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That plague turn inward on my Casimir's soul! Scare thence the fiend Ambition, and restore him To his own heart! O save him! Save my husband' [During the latter part of this speech Emerick comes forward from his hiding-place. Sanolta seeing him, without recognizing him. In such a shape a father's curse should come. *Mr. Rick (advancing). Fear not! - SA to Lt.A. Who art thou? Robber! Traitor? EME Rick. Friend Who in good hour hath startled these dark fancies, Rapacious traitors, that would fitin depose Joy, love, and beauty, from their natural thrones: Those lips, those angel eyes, that regal forehead. 5A fadi, t.A. Strengthen me, Heaven! I must not seem afraid! [Aside. The king to night then deigns to play the masker. What seeks your Majesty? eME to ick. Sarolta's love; And Emerick's power lies prostrate at her feet. SA foolt A. [leaven guard the sovereign's power from such debasement! Far rather, Sire, let it descend in vengeance On the base ingrate, on the faithless slave Who dared unbar the doors of these retirements! For whom? Has Casimir deserved this insult? O my misgiving heart! If–if-from Heaven Yet not from you, Lord Emerick! EME Rick. Chiefly from me. Has he not like an ingrate robb'd my court Of Beauty's star, and kept my heart in darkness! First then on him I will administer justice— If not in mercy, yet in love and rapture. [Seizes her. SA Rolta. Help! Treason. Help! kviertick. Call louder! Scream again: Here's none can hear you ! SAn olt A. Hear me, hear me, Heaven! EMr Rick. Nay, why this rage? Who best deserves you? Casimir, Emerick's bought implement, the jealous slave That mews you up with bolts and bars: or Emerick Who proffers you a throne: Nay, mine you shall be. Hence with this fond resistance! Yield; then live This month a widow, and the next a queen! $A ROLTA. Yet, yet for one brief moment Unhand me. I conjure you. [she throws him off, and rushes towards a toilet. EMrwick follows, and as she takes a dagger, he grasps it in her hand, EM ratch. Ha! ha! a dagger; A seemly ornament for a lady's casket! T is held, devotion is akin to love,


But yours is tragic! Love in war! It charms me, And makes your beauty worth a king's embraces! (During this speech Bethlen enters armed).

betti LEN. Ruffian forbear! Turn, turn and front my sword!

eMr trick. Pish who is this!

SAtto LTA.

O sleepless eye of Heaven! A blest, a blessed spirit! Whence camest thou? May I still call thee Bethlen? Beth LeN. Ever, lady, Your faithful soldier! EME Rick. Insolent slave! Depart! Know'st thou not me? Beth Len. I know thou art a villain And coward! That, thy devilish purpose marks thee! What else, this lady must instruct my sword! sartolt A. Monster, retire! O touch him not, thou blest one! This is the hour, that fiends and damned spirits Do walk the earth, and take what form they list! Yon devil hath assumed a king's! Beth LEN. Usurp'd it! Exien IC K. The king will play the devil with thee indeed! But that I mean to hear thee howl on the rack, I would debase this sword, and lay thee prostrate, At this thy paramour's feet; then drag her forth Stain'd with adulterous blood, and [Then to SAnolta. —Mark you, traitress! Strumpeted first, then turn'd adrift to beggary! Thou prayed'st for’t too. s.Abolta. Thou art so fiendish wicked, That in thy blasphemies I scarce hearthy threats! b eth Len. Lady, be calm! fear not this king of the buskin' A king! Oh laughter! A king Bajazet! That from some vagrant actor's tyring-room, Hath stolen at once his speech and crown' exier ick. o Ah! treason ' Thou hast been lesson'd and trick'd up for this! As surely as the wax on thy death-warrant Shall take the impression of this royal signet, So plain thy face hath ta'en the mask of rebel! [Emerick points his hand haughtily towards BernLEN, who catching a sight of the signet, seizes his hand and eagerly observes the signet, then flings the hand back with indignant joy. B Etti Len. It must be so! "T is e'en the counterpart! But with a foul usurping cipher on it! The light hath flash'd from Heaven, and I must follow it! O curst usurper! O thou brother-murderer! That madest a star-bright queen a fugitive widow' Who fillest the land with curses, being thyself All curses in one tyrant! see and tremble! This is Kiuprili's sword that now hangs o'er thee! Kiupril's blasting curse, that from its point

Shoots lightnings at thee. Hark! in Andreas' name, Enter Lord Rudolph.
Heir of his vengeance, hell-hound: i defy thee. ... Well met Lord Rudolph'——
[They fight, and just as EMERick is disarmed, in
rush Casimir, Old BAThony, and attendants.
Casim in runs in between the combatants, and
parts them; in the struggle BETalkN's suord is
thrown down.

