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The Holy Ghost cqual with the Father, latry ought to be removed, cat. 108.

con. ii. 3. cat. 11. He is promised to the Jests. Perverting the scripture to profane elect in the covenant of grace, con. vii.

jests, sinful, cat. 513. 3. cat. 32, By him they are united to Jesus, Why so called, cat 41. Sec Chrift. Christ, con. xxvi. *. For by him the Ignorant, not to be admitted to the Lord's redemption purchased by Christ is appli- Table, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. ed to them, con. vii. 8. xi. 4. cat. 58, Image. Man made after the Image of God, 59. By him they are effectually called, in. Knowledge, Righteousness and Holicon. x." 1. cat. 67. And have faith ness, con. iv. 2. cat. Iy. This Image is wrought in their hearts,"con. xiv. 1. renewed by Sanctification, cat. 75. and cat. 59, 72. He is given to them in a- fully perfected in Heaven, con. xxxi, 1. doption, con. xii. cat. 74. And applying cat. 86, 90. the death and resurrection of Christ to Image-Worship of all kinds, discharged, them, by his powerful operation, they

cat. 109. are fanctified, con. xiii. 2. cat. 75. Hav- Imputation. The Guilt of Adam's first sin ing repentance wrought, and all other is imputed to all his Posterity, con. vi. 3. saving graces infused into their hearts, The Obedience and Satisfactiot of Christ con. xii. 1. cat. 32: 75, 76, 77. Thro' is imputed to believers,

xi. I. cat. the continual supply of strength from go. His righteousness is imputed to him, believers grow in grace, con. xiii.

them, cat. 71, 77. 3. cat. 75. The outward means are by Incarnation of Christ, con, viii. 2. cat. 37. him made effectual to the elect for falvation, con. vii. 5, 6. xxv. 3. cat. 155, Incest discharged, cat. 139. Incestuous 1011 Prayer is to be made by his help. marriages which are within the degrees con. xxi. 3. cat 182. Ability to do good of consanguinity or affinity, forbidden in works is from him, con xvi. 3. Assurance the scriptures, can never be made lax. of faith is attained by his witnessing with

ful, con. xxiv. 4. our spirits that we are the children of Unjust Inclosures and depopulations forbid. God, con. xviij. 2. cat. 80. By his a

den, cat. 142. biding within believers, they are secured Increase of grace, is from a continual supply from falling totally away from the state of strength from the fanctifying Spirit of of grace, and are kept by the power of Christ, con. xiii. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77. God through faith unto falvation, con. Innocency. The state of man in innocency, xvii. 2. cat 79.

con. iv. 2. cat 17.20. Hape of Glory, con. xviii. 1. cat. 83. The Infants, How saved, con. X. 3. Infants of hope of hypocrites, con. xviii. 1.

one or both believing parents are to be Humiliation of Christ, con. viii. 2. 4. cat. baptized, con. xxviii. 4. cat. 166.

46. In his conception and birth, cat. Ingrossing, commodities to inhance their 47. In his life, cat 48. In his death, price, unlawful, cat. 142. cat. 49. After death, cat. so.

Inspiration. The books of the Old and New Hypocrify, making profession of religion in Testament are given by inspiration of

hypocrisy, or for finilter ends, fipful, God, con. i. '2. But the Apocrypha is cat. 113. The hypocrites hope, con. not of divine inspiration, con i. 3.

Intercession. How Chrilt makes intercelliHypostatical. See personal.

on, cat. 55. It is a part of his priestly I

office, cat. 44. He makes intercesfion, IPLENESS, unlawful

, cat. 139. 142. that the redemption which he bath purIdolatry, all the kinds of it forbidden, chased may be applied to all believers, cat. 105, 109. All monuments of idola- con. viii. 8. cat 55. And their perfeve

xviii. i.


rance depends upon his contiuual inter- Christ and his righteousness, con. xi. 1,

cession for them, con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. 2. cat 73. The exact justice, and ricin Joy in the Holy Ghost, the fruit of allu- grace of God, are both glorified is, the

rance, con. xviii 1, 2. cat. 83. Beliey- justification of finners, con. xi. 3. Justiers, by falling iuto some sins, may grieve

fication, the same under the Cold Testathe spirit, and be deprived of some mea

ment as under the New, co n. xi. 6. It is surc of their comfort, con. xvii. 3. xviii.4. inseparably joined wir's fanctification, Judge. Christ the judge of the world, con. cat. 77. How they differ, ibid. Those

viii. 1, 4. xxxiii. 1. How he shall come that are justified, are perfectly freed in at the last day, cat. 56.

