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w Editions.


BURNSS POETICAL WORKS; with life, from the here, and more and


ANIMAL MAGNETISM and HOMEOWith Frontispieces and Vignettes, uniformly printed in PATHY; with Notes, illustrative of the Influence of the best wanner, and bound in cloth.

the Mind on the Body. By Edwin LEE, Esq. Author of a “Treatise on some Vervous Disorders," “ The Watering

Places and Mineral Springs of the Continent,” &c. FERGUSONS HISTORY of the ROMAN 20 Elit. considerably enlarged, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. lettered.


Whittaker and Co. Ave-Maria Lane.
ROMAN EMPIRE; abridged by HEREFORD. 55.


, by



2d Edition, considerably enlarged, 1 vol. 8vo. 125. cloth lettered.

(1043) of CHARLES V. Emperor of Germany. 5s. (1030)

Whittaker and Co. Ave-Maria Lane. TYTLER'S ELEMENTS OF GENERAL

PASTORY Averroetea apeitsren. Compost" THE HISTORY of the DECLINE and I voland carefully corrected, Japs, ts.


GIBBON, Esq. New Edition, 8 vols. 8vo, with a Portrait

and Maps, £3. boards.


London : printed for T. Cadell, Strand ; Longman, by Dr. CURRIE. 5s.

(1033) Clarke; J. Richardson ; J. M. Richardson ; Jetfery and

Son ; Hatchard and Son ; S. Bagster ; Baldwin and ** This is the only complete edition in one volume. Cradock ; J. G. and F. Rivington ; Sherwood and Co.;

John Bohn; J. P. Setchel; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.;

J. Duncan; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin, Marshall, and COWPER'S POETICAL WORKS;with co

... Allen and Com Hodgsom Bisa Life, by STEBBING. 5s.

This is the only complete edition in one volume.

Piekering; J. Maynard; J. Bain ; Smith, Elder, and ('0.;
H. Washbourne; J. Templeman; L. A. Lewis ; T. Geeres;
R. Mackie; J. Fraser; E. Rainford ; J. Thomas; l'arbury

and Co. Oxford: J. Parker. Cambridge: J. and J.J. MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS ; with

Deighton. Liverpool: G. and J. Robinson. Edinburgh : Essay by CHANNING, and Life and Notes by

A. Black and Co.; and Maclachlan and Stewart. STEBBING. 58.

(1035) *** This is the only complete edition in one volume.

Of whom may be had,

The same Work, in I thick vol. 8vo. 203. bds. POPE'S HOMER'S ILJAD; with Expla

natory Notes and Index of Persons, and Essay on the Life, Genius, and Writings of Homer. 4s. (1036)

HISTORY of GREECE, from the

Earliest Times to the Death of Alexander the Great. POPE'S HOMER'S ODYSSEY ; with

By WILLIAM Mitford, Esq. With liis Final Additions Explanatory Notes. 3s.


and Corrections. To which is prefixed, a Brief Memoir These are the only editions of Homer in one volume

of the Author, by his Brother, Lord REDESDALE. New which contain the Notes.

Edition, carefully revised by WiLLIAM KING, Editor of the First Posthumous Edition, $ vols. 810. with a Portrait

(4045) with the Author's Life. 4s.

(4038) *** This is the only complete edition in one volume.

London: printed for T. Calell, Strand.

Edinburgh: W. Black and Sons.
Complete in 1 vol. with 185 Woodcuts, is. (1039)

ENGLISH THEMES and ESSAYS; or, SMELLIE'S PHILOSOPHY of NATURAL the Teacher's Assistant in Composition ; being a

HISTORY ; adapted to the present state of know- System of Easy Rules for Writing Exercises, illustrated ledge, by Dr. WARE. 35.

(1010) by Examples, adapted to the use of both sexes, at school :

to which are added, Hints for Correcting and improving EVENINGS AT HOME. By Dr. Arkin Juvenile Composition. By John WALKER, Author of the and Mrs. BARBAULD. Complete in 1 vol. 3s. (4011)

“Critical Pronouncing Dictionary,”' &c. &c. 9th Edition, 4s. bound.

