits, £1. 45. (3978) VALUABLE ILLUSTRATED BOOKS, &c.

Also, for Sale, cheap. - CHARLES DAVIS, 48, Coleman Street,

London, has this day published a CATALOGUE OF THE TRANSACTIONS of the ROYAL SECOND-HAND BOOKS, comprising choice copies of

MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL SOCIETY. The first works in Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Books 18 vols. £7. 10s. boards. of Prints, Natural History, Numismatics, and General Odd Volumes or Parts, to complete Sets, at 25 per Literature. On sale, at exceedingly low prices, for ready cent. under the published price.

(5979) money.

* It may be had Oratis on application, post paid. 123, Aldersgate Street, 26th Sept. 1838.

BOOKSELLERS.-Wanted to purchase,
a small and respectably established PRINTING TO PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, and

STATIONERS.-An opportunity now offers rarely to -Address (post paid), stating particulars, J. C., 12, York be met with for any person of good capital and enterPlace, Barnsbury Park, Islington.

(5973) prising habits desirous of commencing in the business,

in a manufacturing town, with a population of nearly A BOOK and STATIONERY BUSINESS, 20.000 de metre aexcel.com_markers are held coming-in

in a populous Town near London, to be Disposed of. by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Batty, Melville, and Co. The most satisfactory detail and the highest references Stationers, 174, Aldersgate Street, London. can be obtained by applying (post paid) to A. B.,

(5980) Mr. East's, Bookseller, &c. Holywell Street, Strand.



SELLERS, and BINDERS.- To be disposed of A steaily respectable Young Man who is thoroughly immediately (the Proprietor retiring), a very compact acquainted with the above Businesses, may hear of a per: Business, in a thriving Market Town within fifty miles of manent SITUATION in the Country, on application (if London. The coming in will require from £600. to £ letter, post paid) to J. J., Hamilton, Adams, and Co. Letters (post paid) to T., Publishers' Circular Office, 57, 33, Paternoster Row, London. (5975) Skinner Street, Snow Hill.


THE Editor much regrets the unaroidable delny in the delivery of the last Number of the CIRCULAR, mainly arising from his own indisposition, but in some degree also caused by the late period at which many Publishers send their Adrertisements ; he therefore takes this opportunity of earnestly requesting that they may be sent to the Office at the earliest convenient day, or it must continue us heretofore utterly impossible for him to have the whole number of nearly FOUR THOUSAND delivered on the proper day of publication. He has been compelled to omit the CLASSIFIED INDEX belonging to the present Number, after preparing it for the press, that he might be enabled to insert the various Advertisements of New Warks sent very late, and which must otherwise have been altogether omitted ; - the Index will therefore be incorporated with that of the succeeding Number.

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NEW WORKS, Bickersteth's (G.) Christian Truth, fcp. 8vo. 6s.cloth 5879 PUBLISHED SINCE THE LAST CIRCULAR."

- (J.) Sermons on the Example of Christ, 12mo. 3s. cloth

5891 No. of Advertisement.

Book of Beauty, edited by Lady Blessington, superAda, a Tale, by Mrs. Needham, post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

royal 8vo, 21s, silk.

5901 Amaranth, 1839, impl. 4to. £1. 11s. 6d.

............ 5414

Royalty, 1839, with 13 coloured Plates, American Publications imported by Kennett .. 5843 to 49 +2. 12s. 60..

5904 Almanack and Repository of Useful Know- Bourne's (Mrs.) Game of Forfeits, 18mo. Is. 6d. .... 5631 ledge, royal 12mo. 4s. sewed

Brett's Collection of Liturgies, 8vo. 10s. 6d..... Barker's Supplement to Lempriere's Dict. 8vo.8s. 6d.

Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Beauty's Costume, Second Series, 4to. 215.; or Commoners of Great Britain, Vol. 4, royal 8vo. coloured, 2. 2s.

5899 £1. lls. 60. cloth Bentley's Standard Library, Vol. 1, Wild Sports of Chalmers' (Rev. T.) Works, Vol. 12, Tracts & Essays the West, fcp. 8vo. 6s.

5892 on Religious & Economical Subjects, 12mo. 6s. cl.

Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

........ 5398

......, 5430

No. of Advertisement. Maurice's (Rev. F.) Kingdom of Christ, 3 vols. post Christian Teacher's Pocket Guide, 32mo. Is 36d.

8vo. 21s, cloth..

5883 Coleridge's (J. D.) Companion to the First Lessons,

Melton de Mowbray, or the Banker's Son, 3 vols. post 8vo. 3)s. 6d.

5637 18mo. 38. 6d.

Moody's Refutation of Astrology, 12mo. 6s. 6d. Collins' Memoranda, various editions, 1839

5813 Morrison's (G.) Forms of Accounts, 4to. 7s. 6d. Combination, by Charlotte Elizabeth, 18mo. 2s. 5877

Morton's Anatomy of the Perinæum, 8vo. 6s. ; 78. 6d. coloured.

5851 Contrast (The), by Miss Sedgwick, 18mo. 8d.


Natural History of Quadrupeds, new edit. square, 58. 5613 Copley's My Mother's Stories, fcp. 58.