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Enough! the time is precious! You left Temeswar late on yester-eve?

- - - casion it. And sojourn'd there some hours? The king disarm'd too by a stranger! Speak! casim in. What may this mean? I did so! Exterick. Lond Rudolph. Deceived, dishonour'd lord! Heard you Ask thou von fair adultress! She will tell thee Aught of a hunt preparing? A tale, which wouldst thou be both dupe and traitor, casixtie. Thou wilt believe against thy friend and sovereign! Yes; and met Thou art present now, and a friend's duty ceases: | The assembled huntsmen? To thine own justice leave I thine own wrongs. Lord Rudolph. Of half thy vengeance, I perforce must rob thee, Was there no word given? For that the sovereign claims. To thy allegiance casi-il R. I now commit this traitor and assassin. The word for me was this;–The royal Leopard [Then to the Attendants. chases thy milk-white dedicated Hind. Hence with him to the dungeons and to-morrow, Load RU do LPE. Ere the sun rises, hark! your heads or his! Your answer? broth Len. - cAsixtita. Can Hell work miracles to mock Heaven's justice? As the word proves false or true Extratch. Will Casimir cross the hunt, or join the huntsmen! Who speaks to him dies! The traitor that has menaced Load RU tool. Pei. His king, must not pollute the breathing air, The event redeem'd their pledge? Even with a word! CAsix11 R. casiwin (to Barhory). It did, and therefore Hence with him to the dungeons Have I sent back both pledge and invitation. (Exit Borales, hurried off by Bathony and Attendants. The spotless hind hath fled to them for shelter, EMEa ick. And bears with her my seal of fellowship! We hunt to-morrow in your upland forest: [They take hands, etc. Thou (to Casimia) wilt attend us: and wilt then explain Lond audolph. This sudden and most fortunate arrival. But Emerick! how when you reported to him [Exit Exterick; Manent Casimia and Sanolta. Sarolta's disappearance, and the flight sA Rolta. Of Bethlen with his guards? My lord! my husband; look whose sword lies yonder: cast Mila. [Pointing to the sword which Bethlex had been O he received it disarmed of by the Attendants. As evidence of their mutual guilt: in fine, It is Kiuprili's; Casimir, "t is thy father's With cozening warmth condoled with, and dismiss'd me. And wielded by a stripling's arm, it baffled, Lond Rudolph. Yea, fell like Heaven's own lightnings on that Tarquin. I enter'd as the door was closing on you: casi Mitt. His eye was fix’d, yet seem'd to follow you: Hush ' hush! ["an under voice. with such a look of hate, and scorn and triumph, I had detected ere I left the city As if he had you in the toils already, The tyrant's curst intent. Lewd, damn'd ingrate! And were then chusing where to stab you first. For him did I bring down a father's curse! But hush' draw back! Swift swift must be our means! To-morrow's sun cAsixfift. Sets on his fate or mine! O blest Sarolta: This nook is at the farthest [Embracing her. From any beaten track. No other prayer, late penitent, dare I offer, Lond r to Dolpe. But that thy spotless virtues may prevail There! mark thern O'er Casimir's crimes and dread Kiuprili's curse! [Points to where LaskA and Pestaluru cross [Exeunt consulting. the Stage. cast with. Laska! ACT IV. Lond Rudolph.

--- One of the two I recognized this morning; SCENE i. His name is Pestalutz: a trusty ruffian,

A Glade in a Wood. whose face is prologue still to some dark murder.

Beware no stratagem, no trick of message,

Dispart you from your servants.

cast Mia. casimir (aside).

Enter Casimia looking anxiously around.

This needs must be the spot! 0, here he comes: I deserve it.

