The Church Under Queen Elizabeth: An Historical Sketch, Volum 2


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Pàgina 212 - Queen, considering the great peril she is subject unto hourly so long as the said Queen shall live. Wherein, besides a kind of lack of love towards her, she noteth greatly that you have not that care of your own particular safeties, or rather of the preservation of religion and the public good, and prosperity of your country...
Pàgina 296 - Church-land, added to an ancient and just inheritance, hath proved like a moth fretting a garment, and secretly consumed both ; or like the eagle that stole a coal from the altar, and thereby set her nest on fire, which consumed both her young eagles, and herself that stole it..f.
Pàgina 344 - So that laity and clergy, learned and unlearned, all ages, sects, and degrees of men, women, and children, of whole Christendom, (a horrible and most dreadful thing to think,) have been at once drowned in abominable idolatry, of all other vices most detested of God, and most damnable to man, and that by the space of eight hundred years and more.
Pàgina 120 - ... government prescribed in Scripture. The founders of the Anglican Church took a middle course. They retained episcopacy, but they did not declare it to be an institution essential to the welfare of a Christian society, or to the efficacy of the sacraments. Cranmer, indeed, plainly avowed his conviction that, in the primitive times, there was no distinction between bishops and priests, and that the laying on of hands was altogether unnecessary.
Pàgina 205 - There is no learning that this man hath not searched into, nothing too hard for his understanding : this man, indeed, deserves the name of an author: his books will get reverence by age, for there is in them such seeds of eternity, that if the rest be like this, they shall last till the last fire shall consume all learning.
Pàgina 190 - Buxtons, but also presented with a very rare present, we should do him great wrong, holding him in that place of favour we do, in case we should not let you understand in how thankful sort we accept the same at both your hands, not as done unto him but to our own self, reputing him as another...
Pàgina 56 - Before be went to the rack he used to fall down at the rack-house door, upon both knees, to commend himself to God's mercy ; and upon the rack he called continually upon God, repeating often the Holy Name of Jesus.
Pàgina 238 - ... or be present at any unlawful assemblies, conventicles, or meetings, under colour or pretence of any exercise of religion...
Pàgina 214 - I would not fail, according to your directions, to return my answer with all possible speed; which [I] shall deliver unto you with great grief and bitterness of mind, in that I am so unhappy...
Pàgina 209 - About one day before his death, Dr. Saravia, who knew the very secrets of his soul, (for they were supposed to be confessors to each other) came to him, and after a conference of the benefit, the necessity, and safety of the Church's absolution, it was resolved that the Doctor should give him both that and the sacrament the day following.

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