5627 Night of Toil (The), or First Missionary Labours, Coxe's (Mrs.) Female Mentor, 3d edit. 12mo. 6s. ....

fcp. 6s.


Nichol on the Solar System, post 8vo. 10s. 60. Croly's (Dr.) Visitation Sermon, Oct. 8, Is. 6d....... 5871 Nicholson's Practical Masonry, new edit. roy.8vo.12s. Cronin's Essay on Deafness, 12mo. Is. 6d......

Notes on the Four Gospels and Acts, fcp. 16s. Crotchets in the Air, by John Poole, Esq. 8vo. 5s. cl.

Oliver and Boyd's Almanacs for 1839

5807 to 5809 Diadem (The), edited by Miss Sheridan, Plates, 4to.

Opinions of Eminent Men on the Bible, 12mo. 6s.

Ovid. Metam. Eng. Notes, by Ferguson, 18mo. 2s. 6d. 5641 tills. 60...


Pasley on Lime, Cements, &c. 8vo. 185... Dickson's Unity of Disease, 8vo. 9s.

Passing Thoughts, by C. Elizabeth,2 edit. 18mo. 3s.6d. Dowling's Practice of the Superior Courts, 12mo. 8s.

Pellew's (Dean of Norwich) Sermon for the National Drawing-Room Scrap-Book, 1839, 4to. 21s.

Educational Society, 4d.

........ 5870 Penny Magazine, Part 79,6d..

5803 Durham's (Bp. of) Sermon on Early Education, 5886

Cyclopædia, Part 70, Is. 60.

...... 5804 Ella, or the Èmperor's Son, by Hon. Mrs. Lambert,

Pickwick Abroad, by Reynolds, Part 10, Is. ...... 5801 3 vols, post 8vo. ll. lls. 60. boards

Pictorial Shakspeare, Part 1, royal 8vo. 2s. 6d....... 5783 Ellis's (Rev. W.) History of Madagascar, 2 v. 8vo. 25s.

Bible, 4to. Édition, Part 11, 58........... 5784 Examination Questions from Mosheim, fcp. 48.6d... 5862

England, Part 21, royal 8vo. 2s.

5785 Burnet, fcp. 2s.


Arabian Nights, Part 7, 2s. 6d. ....... 5787 Fisher's Juvenile Scrap-Book, 1839, 88.


Porson's Furipides Translated, 12mo. 5s. 6d. Flugel's German and English Dictionary, 2d edit. Practical Farmer's Manual, 18mo. 2s.. 2 vols. 8vo. 1. 16s.


Pratt's Statutes for J. of Peace, 1 & 2 Vict., 8vo. 5s. 6d. Forget-Me-Not, 1839, 12mo. 12s. morocco..


Precipitation, a Tale of Truth, 12mo. Is. 6d. Fraser's (J. B.) Journey from Constantinople to Present for an Apprentice, by a Citizen of London, Tehran, 2 vols. 8vo. £1.8s.

4s, 6d.

5936 Freckleton's Outlines of General Pathology, 12mo. 78. 5897 Price's History of Non-Conformity, Vol. 2, 8vo. 128. Friendship's Offering, 1839, 12s.


Prideaux's Connexion of the Old and New TestaFruits of Observation, 12mo. 38. 6d.

ment, new edit. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. cloth.. Fulcher's Sudbury Pocket Book, 1839, 25. 6d.


Pring's (Rev. J.) Sermons on the Kingdom of God in Gems of Beauty, 1839, £1. lls. 6d.


Christ, 2d series, 8vo. 12s. Gift (The), edited by Miss Leslie, 1839, 12s.

Pusey's (E. B.) Two Sermons—The Church the ConGilbert's Geological Map of England and Wales, with

vertor of the Heathen, 8vo. 38. ....

3869 Descriptions, fcp. 2s. sewed; or mounted on cloth

Pym's (A. G.) Narrative of Adventures and Discove*s. 6d.

ries, royal 12mo. 78. cloth. Goldsunith's Doctrine and Practice of Equity, 8vo. 75. Goodhugh on the Study of Biblical Lit. 8vo. 105. 60. 5887 Religious Tract Society's Almanacs, for 1839 5789 to 5792

Raphael's Prophetic Almanac, 2s. 6d. Gouger's South Australia, 18mo.3s...


Reynold's (G.) Exercises on Arithmetic, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Grecian History, in the way of Question & Answer, Richards's Daily Remembrancer for 1839, various ed. 5812 including all the principal Events, 18mo. 60. sd... Robinson Crusoe, 2 vols. square, 5s.

5810 Griffin's (W. N.) Treatise on Optics, 8vo. 8s.

Saints no Fools, 18mo. 2s.

5876 Gurney Married, 3 vols. post 8vo. él. lls. 6d...

Scott's (G. B.) Beauty of Holiness, 12mo. 6s. Hamilton's (Mrs.) Family Ledger, 8vo. 2s. cloth


Sedgwick's (T.) Public and Private Economy, 12mo.5s. 5856 Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, Vict., 6 vols. 8vo. 5793 Setchel's Sheet Catalogue-gratis....