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The comrade of that ruffian is my servant:
The one I trusted most and most preferr'd.
But we must part. What makes the king so late?
It was his wont to be an early stirrer.
Load audio LPH.
And his main policy
To enthral the sluggard nature in ourselves
Is, in good truth, the better half of the secret
To enthral the world: for the will governs all.
See the sky lowers! the cross-winds waywardly
Chase the fantastic masses of the clouds
with a wild mockery of the coming hunt!
cAsim in.
Mark yonder mass! I make it wear the shape
of a huge ram that butts with head depress'd.
load Rudolph (smiling).
Belike, some stray sheep of the oozy flock,
Which, if bards lie not, the Sea-shepherds tend,
Glaucus or Proteus. But my fancy shapes it
A monster couchant on a rocky shelf.
cast Mir.
Mark too the edges of the lurid mass—
Restless, as if some idly-vexing Sprite,
On swift wing coasting by, with tetchy hand
Pluck'd at the ringlets of the vaporous Fleece.
These are sure signs of contlict nigh at hand,
And elemental war!
[A single Trumpet heard at a distance.
Lorad Rudolph.
That single blast
Announces that the tyrant's pawing courser
Neighs at the gate. [A volley of Trumpets.
Hark! now the king comes forth !
For ever 'midst this crash of horns and clarions
He mounts his steed, which proudly rears an-end
While he looks round at ease, and scans the crowd,
Wain of his stately form and horsemanship!
I must away! my absence may be noticed.
c Asi Mi ta.
Oft as thou canst, essay to lead the hunt
Hard by the forest-skirts; and ere high noon
Expect our sworn confederates from Temeswar.
I trust, ere yet this clouded sun slopes westward,
That Emerick's death, or Casimir's, will appease
The manes of Zapolya and Kiuprilis
[Exit Rudolph and manet CASIMIR.
The traitor, Laska!——
And yet Sarolta, simple, inexperienced,
Could see him as he was, and often warn'd me.
Whence learn'd she this?–0 she was innocent!
And to be innocent is nature's wisdom'
The fledge-dove knows the prowlers of the air,
Fear'd soon as seen, and flutters back to shelter.
And the young steed recoils upon his haunches,
The never-yet-seen adder's hiss first heard.
O surer than suspicion's hundred eyes
Is that fine sense, which to the pure in heart,
By mere oppugnancy of their own goodness,
Reveals the approach of evil. Casimir!
O fool! O parricide! through yon wood didst thou,
With fire and sword, pursue a patriot father,
A widow and an orphan. Darest thou then
(Curse-laden wretch), put forth these hands to raise
The ark, all sacred, of thy country's cause!
Look down in pity on thy son, Kiuprili;
And let this deep abhorrence of his crime,

Unstain'd with selfish fears, be his atonement'
O strengthen him to nobler compensation
In the deliverance of his bleeding country!
[Exit Casimin.

Scene changes to the mouth of a Cavern, as in Act II. ZApolyA and Glycine discovered.

zapolyA. Our friend is gone to seek some safer cave Do not then leave me long alone, Glycine! Having enjoy'd thy commune, loneliness, That but oppress'd me hitherto, now scares. GLY cine. I shall know Bethlen at the furthest distance, And the same moment I descry him, lady, I will return to you. [Exit Glycine. Enter Old Bathony, speaking as he enters. old B.Athon Y. Who hears? A friend! A messenger from him who bears the signet! [ZApolyA, who had been gazing affectionately after Glycine, starts at BArhoay's voice. He hath the watch-word!—Art thou not Bathory? old exthor Y. 0 noble lady! greetings from your son! [BAthony kneels. zA poly A. Rise! rise! Or shall I rather kneel beside thee, And call down blessings from the wealth of Heaven Upon thy honour'd head When thou last saw'st me I would full fain have knelt to thee, and could not, Thou dear old man! How oft since then in dreams Have I done worship to thee, as an angel Bearing my helpless babe upon thy wings! ead B.At hott Y. O he was born to honour! Gallant deeds And perilous hath he wrought since yester-eve. Now from Temeswar (for to him was trusted A life, save thine, the dearest) he hastes hitherzApol, Y.A. Lady Sarolta mean'st thou? old B.Athony. She is safe. The royal brute hath overleapt his prey, And when he turn’d a sworded Virtue faced him. My own brave boy—0 pardon, noble lady! Your son——

zA polyA. Hark! Is it he? old BATHORY. I hear a voice Too hoarse for Bethlen's' "T was his scheme and hope, Long ere the hunters could approach the forest, To have led you hence.—Retire. zA Pol, Y.A. O life of terrors' old bathory. In the cave's mouth we have such 'vantage ground That even this old arm— [Exeunt ZApolyA and BAthony into the Cave.