(1046) *** This series of Cabinet volumes are all beautifully printed in the most correct manner, and on the finest

London: printed for T. Cadell ; Longman, Orme, and

Co.; Baldwin and Crudock; J. G. and I'. Riviston; paper; and are, from their EXTREME CHEAPNESS, espe- Hamilton and (0.; Whittaker and Co.; Simphin, Mar. cially adapted for YOUNG PEOPLE, and also for PRESENTS shall, and Co.; J. Souter; and Houision and son. and School PRIZES. — They are sold bound in cloth, in embossed roan, and in Turkey morocco.

Of whom way be had, by the same Author,

THE ACADEMIC SPEAKER. 11th Erlit. Soutt, Webster, and Geary, Charterhouse Square. is. bound.



MORE:(HANNALIN POETICAL WORKS; of the Author, tt, boards.

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ON the PRINCIPLES OF UNIVERSITY exposition of the civil criminal, and forestitutional laws

New Editions-continued. AN ILLUSTRATION of the METHOD of

SECOND EDITION, CORRECTED. EXPLAINING the NEW TESTAMENT by the Early Opinions of Jews and Christians concerning Christ. THE CHRONOLOGY of HISTORY:

containing Tables, Calculations, and Statements, College, Cambridge. A New Edition, carefully revised, indispensable for ascertaining the Dates of Historical edited by Thomas Turton, D.D. Regius Professor of Events, and of Public and Private Documents, from the Divinity in Cambridge University, and Dean of Peter

earliest period to the present time. By Sir HARRIS borough. 8vo. 8s.


NICOLAS, K.C.M.G. Being Vol. 44 of the CABINET

CYCLOPÆDIA. 2d Edition, corrected, fcp. 8vo. with
London: J. W. Parker.

Viguette, 6s, cloth.
Cambridge: J. and J. J. Deighton.

*** During the time which has elapsed since the publi. cation of the First Edition, the Editor's attention has been constantly bestowed on its correction; and he trusts that the improvements which have been made will render it

more worthy of the public favour. SOAMES'S ANGLO-SAXON CHURCH.


Longman, Orme, and Co.; and John Taylor. THE ANGLO-SAXON CHURCH: its

HISTORY, REVENUES, and General Character. By the Rev. HENRY SOAMES, M.A. Author of the “History of the Reformation.” 2d Edit. revised, 10s. 6d.


(4019) John W. Parker, West Strand.

; Digest of the Laws of England: with a DICTIONARY of Law Terms, Maxims, Acts of Parliament, and Judicial Antiquities. The present edition has been brought down

to Easter of the present year, and comprises a complete EDUCATION. By the Rev. W. WHEWELL, MA. of England, as now administered. 17th Edition, including F.R.S. &c. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge, the Acts and Legal Decisions to i Victoria, in a closely Author of “ History of Inductive Sciences.” 2d Edit. 5s. printed volume, 9s.

(1050) London: John W. Parker, West Strand.

“The arrangement throughout is excellent, and re

ferences of every kind consequently easy; nor is it a Cambridge: J. and J. J. Deighton.

mere repetition, with trifling alterations and additions, of preceding works,-but a bona fide digest, in which all the latest novelties in legislation and practice are carefully

and clearly laid down."-LITERARY GAZETTE. (4055) THE PRINCIPLES of HYDROSTATICS; Longman, Orme, and Co.; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin,

an Elementary Treatise on the laws of Fluids, and Marshall, and Co., and H. Johnson, ++, Paternoster Row. their Practical Applications. By THOMAS WEBSTER, M.A. of Trinity College. 2d Edition, enlarged, 10s. (4051) London: John W. Parker, West Strand.

THE RECTORY of VALEHEAD. By the Cambridge: J.and J. J. Deighton.

