Neues historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Tonkünstler: Th. A-D


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Pŕgina 401 - ... sing, soone be able to compose three, four, and five parts, and also to compose all sorts of canons that are usuall, by these directions, of two or three parts in one upon the Plain Song.
Pŕgina 533 - Reflections on antient and modern musick, with the application to the cure of diseases. To which is subjoined, an essay to solve the question, wherein consisted the difference of antient musick, from that of modern times . . . London, M.
Pŕgina 721 - Histoire et description générale du Japon oů l'on trouvera tout ce qu'on a pu apprendre de la nature et des productions du pays, du caractčre et des coutumes des...
Pŕgina 603 - A complete dictionary of music. To which is prefixed, a familiar introduction to the first principles of that science. By Thomas Busby, LL. D. London, R. Phillips [1786] xxxiii, [294] p. 18i x 10icm. Scheme of staves ("Treble stave," "Soprano stave," etc.) on one folding leaf, takes the place of p.
Pŕgina 571 - The Oration of Maister John Bull, Doctor of Musicke, and one of the Gentlemen of her Majesty's Royal Chapell, as he pronounced the same before divers worshipful persons, the aldermen and commoners of the citie of London, with a great multitude of other people, the 6th day of October, 1597, in the new erected colledge of Sir Thomas Gresham, knt., deceased, made in the commendation of the founder and the excellent science of musicke.
Pŕgina 257 - Anthems, such as are now used in the cathedrals and collegiate churches of this kingdom, never before printed, whereby such books as were heretofore with much difficulty and charges transcribed for the use of the quire, are now, to the saving of much labour and expence, published for the general good of all such as shall desire them either for public or private exercise. Collected out of divers approved authors by John Barnard, one of the minor canons of the cathedral church of St.
Pŕgina 539 - A l'occasion desquels on rapporte ce qu'il ya de plus curieux et de plus nécessaire ŕ sçavoir; tant pour l'histoire et la théorie, que pour la composition, et la pratique ancienne et moderne de la musique vocale, instrumentale, plaine, simple, figurée etc. Ensemble une table alphabétique des termes françois qui sont dans le corps de l'ouvrage, sous les titres grecs, latins et italiens; pour servir de supplément.
Pŕgina 939 - The musical tour of Mr. Dibdin ; in which — previous to his embarkation for India — he finished his career as a public character . . . Sheffield, Printed for the author by J.
Pŕgina 399 - Dissertations sur l'histoire ecclésiastique et civile de Paris, suivies de plusieurs éclaircissements sur l'histoire de France (3 vol.
Pŕgina 301 - The Temple Musick : or an Essay concerning the Method of singing the Psalms of David in the Temple, before the Babylonish Captivity ; wherein the Musick of our Cathedrals is vindicated, and supposed to be conformable not only to that of the primitive Christians, but also to the Practice of the Church in all preceding Ages. Both by Arthur Bedford, MA and Vicar of Temple in the City of Bristol.

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