this life from the revenging wrath of The Judgments of God upon sinners in this God, that they never fall into condem

world. con. v. 6. cat. 28, 83. How be- nation, Con. xvii. 1. cat. 77, 79. But lievers may bring temporal judgments corruption remaining in them, con, vi. on themselves, con. xvii. 3. God is just sa 'kiii. 2. cat. 78. They fall into many

and terrible in his judgments, con. ii. 1. Eins, con.xvii 3. cat. 78. Which God conThe last judgment, What, con. xxxii. 1. tinues to forgive; upon their humbling

Appoi "ed for angels and men, con. viii, themselves, confessing their fins, begging 4. xxxiii

gat. 88. The end of its a'). pardon, and renewing their faith and repointment, is the manifestation of God's

pentance, con, xi. 5. mercy and justice, con. xxxiii. 2. Christ

K Thall be the judge, con. viii. 2. xxxiii. 1. Kers. The power of the keys, What, How he shall come to the world, con. xxx. 2. Committed to churchcat. 56. Why he would have us cer, officers, ibid. The civil magistrate may tainly persuaded of it, con. xxxiii. 3. not allume this power, con. xxiii. 3. Why the time of it is concealed, con. King. Christ the king of his church, con. xxxiii. 3. cat 88. The judgment of the XXX. I. How he executech the office of righteous, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 90. The a king, cat. 45. What meant by the judgment of the wicked, con. xxxiii. 2. coming of his kingdom, cat. 191. cat. 89.

Knowledge. God's knowledge is infinite, Judicial law. See Law.

infallible, and independent upon the The Justice of God, fully satisfied by Christ's çreature, con. il. 2. The knowledge

obedience and death, con. viii. 5. xi. 3. which may be had of God and of our cat. 38,71. It is manifested in the works duty to him by the light of nature, con. of providence, con. v. 1. In the justifi- i. s. xxi. 1. cat. 1. The scriptures are cation of inners, con. xi. 3. In the last only sufficient to give that knowledge of judgment, con. xxxiii 2.

God and of his will; which is necessary Justice in contracts and commerce between unto salvation, ibid. man and man, cat. 141, 142.

L Jullification, What, con xi. 1. cat. 70. All Labour is to be moderately used, cat.

the elect, and they only, are jullified, con. 135, 136. iii. 6. Whom God did from all eternity Land marks not to be removid, cat. 142. decree to justify, con. xi. 4. But they Law. The ceremonial law, what, con. xix. are not justified till the Holy Spirit doth 3. It is abrogated now under the New in due time actually apply Christ unto Testament, con. xix. 3. XX. Ii How the them, ibid. How justification is of God's covenant of grace was administred under free grace, con. xi. 3. cat. 71. Faith is the law, con. vii. 5. viii. 6. cat. 34. necessarily required for justification, cat. The Judicial law expired with the state of 71. But it justifies a finner only as it is the Jews, con. xix. 4. And obliges no an instrument, by which he receiveth further than the general equity of it re


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xxi. .

quires, ibid.

fect obedience to the law, con. viii. si The Moral Law, What, cat. 93. Given to The tree of life was a pledge of the co

Adam with a power to fulfil it, con. iv. venant of works, cat. 20. The life of a2. xix. 1. cat. 92. The ten command

ny not to be taken away, except in cale ments the sum of it, con. six. 2. cat. of publick justice, lawful war, or nece28. Tho believers are not under it as fary defence, cat. 136. a covenant, con. xix. 6. And are not Light of Nature, What may be known of able perfectly to keep it, cat. 149. Yet God and of our duty to him by it, con. it continues to be a perfect rule of righ- i. 1. xxi. 1., cat. 2. It is not sufficient to teousness, con. xix. 2. Binding all, as make us wise urto falvation, con. i. 1. well justified persons as others, con. xix. 8. 4. xxi. 1. cat. 2, 60. It is of the law 5. Chrilt, in the gospel, having not a- of nature, that a due portion of time be bolished, but much strengthened the obli. set apart for the worship of God, con. gation to the obedience of it, ibid. And altho' no mau since the fall can, by che Wanton Looks, sinful, cat. 139. moral law, attain to righteousness and Lord's prayer, See prayer. lite, con. xix. 6. cat. 94. Which Christ, Lord's Supper. The institution, nature and alone hath purchased for the elect by his ends of it, con. xxix. s. cat. 167. Christ perfect obedience, con. viii. s. Yet it is not offered up to his Father, nor any real of great use to all, con. xix, 6. cat. 05. facrifice for sin made in it, con. xxix. a. The use of it to the regenerate, con. Themafsabomihably injurious to Christ's xix. 6. cat. 97. The use of it to the un- one only sacrifice, ibid. Tbc outward eregenerate, cat. 98. Not contrary to the . lements in this facrament are not to be grace of the gospel, but doth sweetly adorcd, con. xxix. 4. They still remain comply with it, con xix. 7. The Spirit truly bread and wine, con. xxix. s. The of Christ subduing and enabling the will doctrine of transubftantiation is repugof man unto ha free and checrtul obedi- nant not only to ihe Scripture, but erea ence to the will of God, con, xix. 7. to common Sense, and has been and is

the Cause of gross Icolatries, con. xxis. Unnecebary Law-suits to be avoided, cat. 6. How Christ hath appointed Bread and 141, 142.