Rev. R. W. Evans, M.A. 9th Edition, enlarged, with an illustrative Plate, 6s. neatly bound in cloth ; or 9s. elegantly bound in morocco.

“Universally and cordially do we recommend this PRACTICAL WORK ON DIET AND REGIMEN.

delightful volume. Impressed with the genuine spirit of

Christianity,-a diary, as it were, of the feelings, hopes, A TREATISE on DIET and REGIMEN; and sarnows of a family, -it comes home to all, either in intended as

Textor Dyspeptic. By W. H. Robertson, M.D. New and Cheap its sphere. We believe no person could read this work

religious household, influencing to exc ice all within Edition, 4s. 6d. cloth.

and not be the better for its pious and touching lessons. “Without meaning to detract from the great merit of It is a page taken from the book of life, and eloquent with many works of the same kind, we may be allowed to say all the instruction of an excellent pattern: it is a comthat, as a family book, Dr. Robertson's "Treatise' is un- mentary on the affectionate warning, Remember thy equalled in the language."-Sun.

(4052) Creator in the days of thy youth. We have not, for some

time, seen a work we could so deservedly praise, or so Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet Street.

conscientiously recommend."--LITERARY GAZETTE. Of whom may be had,

“This little volume is so infinitely superior to the

general run of publications of its class, that we would BUXTON and its WATERS: an Analytical an appropriate and valuable present upon all occasions."

strongly recommend it as every way calculated to form Account of their Medicinal Properties and General Effects. HERALD.

(4056) 2s.6d, cloth.


Smith, Elder, and Co. Cornhill.


The Fine Arts.

MR. MOON, Her Majesty's Publisher, feels SCENES on the ROAD; or a Trip to Epsom

it to be necessary to Caution the Public against the and Back. 4 coloured Plates, representing Views of STATE OFFICIAL PORTRAIT of the QUEEN, engrav- The Cock at Sutton.

Hyde Park Corner. The Lord Nelson Inn, Cheam.

Kennington Gate. ing by S. Cousins, Esq. A.R.A. painted by command, by

From Paintings by JAMES POLLARD. CHALON, being confounded with the LITHOGRAPHIC

Price £2. 2s. the Set. DRAWING of HER MAJESTY, advertised as the united

“Some push along with four-in-hand, while others drive

at random, production of Chalon and LANE.


In whisky, buggy, gig, or dog-cart, curricle or tandem;

Prime of life to go it, where's a place like London ?, 20, Threadneedle Street, June 12, 1838.

Four-in-hand to day, the next you may be undone.”

Ackermann and Co. 96, Strand.


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Tuiorks lately published.


THE NEW TESTAMENT in GREEK ; New Editions of the following, recently published, viz. :- with conious ENGLISH Notes, a HARMONY, &c. THE EARLY LESSONS. 4 vols.

Adapted to the Use of Schools, Universities, Lecture

Rooms, &c. By the Rev. WILLIAM TROLLOPE, M.A. Ils. half-bound.

(4059) i handsome vol. 8vo. 21s. cloth extra, lettered. ROSAMOND: being a Sequel to Rosamond “ This work is, without a doubt, destined to be in high in the Early Lessons. 2 vols. 55. half-bound. (4060)


(4069) FRANK: being a Sequel to the story of

Also, just published, Frank in the Early Lessons. 3 vols. 9s. hf-bd. (4061) JEREMY TAYLOR'S PRACTICAL WORKS. 8 vols. HARRY and LUCY, concluded : being THE BOOK of the CARTOONS.

£2, 5s.

8vo. 10s. 6d. ; large the last part of Early Lessons. 3 vols. fcp. 12s. hf-bd.

(4062) THE PARENT'S ASSISTANT; or, Stories TUPPER'S PROVERBIAL PHILOSOPHY. 8vo. 75. for Children. A new Edition, complete in 3 vols. 18mo.

THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, by HUME, SMOLLETT, with fine Engravings on Steel, from Drawings by Harvey,

and STEBBING. Vol. VIII. 4s. 108. 64.

