Advances in Applied Mechanics, Volum 41

Elsevier, 4 d’abr. 2007 - 354 pàgines
The major developments in the fields of fluid and solid mechanics are scattered throughout an array of technical journals, often making it difficult to find what the real advances are, especially for a researcher new to the field or an individual interested in discovering the state-of-the-art in connection with applications. The Advances in Applied Mechanics book series draws together recent significant advances in various topics in applied mechanics. Published since 1948, Advances in Applied Mechanics aims to provide authoritative review articles on topics in the mechanical sciences, primarily of interest to scientists and engineers working in the various branches of mechanics, but also of interest to the many who use the results of investigations in mechanics in various application areas such as aerospace, chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical and nuclear engineering. Advances in Applied Mechanics continues to be a publication of high visibility and impact. Review articles are provided by active, leading scientists in the field by invitation of the editors. Many of the articles published have become classics within their fields. Volume 41 in the series contains articles on topological fluid mechanics, electrospinning, vortex dynamics and self-assembly.
  • Covers all fields of the mechanical sciences
  • Highlights classical and modern areas of mechanics that are ready for review
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the field in question

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Patterns in Fluid Flows and their Bifurcations
Chapter 2 Electrospinning of Nanofibers from Polymer Solutions and Melts
Chapter 3 A Bibliography of Vortex Dynamics 18581956
Chapter 4 FieldAssisted SelfAssembly of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical MEMS and BioMEMS Applications

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