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here we have no continuing City, but that we seek for a City, whose Builder and Ma. ker is God; and that as Strangers and Pilgrims, who are not yet at Home, we should abstain from fleshly Lufts, which war against the Soul, that will intercept between us and our heavenly Country, if we do not aban. don them, and cast them away from us? With what Sense can that Man pray that God's Kingdom may come, whose Portion is in this Life, whose Treasure is upon Earth, who is habituated to. Lust and Pleasure, whole Heart is set upon the Wealth and Greatness of this World, and who is there. foré at Enmity with God? If Heaven were such a Place as the Turks dream their Paradise to be, a Scene of sensual Pleasures, if it were a Court for Flattery and Ambition, if it were a Place of Merchandize for buying and selling, and cheating, if it would afford Opportunities for Lust and Vainglory, and Revenge, and Ambition, and Covetousness, to gain those Ends which are pursued after in this World of Sin and Mifery, then with very good Senfe might the Worldling, the Oppressor, the Man that makes halte to be rich, the Drunkard, and the Adulterer, and the Flatterer, and all the rest of this Crew, they might, I say, then very well desire to see the Day when this Kingdom should come, they would hò. nestly say this Prayer, they would be very


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religious and devout Persons in Appearance, and yet be the same Wretches in reality that they are. None is fit to use this Petition but he that lives in Charity, Purity, and Holiness, that contemns the World, that is indifferent about the Good or Evil of it, in comparison to his Concern for his spiritual and everlasting Welfare, who hath therefore cleansed himself from all Filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit, and is perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God, who has reason to wish for and love the Lord's Appearing at the dreadful Day; as being in a Condition to stand before the Judge of Quick and Dead, as having a pure Conscience, as having gone thorough the Exercises of Repentance, and as yet compleating all the Duties of it in the Course of an holy Life.

When we pray, thy Kingdom come, do we not as often convince our felves of the greatest Folly, unless withal we make it our moft sincere Study and Care to be fit to enter into it when it does come, unless our Thoughts be raised above the Vanities and Follies of this world, and our Affe&tions are set upon Things above, where Christ fitteth at the Right Hand of God? If we have not some good Hope of entring into that" Kingdom, we cannot with the least Sincerity pray that it may come ; our Hearts must give our Tongues the Lie every- time we say this Prayer ; otherwise we


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pray that the Kingdom of God may come to our own Shame and Confusion, to our final Ruin and Destruction, that the Time may come when we shall be shut out into outer Darkness, and be for ever bereaved of all Hope to enter into the Joy of our Lord.

Let us therefore remember a Sense of the Petition that was insisted upon before, praying that that Kingdom of God may come into our Hearts, thật Kingdom which is Righteousness and Peace, and Foy in the Holy Ghoft.

And then, O Lord, let thy Kingdom of Glory come; and when the Power of thy Grace hath subdued our Wills to thine in all Things, then shall we long for the Appearance of thine everlasting Kingdom, that when Christ, who is our Life shall appear, we may also appear with him in Glory.

And God grant that every Tongue and every Heart may be truly qualified to say with the beloved Disciple, Amen, Even la come, Lord Jesus,




The fourth Sermon on the LORD's



Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in


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N praying that God's Kingdom may come,

we express our Desire of Christ's second coming, when the Kingdom shall be delivered up to the Father, the Priesthood and Me diation of Christ shall be ended, and God fball be all in all. But in this Petition we pray that the State of Christ's Kingdom upon Earth may come as near as may that of God's Kingdom hereafter, and that can be no other way effected, than by our doing the Will of God on Earth as it is done in Heaven. In speaking to this Petition,

1. I shall

be to


1. I shall shew what we are to under, stand by the Will of God.

2. How it may be done upon Earth as it is in Heaven.

3. Why we should aspire after doing the Will of God in this manner, and how there fore this is a fit Matter for our Prayer.

4. What Qualifications this Petition sup, poses in him that useth it.

1. By the Will of God here we are to inderstand Only his Commands, as I intend to

Thew you.

Some Men love to understand this Petițion of something more, that is, of God's Secret Will as well as his Revealed. For they are wont to call God's Commands, or the Rules he hath given us, his Revealed Will, and his Decrees or Counsels, what Things shall come to pass, his Secret Will, that is, those Decrees concerning Things which the Event hath not yet revealed, for that they must mean. Now as to those that think all Events are absolutely prede termined, according to that Proposition in a certain Catechism, That the Decrees of Göd are his eternal Purpose, according to the Counsel of his own Will, whereby for his own Glory he hath fore-ordained whatsoever comes to pass, such Men had need have a care how they apply their Doctrine to this Petition, lest praying for the Accomplishment of all Events, they pray that those

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