(4063) BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Foolscap 8vo.

4s. 60. Baldwin and Cradock; and other Proprietors.

WATTS'S LYRIC POEMS, with Life by Southey. Where may be had,

3s. 60. MISS


MONTGOMERY'S CHRISTIAN CORRESPONDENT. NOVELS. Complete in 18 volumes, exquisitely embel

3 vols. 18s. lished, 5s. each volume.


Jos. Rickerby, Sherbourn Lane, King William Street, City; PRACTICAL EDUCATION. 3 vols.

and to be had (by order) of all Rooksellers. 12o. 16s, 6d. boards.


paper, 16s.





on behalf of her_SAILORS. By Rear-Admiral Sir JAHLEEL BRENTON, Bart. K.C.B. Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich Hospital. 18mo. Is. 6d, cloth boards and lettered.


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2s. cloth embossed.
*** This work forms part of Tilt's MINIATURE Clas-
sics, now publishing; each volume illustrated by an
elegant Frontispiece, and tastefully bound. Prices ac-
cording to the size, from Is. 6d. to 2s.
Complete lists may be had from every Bookseller in the

SHAKSPEARE'S WORKS. 8 vols. 53 Plates.

CHANNING'S ESSAYS – Literary and Philosophical.

2 vols.
The whole may be had beautifully bound in morocco
elegant, at Is. 6d. over the price in cloth.

Charles Tilt, Fleet Street.

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on the THE BOTANIST. Conducted by B. Maund,

CHURCH CATECHISM, with Questions for Exassisted by Professor HENSLOW.

It contains amination, adapted to the Use of Young Persons and

Candidates for Confirmation. beautifully-coloured Engravings, combined with Scientific

By the Rev. CHARLES and Popular Instruction, Cultivation, &c., a Guide to WESLEY, B.D. Chaplain at St. James's Palace, one of the Bastany, and Botanical Dictionary. Monthly, at 28. 6d.

Priests in Ordinary to Her Majesty, &c. &c. Small 8vo. and Is. 6d.

2s. cloth. Vol. 1 is just completed. Large, 32s.; small, 20s. cloth

In arranging these pages, the author has endeavoured boards, gilt lettering.


to produce a little book from which the well-informed

youth may derive important instruction, without overAlso,

burdening the intellect or memory with matters which, introduced as they are ably illustrated."

The passages Monthly, at Is. 6d. and Is.

from Scripture are set down at full, in preference to a

mere nominal reference. Vols. 1 to 6 may be had separately. Large, 378.; small,

(4074) 258. extra boards.


Sampson Low, 42, Lamb's-Conduit Street.

Works lately published-continued.

THE LINGUIST: a complete course of

Instructions in the German Language. By D. BOILEAU, PLAIN ADVICE on the CAREofthe TEETH; Author of the “ Nature and Genius of the German Lan Chapter to Mothers on the Management of Children dur- guage,”' &c. &c. A New Edition, 12mo. 7s. cloth. (1080) ing the First Dentition. By D. A. Cal RON, SurgeonDentist, Glasgow. In an elegant volume for the Toilette

By the same Author, Table, embellished with numerous Engravings on Wood, 2s. 6d. cloth, gilt edges.

(4075) FRENCH SELF INSTRUCTOR, on the same plan. 9s.

(1081) London: Thomas Tegg and Son. Glasgow: Richard Griffin and Co.

J. Wacey, 4, Broad Street, Royal Exchange.

Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

This series of Treatises, Histories, &c. published under THE FRIEND. By Sam.Taylor COLERINGE.

the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of A Series of Essays to aid in the formation of fixed Useful Knowledge, has now proceeded as far as No. 240. principles, in Politics, MORALS, and Religion; with The subjects in progress are

Literary Amusements interspersed. 3d Edition, with A HISTORY of ENGLAND; BOTANY; GEOGRA- the Author's last corrections, and an Appendix, and with PHY of ENGLAND; HISTORY of the LITERATURE of GREECE; and a Treatise, by Mr. DE MORGAN, on

a Synoptical Table of the Contents of the Work, by DIFFERENTIAL and INTEGRAL CALCULUS.

