The Napoleon Dynasty: Or, The History of the Bonaparte Family. Brought Down to the Present Time


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PÓgina 167 - Lightly they'll talk of the spirit that's gone, And o'er his cold ashes upbraid him — But little he'll reck, if they let him sleep on In the grave where a Briton has laid him.
PÓgina 580 - I have received the letter which you have done me the honor to address...
PÓgina 68 - without cannon, passed rivers without bridges, made forced marches without shoes, bivouacked without strong liquors, and often without bread. Republican phalanxes, Soldiers of Liberty, only could have endured all this.
PÓgina 378 - Never quit my son; and keep in mind that I would rather see him in the Seine than in the hands of the enemies of France!
PÓgina 308 - I am the only one who will fulfill her duty, nothing shall detain me, and I will go to the only place where henceforth there can be happiness for me, since I shall be able to console you •when you are there isolated and unfortunate ! Say but the word, and I depart. Adieu, sire; whatever I would add would. still be too little ; it is no longer by words that my sentiments for you are to be proved, and for actions your consent is necessary. JOSEPHINE." " Malmaison has been respected ; I am there surrounded...
PÓgina 95 - Campo-Formio, ratified by the Emperor. This peace secures the liberty, prosperity, and glory of the Republic. When the happiness of the French people shall be established upon the best-founded laws, the whole of Europe will become free.
PÓgina 121 - Your majesty will see in this overture only my sincere desire to contribute effectually, for the second time, to a general pacification — a prompt step taken in confidence, and freed from those forms, which, however necessary to disguise the apprehensions of feeble states, only serve to discover in the powerful a mutual wish to deceive.
PÓgina 125 - Desaix advanced at the head of his corps, consisting of little more than four thousand men, to arrest the progress of the enemy. Napoleon, advancing to the front, rode along the line, exclaiming, " Soldiers ! we have retired far enough. You know it is always my custom to sleep on the field of battle.
PÓgina 121 - Must the war, which for eight years has ravaged the four quarters of the world, be eternal ? Is there no room for accommodation? How can the two most enlightened nations of Europe, stronger and more powerful than is necessary for their safety and independence, sacrifice commercial advantages, internal prosperity, and domestic happiness, to vain ideas of grandeur ? Whence comes it that they do not feel peace to be the first of wants as well as of glories...
PÓgina 300 - The apartment he had occupied remained exactly as he had left it ; she would not suffer even a chair to be moved, and, indeed, very rarely permitted any one to enter, keeping the key herself, and dusting the articles with her own hands. On the table was a volume of history, with the page doubled down where he had finished reading ; beside it lay a pen, with...

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