Enter LAskA and Pest ALutz.

LASKA. Not a step further! Prst ALUtz. Dastard! was this your promise to the king

LASRA. I have fulfill'd his orders; have walk'd with you As with a friend: have pointed out Lord Casimir: And now I leave you to take care of him. For the king's purposes are doubtless friendly. pest Alurz (affecting to start). Be on your guard, man! laska (in affright). Ha! what now?

Pestallurz. Behind you "T was one of Satan's imps, that grinn'd and threaten’d you For your most impudent hope to cheat his master! LASKA. Pshaw! What, you think 'tis fear that makes me leave you? Pest ALUT2.

Is 't not enough to play the knave to others, But thou must lie to thine own heart? laska (pompously). Friend! Laska will be found at his own post, Watching elsewhere for the king's interest. There's a rank plot that Laska must hunt down, Twixt Bethlen and Glycine! Pestalutz (with a sneer). what the girl whom Laska saw the war-wolf tear in pieces? laska (throwing down a bow and arrows). Well! there's my arms! Hark! should your javelin fail you, These points are tipt with venom. [starts and sees Glycine without. By Heaven! Glycine! Now, as you love the king, help me to seize her: [They run out after Glycine, and she shrieks without: then enter Barhony from the cavern. o-o-o-to-o-o-Y. Rest, lady, rest! I feel in every sinew A young man's strength returning! which way went they? The shriek came thence. [clash of swords, and Bethlen's voice heard from behind the scenes; Glycine enters alarmed: then, as seeing Laska's bow and arrows. -------Ha! weapons here? Then, Bethlen, thy Glycine Will die with thee or save thee! [she seizes them and rushes out. Bathony following her. Lively and irregular Music, and Peasants with hunting-spears cross the stage, singing chorally. --on--so-c. Up, up! ye dames, yelasses gay! To the meadows trip away. 'T is you must tend the flocks this morn, And scare the small birds from the corn. Not a soul at home may stay: For the shepherds must go With lance and bow To hunt the wolf in the woods to-day.

Leave the hearth and leave the house To the cricket and the mouse:

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Find grannam out a sunny seat,
With babe and lambkin at her feet.
Not a soul at home may stay:
For the shepherds must go
With lance and bow
To hunt the wolf in the woods to day.

Re-enter, as the Huntsmen pass off, Barhony, Berhles and Glycine.

Glycine (leaning on BETalex).
And now once more a woman——
Was it then

That timid eye, was it those maiden hands
That sped the shaft, which saved me and avenged me?

old bathony (to Bethlex exultingly).
"T was a vision blazon'd on a cloud
By lightning, shaped into a passionate scheme
Of life and death! I saw the traitor, Laska,
Stoop and snatch up the javelin of his comrade;
The point was at your back, when her shaft reach'd him
The coward turn'd, and at the self-same instant
The braver villain fell beneath your sword.

Enter Zapotva.

z-Pol--Bethlen' my child! and safe too! -------Mother! Queen! Royal Zapolya! name me Andreas: Nor blame thy son, if being a king, he yet Hath made his own arm, minister of his justice. So do the Gods who launch the thunderbolt! --Pol--o Raab Kiuprilio Friend! Protector Guide! In vain we trench'd the altar round with waters, A flash from Heaven hath touch'd the hidden incense— BetaLEx (hastily). And that majestic form that stood beside thee Was Raab Kiuprilio z-Pol-Y-It was Raab Kiuprili; Assure as thou art Andreas, and the king. o-o-o-Taoay. Hail Andreas' hail my king! -N-D-E-SStop, thou revered one! Lest we offend the jealous destinies By shouts ere victory. Deem it then thy duty To pay this homage, when t is mine to claim it. -------Accept thine hand-maid's service! Z-Pol-YA

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Raise her, son! o raise her to thine arms' she saved thy life, And through her love for thee, she saved thy mother's Hereafter thou shalt know, that this dear maid Hath other and hereditary claims Upon thy heart, and with lleaven-guarded instinct But carried on the work her sire began!


Dear maid more dear thou cans not be! the rest
Shall make my lovereligion. Haste we hence:
For as I reach'd the skirts of this high forest,
I heard the noise and uproar of the chace,
Doubling its echoes from the mountain foot.