HENRY Nelson COLERIDGE, Esq. M.A. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. 15s. cloth.

(1082) The volumes which are completed areIN HISTORY.-Greece, price 5s. ; France, price 9s.;

William Pickering, Publisher, Chancery Lane. Spain and Portugal, price 7s.; The Church, price 13s. 6d.

IN BIOGRAPHY.-The Lives of Thirteen Illustrious Persons, 1 vol. 10s.

A VALUABLE AND INSTRUCTIVE PRESENT FOR IN SCIENCE.- Natural Philosophy, in 3 vols. price,

THE YOUNG. together, 288. į Mathematics, 2 vols. 178. 6d. ; Animal Physiology, price 2s.

(4076) *** Two Numbers will continue to appear Monthly. MENT and INSTRUCTION. 6 neatly-bound volames, Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

3s. 6d. each.

Each volume of this useful and instructive little work Also published, under the Superintendence of the Society, comprises a variety of information on different subjects-,

Natural History, Biography, Travels, &c., Tales, orignal PERSPECTIVE, and PROJECTION; including that daily surround young people. Isometrical Perspective, Projections of the Sphere, and the Projection of Shadows, with Descriptions of the prin

The various Tales and Subjects are illustrated with cipal Instruments used in Geometrical Drawings, &c.

Woodcuts. Each volume is complete in itself, and may By Thomas BRADLEY. 8vo. with 8. Engravings, and

be purchased separately. more than 300 Woodcuts, 7s. cloth boards. (1077) Every parent at all interested in his children must

have felt the ditficulty of providing suitable reading for A TREATISE on FRIENDLY them in their hours of amusembit

This little work SOCIETIES; in which the Doctrine of Interest of presents these advantages in a considerable degree, as it Money, and the Doctrine of Probability, are practically contains just that description of reading which will be applied to the affairs of such Societies. By CHARLES beneficial to young children."-Quur. Journ. of Education ANSELL, Esq. F.R.S. Actuary to the Atlas Insurance Company. 8vo.5s. cloth boards.

Smith, Elder, and Co. Cornhill.



PRACTICAL GEOMETRY LINEAR and selected, and animated conversations on the wojects



HUSBANDRY, exhibiting the Farming Practice of various Parts of the United SIR THOMAS BROWNE'S RELIGIO Kingdom. Now published, complete, under the Superin

MEDICI;, and HYDRIOTAPHIA, or URN-BURIAL. tendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful know- With a Discourse and Notes, by J, A. St. John, Esq. ledge. 2 vols. 8vo. closely printed, and illustrated with Vol. VI. 5s.

(1084) numerous Cuts of Farm Buildings, Carriages, Utensils, &c. 20s, 6d.


Works already published; each may be had separately:Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

MILTON'S PROSE WORKS. 2 vols. 12s. The FARMER'S SERIES consists also of the following:

SIR THOMAS MORE'S UTOPIA, and LORD BACO,S'S 1. The HORSE. 1 vol. 8vo. Ss. 6d.

NEW ATLANTIS. 5s. 2. CATTLE. I vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

LADY MONTAGU'S LETTERS from the LEVANT. ' 55. 3. SHEEP. 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

LOCKE on EDUCATION. 6s. 4. On PLANTING TREES. 1 vol. 8vo. 38.

“These handsome and cheap editions are enriched by

learned dissertations and critical notes, in which wir. 5. REPORTS of SELECT FARMS, exhibiting the J. A. St. John has hitherto acquitted himself animirable Course of Husbandry adopted in various parts of the furnishing, to the ordinary reader, a key and an analysis Kingdom, and with various soils. Of these Seven are by which the full import and beauty of the text bequeathed published, price 60.

to the world by the various master-minds whose works *** No. 105 of the entire Series is published this day, accurately understood and adequately appreciated.

are to be published in this series of volunes, may be being the First Number of a Sketch of FLEMISH

MONTHLY REV. HUSBANDRY. This will be comprised in Three Numbers, and will eventually form part of the Voluine of SELECT Jos. Rickerby, Sherbourn Lane, King William Street, City; FARMS.

and to be had (by order) of all Booksellers.