Wine to be given and received in the Sa. Liberty. Christian liberty, What, con. xx. crament, con. xxix 3. cat. 169. It is

1. Wherein it is inlarged under the go- only to be administred by a Minister of spel, ibid. The end of Christian liberty, the Word lawfully ordained, con. xxvii. con. xx. 3. Liberty to sin inconsistent

4. cat. 176. It is not to be received by with it, ibid. It is not intended to de- any one alone, con. xxix. 4. It is to be stroy ecclefiaftical or civil powers, but to received in both Kinds, ibid. What resupport and preserve them, con. xx 4. laticn the Elements in this Sacrament Neither are men thereby allowed to pu- have to Christ crucified, con. xxix. s. blish opinions, or maintain practices, that How Christ is present there, con. xxix. are contrary to the light of nature, or to 7. cat. 170. How believers feed on him the known principles of Christianity, or therein, ibid. Wifat Preparation is resuch as are destructive of the peace and quired for receiving it, cat. 171. Doubtorder of the church, ibid.

ing may conlist with an Interest in Chrift, Liberty of conscience, what it is, and what con. xvii. 3. xvii. 4. cat. 81. And there

repugnant to it, con. XX. 2. Making men fore should not hinder from partaking of the lords of our faith and conscience, un- the Lord's Supper, cat 172. But the Iglawful, con. xx. 2. cat. 105.

norant and Scandalous are not to be adLife. Eternal life purchased by Christ's per- mitted, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. What Du

cat. 32


ties required in the Time of receiving,

in the lawful exercise of his power, upon cat. 174. What Duties after receiving, pretence of Christian liberty, con. XX. 4. cat. 175. Frequent attendance on it, a Infidelity or difference in religion doth duty, cát. 175. 177. The agreement and not make void the magistrate's just and difference between the Lord's Supper and legal authority, con. xxiii. 4. baptism, cat. 176. 177.

Man, how created, con. iv, 2. cat. 17. His Lots, cat. 112. 113.

Nate before the fall, con. iv. 2. cat 17.
Love. Election is of God's free love, con. 20. His fall, and the effects of it, con.

üi. s. cat. 13. Which is unchangeable, vi. cat. 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.
con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. And therefore truc His state by the covenant of grace, con.
believers can neither corally nor finally vii. 3, 4, 5, 6. cat. 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,
fall away from the state of grace, ibid. 35. Man's chief end, cat. 1.
The sense of God's love is attainable in Man-stealing, discharged, cat. 142.
this life, cat. 83. Sce assurance. Love to Marriage, the end of it, con. xxiv. 2. cat.
God is a duty, cat. 104. Which the light 20. Between more than one man and one
of nature sheweth, con. xxi. 1. To love woman at a time, unlawful, con xxiv. 1.
the Lord our God with all our heart, &c. cat. 139. Lawful for all sorts of people
is the sum of our duty to him, cat. 102. who are capable to give their consent,
Love to God is necessary to the right con. xxiv. iii. And who are without the
performance of the duty of prayer, con. degrees of consanguinity or affinity for-
xxi. 3. cat. 185. Love to God and the bidden in the scriptures, con. xxiv. 4..
brethren is necessary to right communi- But marriages within those degrees can
cating, cat, 168, 171, 174. True believe never be made lawful, ibid. Protestants
ers are never utterly destitute of the love Thould not marry with infidels, papists or
of Christ and the brethren, con. xviii. other idolaters, con. xxiv. 3. Nor such
Wherein love towardsour neighbour con- as are godly, with those that are notori-
sists, cat. 135, 141, 144, 147. What con- ously wicked, ibid. A contract of marriage
trary to it, cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. It is may be dissolved for adultery or fornica-
the sum of our duty to man, cat. 122.

tion committed after the contract, con. Lying, sinful, cat. 145.

