The Story of the Seaman: Being an Account of the Ways and Appliances of Seafarers and of Ships from the Earliest Time Until Now, Volum 2

J. B. Lippincott Company, 1924

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PÓgina 397 - London Bridge is broken down, — Gold is won, and bright renown. Shields resounding, War-horns sounding, Hildur shouting in the din! Arrows singing, Mail-coats ringing — Odin makes our Olaf win...
PÓgina 405 - The next line of the king's ships came up after the other, and they all stopped at the first. A full report reached the king, who, sending heralds to the lord of the island, and obtaining no satisfaction, commanded his entire army to arm, from the first even to the last, and to get out of the great ships into the galleys and boats, and follow him to the shore. What he commanded, was immediately performed; they came in arms to the port.
PÓgina 431 - ... and fought and conquered them. These likewise fled, and now the Athenians hung upon the runaways and cut them down, chasing them all the way to the shore, on reaching which they laid hold of the ships and called aloud for fire.
PÓgina 403 - The ship is freighted with forty horses of value, trained to arms, and with arms of all kinds for as many horsemen, and forty foot, and fifteen sailors, and with an entire year's provisions for as many men and horses. There was one appointment for all the ships, but each of the busses received a double appointment and freight. The king's treasure, which was very great and inestimable, was divided amongst the ships and busses, that if one part should experience danger, the rest might be saved. All...
PÓgina 404 - So great was the splendour of the approaching armament, such the clashing and brilliancy of their arms, so noble the sound of the trumpets and clarions, that the city quaked and was greatly astounded, and there came to meet the king a multitude of all ages, people without number, wondering and proclaiming with what exceeding glory and magnificence that king had arrived, surpassing the king of France, who with his forces had arrived seven days before.
PÓgina 407 - ... stroke of the oars. As they closed, the trumpets sounded on both sides. A terrific clang is roused, and the battle is commenced by the throwing of missiles. Our men implore the Divine assistance, and ply their oars strenuously, and dash at the enemy's ships with their beaks. Soon the battle began ; the oars become entangled and they fight hand to hand, having grappled each other's ships together; and they fire the decks with burning oil, which is vulgarly called Greek fire. That kind of fire...
PÓgina 654 - In justice to Mr. Green, I must say that he was indefatigable in making and calculating these observations, which otherwise must have taken up a great deal of my time, which I could not at all times very well spare; not only this, but by his instructions several of the petty Officers can make and calculate these observations almost as well as himself. It is only by such Means that this method of finding the Longitude at Sea can be put into universal practice; a Method that we have generally found...
PÓgina 654 - Would Sea officers once apply themselves to the makeing and calculating these observations they would not find them so very difficult as they at first imagine, especially with the assistance of the Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris, by the help of which the calculations for finding the Longde takes up but little more time than that of an Azimuth for findfing] the Vari...
PÓgina 393 - Our lads together down with oars, The splash is echoed round the shores. " Their oars our king's men handle well, One stroke is all the eye can tell: All level o'er the water rise; The girls look on in sweet surprise. Such things, they think, can ne'er give way; They little know the battle-day.
PÓgina 529 - They only live in regions one day's march from Quarequa, and they are fierce and cruel. It is thought that Negro pirates of Ethiopia established themselves after the wreck of their ships in these mountains.

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