Works lately published-coutinued.

By the Rev. KIRBY TRIMMER, B.A. Curate of Stanhoe, Norfolk. 18mo. 4s. 6d. cloth.

TIMBS'S PLAIN WHY and BECAUSE. “ The design of this work is to direct attention to the Sixteen Parts, Is. each. following facts-namely, that the Church of England is

“Its beginning is pleasure, its progress knowledge, and Scriptural in her Doctrines, charitable in her spirit, primitive in her government;-that in her the pure Word

its objects truth and utility.” of God is preached, and the Sacraments administered

CONTENTS OF PARTS. according to Christ's Ordinance;--and that it is contrary to Christian Unity to separate ourselves from a Church PART

PART which follows the Doctrines and Ordinances of Christ and 1. Domestic Science. 9. Zoology-Insects. his Apostles, and answeis every good end of Christian 2. Zoology-Quadrupeds. 10. Arts and Manufactures. Worship and Christian Fellowship."

3. Origins and Antiquities. 11. Curious Customs.

4. Zoology-Birds. 12. Popular Chemistry“Mr. Trimmer has very happily succeeded in his object. 6. Sports, Pastimes, and

5. Popular Chemistry.


13 & 14. Botany. The work bespeaks a zealous Priest, and one who evidently


15. Mineralogy and Geology. goes amongst his parishioners, and evinces a kind regard

7. Mechanics.

16. Meteorology. for their spiritual welfare. Bishop Burnet tells us, that

8. Zoology-Amphibia, "he understands but little of the nature and obligations

Fishes, and Worms.

(4086) of the Priestly Office, who thinks he has discharged it by performing the public appointments.' Dr. Chalmers, too,

Or in 4 vols, cloth boards, 4s. each.
wisely observes, that the readiest way of finding access
to a man's heart, is to go into his house.""

CH of Eng. QUART. Rev. p. 605, April 1837.

“ Delightful little tracts! They cannot be too highly
commended, or too widely circulated.”


MANUFACTURES. “ It is very desirable that our Rural Population should IV.-BOTANY, MINERALOGY, GEOLOGY, METEORObe made familiar with these · Conversations.""

LOGY. North WALES CHRONICLE. “ We do not know any work so suited as the one before

“Mr. Timbs's popular series of instruction, arranged as, now in progress of publication, in parts. It is simply in question and answer, under the taking title of the and faithfully written; and is fully calculated for the • Plain Why and Because', contains a good deal of scattered Working Classes, to whom it is chietly addressed.


information on various subjects."-SPECTATOR. it will be found a valuable assistant to those of a higher “Excellent: worth double the money: the information grade; and we trust will, ere long, be circulated freely it contains has been derived from works, which, taken amongst them. We dare venture to recommend it ear- | altogether, are doubtless tifty times its price. The dilinestly to all ;-first, for Home Reading; and then to be gence of the research, the judgment in the selection of the lent to inquiring Neighbours, that they may be enabled matter, and the ingenious adaptation of it to the reader's to give a reason of the hope that is in them. Ignorance apprehension, which the book evinces, all attest that the on this head, paving the way for misconception and mis- editor is master of his business.” representation, has done more to thin our Churches, and