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gt. Yetine. Hark! sure the hunt approaches. [Horn without, and afterwards distant thunder. ZAPOLY.A. O Kiuprili! old battioray. The demon-hunters of the middle air Are in full cry, and scare with arrowy fire The guilty! Ilark! now here, now there, a horn Swells singly with irregular blast ! the tempest Has scatter'd them " [Horns heard as from different places at a distance. z Apo LY A. O Heavens! where stays Kiuprili: olo e Arti on Y. The wood will be surrounded! leave me here. And the As. My mother' let me see thee once in safety, I too will hasten back, with lightning's speed, To seek the hero ! old b Atri oil Y. Haste! my life upon it I'll guide him safe. ANnae as (thunder again). Ha! what a crash was there! Heaven seems to claim a nightier criminal [pointing without to the body of Pest Alutz. Than yon vile subaltern. zA polyA. Your behest, High powers, Low I obey' to the appointed spirit, That hath so long kept watch round this drear cavern, In fervent faith, Kiuprili, I entrust thee! [Exeunt Zapolya, ANDREAs, and Glycine. Andre As having in haste dropt his sword. Manet Bathony. old Bath or Y. Yon bleeding corse, (pointing to Pest Alutz's body) may work us mischief still: Once seen, "t will rouse alarm and crowd the hunt From all parts towards this spot. Stript of its armour, 1'll drag it hither. [Exit bathony. After a while several Ilunters cross the stage as scattered. Some time after, enter Krupalli in his disguise, fainting with fatigue, and as pursued. as an kiupatli (throwing off his disguise). Since lieaven alone can save me, Heaven alone Shall be my trust. [Then speaking as to ZapolyA in the Cavern. Haste' haste! Zapolya, flee! [He enters the Cavern, and then returns in alarm. Gone! Seized perhaps? Oh no, let me not perish Despairing of Heaven's justice! Faint, disarm'd, Each sinew powerless, senseless rock sustain me ! Thou art parcel of my native land. [Then observing the sunord. A sword Ha! and my sword ' Zapolya hath escaped, The murderers are baffled, and there lives - An Andreas to avenge Kiuprili's fall!— There was a time, when this dear sword did flash As dreadful as the storm-fire from mine arms: I can scarce raise it now—yet come, fell tyrant! And bring with thee my shame and bitter anguish, To end his work and thine : Kiuprili now Can take the death-blow as a soldier should.

Re-enter Bathony, with the dead body of Pestalutz.

old Bath of Y. Poor tool and victim of another's guilt Thou follow'st heavily: a reluctant weight! Good truth, it is an undeserved honour That in Zapolya and Kiuprili's cave A wretch like thee should find a burial-place. [Then observing Kiuphili. 'T is he'—in Andreas and Zapolya's name Follow me, reverend form? Thou needst not speak, For thou can'st be no other than Kiuprili: kiupaiti. And are they safe? [Noise without. old b Ata oftw. Conceal yourself, my lords I will mislead them : Kiu pn ill. ls Zapolya safe? old B.Athon Y. I doubt it not; but haste, haste, I conjure you! [As he retires, in rushes Casimia. casimia (entering). Monster! Thou shalt not now escape me ! old bathony. - Stop, lord Casimir' It is no monster. c.A.Sivil it. Art thou too a traitor? Is this the place where Emerick's murderers lurk? Say where is he that, trick'd in this disguise, First lured me on, then scared my dastard followers? Thou must have seen him. Say where is th' assassin old bathony (pointing to the body of Pestalutz). There lies the assassin' slain by that same sword' That was descending on his curst employer, When entering thou beheld'st Sarolta rescued : cASIM1 R. Strange providence! what then was he who fled me? [BAthony points to the Cavern, whence Kluphili advances. Thy looks speak fearful things! Would thy hand point me? Old BAT hon Y. Casimir, to thy father. cAsimia (discovering Kiuphili). The curse! the curse! Open and swallow me, Unsteady earth! Fall, dizzy rocks! and hide me! old bathony (to Kiupril?). Speak, speak my lord! kiuphili (holds out the su'ord to BAthony). Bid him fulfil his work! CA Sixfift. Thou art Ileaven's immediate minister, dread spirit! O for sweet mercy, take some other form, And save me from perdition and despair! old is Atho RY.

Whither, old man

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