Imatges de pÓgina

was daughter and sole heiress of sir Henry Pool, bart., of Salperton, in the county of Gloucester, and wife to Charles Leviston, who, for services done the crown in the reign of king Charles the Second, was by him created earl of Newbrugh in the kingdom of Scotland, and held a considerable place in that king's favour as long as he lived. She was a lady (as I have been informed by persons who very well remember her) of great personal endowments; and the reader may collect the same from several passages in the following letter. It seems to have been her mother, the lady Poolb of Cirencester, who first advised her to consult my father in this important affair; who, out of a sense of gratitude for this and other services done her family, and to testify the great esteem she had for him, did afterwards, in her last will, appoint him to be her executor.

As to the letter itself, I shall forbear giving any character of it, my near relation to the author unqualifying me for such an undertaking. The reader


a [This marriage is omitted in all the Peerages which I have seen; and probably because there was no issue from it. Robert Bull was however mistaken in calling the first earl of Newburgh Charles; his name was James Livingston, or Levingstone: he married first Anne, daughter of sir Henry Poole, and secondly lady Catherine Howard, daughter of Theophilus, earl of Suffolk, and widow of George lord Aubigny, by whom he had Charles the second earl.] b See noteb, p. 148.

c See the Life of Bishop Bull, p. 41.

himself must judge of that, who (I question not) upon a full perusal of it, will esteem it a performance worthy the author whose name it bears. I will no longer deprive the reader of the satisfaction the following treatise may afford him, than to let him know he is obliged to that worthy gentleman, Mr. Richard Rawlinson, A. M. of St. John's college Oxon. and F.R.S. for the discovery of this manuscript, who for rescuing it from the obscurity it had lain in for almost fifty years, and bestowing it on the public by me, has a just right to the thanks of every one who shall receive advantage from it.


Tortworth, April 18, 1719.



186. 203


Page 147 Of Corporal Austerities

148 A Reply to a book entitled, The Catholic Scripturist ;

(or, the Plea of the Roman Catholics : shew-
ing the Scriptures to hold the Roman Faith
in above forty of the chief Controversies now
under debate. By Joseph Mumford, priest,
of the society of Jesus)......

151 Of Tradition

154 Of the Invocation of Saints

155 Of the half Communion, or receiving the Sacrament

only in one kind....
Of the Infallibility of the Roman Church......185. 226
Of Transubstantiation, &c.
Of Image-worship.

189 Of the True Church

192 Of the Succession of Pastors in our Church 204 The Case fairly stated

...... 205. 229 Of the Liturgy of the Church of England Of the Reformation, and Thirty-nine Articles

210. 211. 225 Of the fundamental Principles of the Christian Religion, and of the Rule of Faith

213 Of the Trinity

214 Of the ancient Doxologies

217 Of the Prevarication of the Trent Fathers con

cerning the Rule of Faith, &c. .... .........219. 230 The Church of England cleared from Prevarication 225 Of the Decrees of the Council of Trent

229 Of the Decrees of the first Council of Nice......... 231 The Conclusion


... 207

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