MAGAZINE OF NATURAL HISTORY. swell the ranks of the Dissenters, than any other evil “Knowledge for the People is in truth a very admirable which ever crept within the pale. Our Church has been work; and cannot but prove useful to people,' large or grossly belied, and her Doctrines have been exhibited in any little, as the case may be. The title is highly attractive, thing rather than their true light; and well-wishers to her and the good sense manifested throughout-the easy and hare stood mute when they have heard these things, pleasant manner in which a vast variety of information is because they did not know her Articles-those solemn communicated—the absence of all pretence to learning, declarations-on which she rests, like some fair and glo- where there is realy so much, and the care with which all rious fabric on gigantic pillars of adamantine firmness; useless matter is omitted—are points to which we feel and on which she shall rest, despite the frowns of a Senate bound to refer, in giving to this unassuming, but valuable, and the attacks of a million ; for she is built on the Rock little volume, our warmest recommendation.” of God's Word, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail

NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. against it. But we must not be supine: we must up “A complete volume of this very cheap, elegant, and and be doing, lest the enemy be permitted to dim the light useful little work, seems to us an excellent present for he cannot destroy; we must up and be doing, not with young people; not meaning thereby to deny its use even an arm of flesh, but with truth and Scripture, with faith to their fathers and mothers. It is as entertaining as a and hope, and such weapons as the one before us; which mere book of anecdote, only that it is instructive as well will aid to enlighten the understandings and instruct the as entertaining."-ATHENÆUM. heart, and thus secure the people ours. We do not make

“ This work promises to be as useful as it is novel, and any extracts, because we had rather refer to the work

as cheap as it is useful. itself; knowing that such an extract as our limits would Science, in which an immense number of questions are

Part I. is devoted to Domestic permit must be far too short to do justice to it, or even to

answered with clearness, simplicity, and brevity. We convey an idea of the excellent manner in which Mr.

must despair of seeing any publication containing more Trimmer works out his object.”_WIGAN GAZETTE, “We have read his. Conversations, and have derived knowledge comprised in a smaller compass, or conveyed

with less technicality or pretension."-British Mag. from their perusal pleasure of no ordinary kind. Nor are we bestowing undue commendation, in allotting to him

“ This is an excellent little work either for youth or the merit of being the first writer, in this department of

manhood. The nature and purport of it are well expressed Theology, who has attempted--yea, and we rejoice to say

in the words of Sir Humphry Davy, which are adopted as succeeded-in producing a strictly popular work. Hither

its motto : Its beginning is pleasure, its progress knowto the Articles have been food for the mind of the learned ledge, and its objects truth and utilityThe plan is one and the student only: henceforward they will arrest the well adapted to promote and gratify useful research on a attention of the humble artisan of every crowded city, multitude of topics in a narrow compass, and without the and find readers in each rural district of our land. We fatigue of ordinary study.”—CARLISLE PATRIOT. know not when so powerful a weapon (the Scriptures, of “Pinnock's Catechisms, we believe, possessed an excourse, excepted) has been placed in the Protestant's tensive popularity, purely because they were in the form hand, or so effectual a battery for the downfall of Popish of question and answer; or of Why and Because. The errors constructed, as these instructive Conversations present little work, however, has somewhat higher prefurnish. They rest their yea and their nay upon the tensions; and although it is chiefly addressed to the written Word of God. • Search the Scriptures is the minds of youth, it abounds in facts, and in information, motto which the author has adopted, and which he has which readers of all kinds and ages will find useful and practically carried, from the opening to the closing page. entertaining. The plain Why;and Because are clearly and And, as in Scriptural, so in Historical Illustrations do intelligibly stated; and the numerous authorities which they abound. With much simplicity of manner are they are quoted, sufficiently show that the author has selected written : the language throughout is plain, and yet withal his materials with great judiciousness and industry. Yet so free from coarseness, that the chastest ear need not be he gives nothing that can be called recondite; and, what offended. We will only add, that the author has our we account a great merit, the volume may be put into the unfeigned thanks, and his work our best wishes for its

hands of the youth of both sexes, without endangering success.”

(4085) their moral principles.”—EDINBURGH EVENING Post. Cambridge: printed for W. P. Grant. London : sold by Rivingtons.

Sampson Low, 42, Lamb's Conduit Street.

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