The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Volum 2

Edward Moxon, 1839
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Pàgina 75 - My soul is an enchanted boat, Which, like a sleeping swan, doth float Upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing ; And thine doth like an angel sit Beside the helm conducting it, Whilst all the winds with melody are ringing.
Pàgina 77 - The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north ; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea ; yet the sea is not full : unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.
Pàgina 128 - Obedient to the light That shone within his soul, he went, pursuing The windings of the dell. — The rivulet Wanton and wild, through many a green ravine Beneath the forest flowed. Sometimes it fell Among the moss with hollow harmony Dark and profound. Now on the polished stones It danced ; like childhood laughing as it went : Then, through the plain in tranquil wanderings crept, Reflecting every herb and drooping bud That overhung its quietness.
Pàgina 16 - Met his own image walking in the garden. That apparition, sole of men, he saw. For know, there are two worlds of life and death : One that which thou beholdest ; but the other Is underneath the grave, where do inhabit ;The shadows of all forms that think and live , Till death unite them and they part no more...
Pàgina 83 - Immediately a place Before his eyes appeared, sad, noisome, dark; A lazar-house it seemed, wherein were laid Numbers of all diseased, all maladies Of ghastly spasm, or racking torture, qualms Of heart-sick agony; all feverous kinds, Convulsions, epilepsies, fierce catarrhs, Intestine stone and ulcer, colic pangs, Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy, And moon-struck madness, pining atrophy, Marasmus, and wide-wasting pestilence, Dropsies, and asthmas, and joint-racking rheums.
Pàgina 109 - His mind is at length suddenly awakened, and thirsts for intercourse with an intelligence similar to itself. He images to himself the Being whom he loves. Conversant with speculations of the sublimest and most perfect natures, the vision in which he embodies his own imaginations unites all of wonderful or wise or beautiful which the poet, the philosopher, or the lover, could depicture.
Pàgina 293 - And on the sand would I make signs to range These woofs, as they were woven, of my thought ; Clear elemental shapes, whose smallest change A subtler language within language wrought : The key of truths which once were dimly taught In old Crotona...
Pàgina 8 - Instinct with inexpressible beauty and grace. Each stain of earthliness Had passed away, it reassumed Its native dignity, and stood Immortal amid ruin.
Pàgina 99 - Spirits. The pale stars are gone ! For the sun, their swift shepherd, To their folds them compelling, In the depths of the dawn, Hastes, in meteor-eclipsing array, and they flee Beyond his blue dwelling, As fawns flee the leopard.
Pàgina 117 - Man, one harmonious soul of many a soul, Whose nature is its own divine control, Where all things flow to all, as rivers to the sea...

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