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them. But these Considerations will serve on both sides if they be laid to Heart, they will make you to forgive and love one another, as you desire that God for Christ's Sake should forgive you. This is all I shall say to this Matter.

And now I shall conclude this Discourse upon the Lord's Prayer with two Observations, one concerning the Prayer it self, the other concerning our Use of it.

Concerning the Prayer it self, viz. that it is a full and copious Prayer, not only containing much Sense in few Words, but so containing it,as to give us a Scheme of Pra&tical Religion in those very Words whereof the Petitions consist; and therefore it will not be easily forgotten, what Things have nevertheless been said, even of the Lord's Prayer, by pretended Spiritual Men, that separate from our Communion, especially so long as the Pretence goes on still. According to these Men tbe Lord's Prayer was (and is still) a Staff for the Lame, a Form to those that wanted the Spirit of Prayer, Milk for

. such Babes as the Disciples were when our Lord taught them to pray, and might serve well enough for Childrens Prayer, till they were able to go alone without Crutches. So far as these and the like wise Expreffions were levelled against the Lord's Prajer, as it is a Form, I shewed in a great measure the

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Vanity of them in speaking to the Words,
When ye pray, say Our Father. But so far as
they were designed to derogate from the
Prayer, as Such a Form, I considered them
not, leaving the. Excellency of the Form,
which all Christians that love and fear God
should use, to be collected from the feveral
Petitions of it.

I think I may say that I have not strain'd
any one Passage in this Prayer beyond the
natural Sense which the Words themselves
offer ; and I believe you will confess that
this Prayer does abound with such a Varie-
ty of Requests and Instructions to answer
all our Needs; that it requires much, tho'
not difficult Consideration, to understand
them thoroughly. Can we believe there-
fore that thefe Men ever considered the Ex-
cellent Matter of this Prayer? Or rather is
it not plain that they are such as the Apostle
speaks of, who know not whereof they affirmi?
They talk much of their Spiritual Gifts.
Now one would think a much lower De-
gree of them, than they pretend to, might
have qualified them to consider the Profita-
ble Variety of this Prayer, and to conclude
that there is an Excellency and Loftiness in
it above the Reach of Children, tho' there
is a Plainness in it too, to make it useful
even for them. But surely it is not for the
Credit of their Way, that if they can make

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a Profelyte, one of his first Spiritual Attainments is to contemn the Lord's Prayer.

2. Concerning the Use of this Prayer. I do not think it necessary for every Man to have all the profitable"

. Considerations at once present to his Mind when he prays, which I have offered to you from this Prayer, and there is good reason for it, for I do not think it possible; but yet I say we must pray with Understanding; and the general Sense of each Petition is all that is absolutely necessary to be apprehended in ordeč'to that when we pray. But if you ask me, To what End then have I offered to you those several particular Explications? I answer, for this End, viz. to furnish you with Meditations when you do not pray, or before you pray; and this will make the Use of the generał Petition to be in effect a Prayer for all those particular Blessings under it, which I had in my Mind before. For if I am convinced that all: these Particulars are contained under the general Petition, and are to be prayed for, why, I pray for every one that I thought of before, when I come to the general Petition. In like manner the Motives to Earnestness, which I urged, are to be considered before, to make me Earnest; and if I am so, when I pray, it is owing to thöfe Considerations, tho' many cannot well be in my Mind at once when I pray; only ifthere be one efpe

cial Grace or Bleffing which I count more necessary than another, or if I am to confess any Sin more particularly, and to beg Pardon of it, or if one Consideration hath more Force to move my Affection than others, I should do well to carry that along with me in my Mind, to support my Devotion in the Act.

Finally, Those other Prayers we chuse for Helps to Devotion, should qualify us for the Use of this; for they are, or at least ought to be, the particular Explications of this. And because, even when we have been as particular in Prayer as it is requisite and fit for us to be, we may yet have faild, in not asking many Particulars, we should use this Prayer of our Lord more frequently and fervently, having This need fo to do, left otherwise we miss of some Necessary Grace for not asking; whereas in the Lord's Prayer we ask all that is Needful.



Of Religious Fasting:

MATTH. VI. xvi. Moreover, when ye fast, be not as the


N this Exhortation of our Saviour it is

implied that Fafting is a Duty, that is, that there is a Religious Fast required; and Fasting is upon a Religious Account, when it is an outward Expression and instrumental Means of Religion, when it is an Act of Humiliation of our selves before GOD, whereby we express to God our Sorrow for our Sins, and our Unworthiness of the very least of his Blessings, whether this be for the averting and preventing of those Judgments, which we have reason to be afraid of, or for the removing of those Amiations we feel, or which our Friends and Brethren suffer under, or for the subduing of our


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