xxiv s. The bond of marriage can only M

be dissolved for adultery after marriage, MAGISTRAT E S, appointed by God,

and such wilful desertion as cannot be recon. xxiii. 1. For what end, ibid. medied, con. xxiv. 5, 6. Undue delay of Lawful for Christians to accept the office marriage, prohibiting of lawful, and dirof a magistrate, con, xxiii. 2. The duty pensing with unlawful marriages, are linof the civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 2. cat. ful, cat. 139. Vows of perpetual single 129. con. xx. 4. Read the scriptures let- life, are rinful frares in which no Chrifter r. The sins of the magistrate, cat. tian may intangle himself, con. xxii. 7. 130. 145. He may wage war upon just cat. 129. Thofe who have not the gift of and necessary occasions, con. xxiii. 2. His continency ought to marry, cat. 138 The power in church-affairs stated, con xxiii. duties of married persons, cat. 139. 141. 3. The duty of the people towards their The mass abominably injurious to Christ's magistrates, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 127.

one only sacrifice, con. xxix. 2. Their lins against them, cat. 128. Ec- Means. God in his ordinary providence makclesiastical persons not exempted from eth use of means; yet is free to work obedience to the civil magistrate, con. without, above and against them at his xxji.

4. The Pope hath no power or ju- pleasure, con. v. 3. The outward and orrisdiction over magistrates or their people, dinary means of salvation under the law, ibid. The magistrate is not to be opposed con. vii. 5. cat. 34. Under the gospel, con.


vii 6.


vli. 6. cat. 35, 154. The diligent use surrection of Christ for the mortifying of ot'them is required in order to escape the sin, cat. 167. wrath of God, cat. 153. How they are

N made effectual, con XXV. 3. cat. 155. THE Name of Christ

. That prayer 161. 182. Trusting in means sinful, cat. accepted, it is to be made in the name 105. Unlawful means not to be used, ibid. of Christ, con, xxi. 3. cat. 178. What it Falle measures unlawful, cat. 142.

is to pray in the name of Christ, cat 130. Meat to be moderately used, cat 135, 136. Why prayer is to be made in his nante, Mediator. See Christ.

cat. 181. The mercy of God, con. ii. 1. cat 7. It is The name of God is only that by which

manifested in his works of providence, men ought to swear, and therein it is to con. v. . It is of God's free love and be used with all holy fear and reverence, mercy that the elect are delivered from con. xxii. 2. How the name of God fin and misery, and brought to an estate ought to be used, and how it is profaned, of salvation by the fecond covenant, cat. cat. 112, 113, 114, 90. 30. God is merciful to penitent sinners Nature. Sce corruption, original fin, light in Chrift, con xv. 2. cat. 76. For whose of nature. fake mercy is to be prayed for, cat. 180. The two natures of Christ. Sce Christ, inWorks of mercy are

be done, even on carnation, personal union. the Lord's day, con. xxi. 8. cat. 117. The New Teftament in Greek is that to Merit No merit in good works, for pardon which the church is finally to appeal in

of fin or eternal life; and why, con xvi. controversies of religion, con. i. 8. The s. Nor can we merit the outward bler- administration of the covenant of grace tings of this life, cat 193

But we are

under the gospel, is called the New Tcto trust in the merits of Christ, cat. 174. tament, con vii. 6. Who appearing in the merit of his obe- Neighbour. See charity, love. dience and facrifice, maketh interceflion Niggardliness, linful, cat. 141. for his people, cat 55.

O Meffiah. The eliet under the Old Testa- AN Oath, what it is, cón. xxii. s. It is

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ment believed in the promised Mefliah, a part of religious worship, ibid. The by whom they had full remission of sins, name of God is that by which men ougbc and cternal salvation, con. vii. 5. vii. 6. only to swear, con xxii. 2. cat 108. cat. 34.

Vain or rash swearing by his name is to The Ministry given by Christ to the visible be abhorred, con. xxii. 2. cat 113. Yet

church, con. xxv. 3. The maintenance in matters of weight and moment an thereof, a duty, cat. 108. A minister of oath is warrantable under the New Telthe gospel is one fufficiently gifted, and tament, con. xxii. 2. A lawful oath imalso duly approved and lawfully called posed by lawful authority, ought to be and ordained to that office, con. xxvii. 4. taken, ibid. It is a fin lo refuse it, con. xxviii. 2. cat 158. By such only the xxii. 3. A man must fwcar nothing but word is to be read publickly and preach- what he is fully perswaded is truth; ncied, and the facraments dispensed, con. ther may he bind himself by oath to any

xxvii 4 156, 158,159,169. thing, but what he believes to be just Moral law, See law,

and good, and what he is able to per. Mortification. The regenerate have the form, ibid. An oath is to be taken ia

corruprion of nature mortified through the plain and common sense of the Christ, çon. vi. s. And the several lufts words; and, in things not sinful, it Sinds of the body of Sin, con. xiii 1. Believ- to performance, though to a man's own ers draw strength from the death and re- hurt, or made to hereticks, cop. xxii. 4.


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