The Anabasis, or expedition of Cyrus, and the Memorabilia of Socrates. Literally tr., by J.S. Watson


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Pàgina 144 - liquid skies; Divine Ulysses was her sacred load, A man in wisdom equal to a god! ' Much danger, long and mighty toils he bore, In storms by sea, and combats on the shore: All which soft sleep now banish'd from his breast, Wrapt in a pleasing, soft, and death-like rest. ******* Pope, Odyss. xiii.
Pàgina 180 - (he fell, however, artfully,) and the Paphlagonians cried out; the other, having despoiled him of his arms, went out singing the Sitalces; 3 while other Thracians carried off the man as if he had been dead; though indeed he had suffered no hurt. 7. Afterwards some JEnians and Magnesians stood up, and danced what they call the
Pàgina 476 - Do you know any persons called slave-like ?" 2 "I do." " Whether for their knowledge or their ignorance?" "For their ignorance, certainly." " Is it then for their ignorance of working in brass that they receive this appellation?" "Not at all." " Is it for their ignorance of the art of building ?" "Nor for that.
Pàgina 473 - this commendation, believing that he was thought by Socrates to have sought wisdom in the right course. 10. Socrates, observing that he was gratified with the praise, said, " And in what particular art do you wish to become skilful, that you collect these writings ?" As Euthyderaus continued silent, considering what reply he should make, Socrates again asked,
Pàgina 36 - was yet a boy, and when he was receiving his education with his brother and the other youths, he was thought to surpass them all in everything. 3. For all the sons of the Persian nobles are educated at the gates of the king; 2 where they may learn 2 'ETTI
Pàgina 395 - and are neither annoyed if they lose a portion of it, nor neglect to do their duties for the sake of it. The young are pleased with praises from the old ; the old are delighted with honours from the young. They remember their former acts with pleasure, and rejoice to perform their present occupations with success; being, through
Pàgina 472 - Yet these pursuits are manifestly more difficult of attainment than those, inasmuch as of the very many who attempt them a much smaller number succeed in them; and it is evident, therefore, that those who pursue the one are required to submit to longer and more diligent study than those who pursue the other.
Pàgina 506 - had gone through life doing nothing but considering what was just and what unjust, doing what was just and abstaining from what was unjust, which he conceived to be the best meditation for his defence." 5. Hermogenes said again, " Do you not see, Socrates, that the judges at Athens have
Pàgina 305 - which gave the name of Assyria to the province; and Ibn Said expressly states, that they were those of the city of the Assyrian kings who destroyed Jerusalem. They are still called, as it has been shown, both Athur and Nimroud." Certain cuneiform characters represented in Layard's Nineveh and its Remains, (vol. ii. p.
Pàgina 438 - order, and obedience, they pay no regard to such duties." " It may be so," returned Socrates, " for perhaps in military affairs men who are greatly deficient in knowledge have the command of them. Do you not observe that of harp-players, choristers, dancers, wrestlers, or pancratiasts, no one ventures to assume the direction who

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