5859 Hand-Book of Carving, 18mo. Is..

Short Stories, by Charlotte Elizabeth, 2 vols. 2s. 6d. 5878 Hare's Last Sayings of Our Lord, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Smallfield's English Punctuation, 18mo. Is. 6d. 5896 Harris's (Rev. J.) Works, 4 vols. post Svo. 285....... Smith's Latin Exercises, 12mo. 3s.

5872 Hay's Peninsular War, 3d edit. 8vo. 15s......

Starky's Commentaries on Equity Pleadings,r.8vo.198. Heads of the People, No. 1, Is.

Statistical Journal, No. 7, 8vo. Is. 6d.

5788 Historical Records of the 3d Dragoon Guards, 8vo. 8s. Steggall's Manual, 9th edit. 12mo. 8s. 6d. Hole's Discourses on the Liturgy, Vol. 4, 8vo. 6s.

Stevenson's (of Cambridge) Catalogue, Part 2 5860 Hunter's Remembrances of H. B. Tristram, 12mo. 4s. Stephenson's Locomotive Engine, 4to. 215.

5912 Industrial Guide Books (Service) The Dairy-Maid, 8d. 5794 Sullivan's Dictionary of Derivations, 3d. edit. 4s. 6d. 5945 - (Trade) The Chemist and

Suttaby & Co.'s Ladies' Pocket Books, 25. 6d. each 5816-34 Druggist, sd.

Gentlemen's ditto

5835 to 5842 Inglis's (Dr.) Phrenological Observations on the Skull Tale of the Huguenots, edited by Dr. F. L. Hawkes, of Eugene Aram, Is. 6d.

12mo. 58. cloth

5855 Jones's Manual of Philosophy, 18mo. 2s. 6d...

Thiers's Revolution, Vol. 1, Plates, 8vo. 108... 5638 Keepsake (The), with beautiful Embellishments, 1839, Tomlimson's Manual of Natural Philosophy, 10s. 6d. 5867 royal 8vo. 21s. ; India proofs, £2. 12s. 6d.

5898 Turnour's Translation of the Mahawanso, Vol. 1, Kidd's New Catalogue, (gratis)..

4to. €1. Ils. 60.

5854 King (Rev. J.) on Conscience, 12mo. 5s. cloth 5050 | Tredgold's Steam Engine, new edit. 2 vols. 4to. 5912 Krummacher's (G. D.) Israel's Wanderings, Part 2, Tranquil Hours, Poems, by Miss E. Thomas, 12mo. 7s. 12mo. 6s, cloth


Trotter's Topography of 30 Miles around London, 15s. (F.A.) Cornelius, Notes by Ferguson, Tyas's Map of the London and Southampton Railway, 43. cloth


as far as Basingstoke, ls.; or with 6 Plates, ls. 6d. The Little Dove, 9d.

Ure's Dictionary, Part 3, 5s.

5779 Knight on Ancient Art and Mythology, 8vo. 6s.

Vaughan's (Dr.) Protectorate of Cromwell, 2 vols. 8vo. Lardner's Cyclopædia, Vol. 10s, British Statesmen,

32s. bds. Vol. 6, 6s..


Watts' (Mrs. A.) Juvenile Poetical Library, fcp. 8s. 5885 Leckie's Scripture References, 12mo. 6s.

White's Tithe Acts, new edit. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

5935 Leithart's Observations on Mineral Veins, 8vo. 5s... Willis (Dr. R.) on Urinary Diseases, 8vo. 12s. Lessons on Common Things, for Children, 12mo. Is.

--'NewSetof Psalm and Hymn Tunes forChurches Lingard's History of England, Vol. 8, 5s.

and Sunday Schools, oblong, 5s, sewed Lives of the Sacred Poets, 20 Series, fcp. 45. 6d. 5865 Wilson's Tales of the Borders. Vol. 4, 8s. cloth 5891 Lost Evidence (The), by Miss Burdon, 3v.p.8vo.31s.6d.

Practical & Surgical Anatomy, 10s. 6d. 5852 Mabinogion (The), or Ancient Romances of Wales, Wittich's German for Beginners, 2d edit. 12mo. 5s. Part I, royal 8vo. 8s..


Youthful (The) Sufferer Rejoicing, a Memoir of Miss M'Christie'sTrialofT. Williamsfor Forgery,8vo.10s.6d. E. Luke, by S. J. Wilkins, 18mo. Is. cloth M'Culloch's Statistics, 2d edit. Part 6, 5s.

5806 -Land Measurer'sR. Reckoner,18mo.2s.6d.

ENGRAVINGS. M'Lean's Account of lona, 18mo. 2s.

Portrait of Sir Robert Peel, by Linnell, Prints, 21s.; Magazines, Reviews, &c. for November ......5780 to 5500

Froofs, 31s. 60.

5908 Mangham's Outlines of the Jurisdiction of all the Village Recruits, by C. Fox, after Sir D. Wilkie, size, Courts, 12mo, 5s.

24 inhes by 20, Prints, £2. 2s. ; Proofs, £4. 45. .. 5907

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