Itch: Mechanisms and Management of Pruritus

McGraw-Hill, 1994 - 454 pàgines
Rely on this text for definitive coverage of evaluation, differential diagnosis, and treatment of all skin disorders and systemic diseases associated with itching. The five-part organization includes basic pathophysiology of pruritus, dermatologic aspects of itching, systemic causes of itching - including drug reactions, AIDS, liver disease, and more - psychologic and psychiatric aspects of itching, and treatment including topical treatment, phototherapy, and antihistamines. For anyone who sees patients with itch, this timely text offers the final word on recognizing and effectively treating this important symptom.

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Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy of Pruritus 1
Chemical Mediators of Itching
Phototherapy for Pruritus 399 A C Mark LebuOhl y

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