Imatges de pÓgina

Parliament. See "Elections."

Peace. See "Justices," "Conservators."

Act for the pre

servation of, 167; Two lawyers shall be in every commis

sion of the, 390.

Peeress, how to be tried, 609.

Peers, every one shall be tried by his, 367.

Peine forte et dure, 561, 566.

Penitentiary, escape from, 335: Who may be confined in, 636; Regulation of, 638; Allowance to prisoners discharged from, 639; Removal from one to another, 639. Perjury, before register of deeds, or his deputy, 76, 77; Before officers of courts, 77, 347-349; By electors, 127; By returning officer at elections, 127; Under reform act, 131; In matters relating to the army, 260; or to quarantine, 297; Suborning a witness to commit, 343; Punishment of, 344, 345; Trial, 345; Indictment, 346; Prosecution for, may be ordered, 346, 349 c, 529; Cognizance of, at quarter sessions, 347, 394; Making false declaration deemed, 349 a, 349 b; Under civil bill act, 349 c; Quakers, Moravians, and Separatists, punishable as for, 603.

Permit, forgery of, 236; Officer delivering a false, 236. Person, offences against the, act, 81; And see appropriate titles.

Personation. See "Army," "Elections," "Navy." Of pro

prietor of stock, 69; Of nominee of annuities, 72; In acknowledging fines, recoveries, judgments, and recognizances, 75; Of bail, 75; Mitigation of punishment,


Petit treason, to be deemed murder, 81.

Petty sessions, registry of proceedings at, 425; Justices at, may proceed, though summons issued by others, 426; Informations to be transmitted to, 426; And from thence to the clerk of the crown or peace, 426; A single justice may act at, 427; Fee to clerk of, 428; The powers of, generally, 428.

Pig, evidence on charge of receiving, 25; Not to be fed on the strand, 205.

Pillory, punishment of, abolished, except for perjury, 625.
Piracy, 18.

Plantation, setting fire to, 41.

Plants, stealing or destroying, 41.

Plate. See "Bank." Forging or transposing marks on, 78. Pleading, time for, 561, 562.

Pleas, making false entry of, 355.

Poison, attempting to, 84; Administering to procure abortion, 86.

Poll books, injuring at elections, 127, 129; To be delivered to the clerk of the peace, 128.

Posse comitatus, sheriffs and justices may call out the, 141. Possession of stolen property, 15.

Postage, forgery to evade, 246, 252; Embezzlement of, 247; Persons paying certain, may forward their own letters when, 252.

Post office, larceny and embezzlement relating to, 246, 248, 249, 252, 253; Evidence in offences relating to, 247, 251; Receivers of letters stolen from, 251; Secreting mail bags stolen or lost, 254; Officers in, exempt from serving on juries, 571.

Præmunire, 104, 126, 326.

Prayer, book of common, to be generally used, 320; Speaking in derogation of, 320; Interrupting the use of it, 321; Trial of offences relating to, 322, 323.

Presentment. See "Medical." For compensation under Whiteboy act, 159; Generally, under grand jury act, 530. Printer. See "Newspaper," "Scire facias."

Prisoner, escape from penitentiary, 335; Of war, escape of, 336; Breaking gaol, 337, 339; Rescue of, 337-339; Harbouring convict who has escaped, 340; Expense of removing, after arrest, 459; May be taken to gaol through adjoining county, 484; Of bringing before a justice, 473, 487; Examination of, 490, 493; Must not be sworn, 492; Statement of, 492; Of remanding for further examination, 493; Of discharging, 494; May petition for a trial, 508; Removal of habeas corpus, 509; Of remand of, after such removal, 518; Of removal for trial in an adjoining county, 523; Refusal of, to plead, 561, 564; May be brought up to give evidence, 599; Allowance to, on discharge, 639.

Process. See "Jury Process."

To outlawry, 536, 543; When it shall issue, 542; By whom executed, 545; Not affected by a new commission, 624.

Processions, act relating to, 147; Duty of justices as to, 148;
What deemed unlawful, 148.

Proclamation to rioters, 142; Under Processions' act, 148;
Against persons indicted for forcible entry, 190; Of act
against forestalling, 203.

Promissory note, stealing, 2; Deemed money, 29; Forgery
of, 48-50.

Proprietor. See " Newspaper,"
" "Stock."

Prosecutor shall have costs in cases of assault, 91; and shall
be a competent witness, 92; Who may be, 494; Of
binding over the, 494; Reward to, 532; Challengeable
as a juror, 568.

Publisher. See " Newspaper."

Pulse, setting fire to a stack of, 41.

Quakers may affirm in all cases, 603; False affirmation by, perjury, 603.

Quarantine, vessels from infected places shall perform, 292, 294; Regulations respecting, to be made by the Lord Lieutenant, 294; What goods subject to, 294; In cases of emergency, privy council may make orders relating to, 295; Disobedience of directions as to, 295; Embezzlement of goods under, 296; Neglect of duty by officers of, 296; Forging certificate relating to, 297; Oaths relating to, and false swearing, 297; Superintendents of, 297; Notice of order in council, 297; Evidence, 298.

Rabbits. See "Game."

Rape, 97.

Rates, preventing the collection of, 144.

Real estate, stealing evidences of, 3; Indictment, 3; Prosecution no bar to action, 3; Evidence, 3.

Record, origin, powers, and duties of courts of, 368; Of sentence, 629.

Recorder of Dublin.

See" Assistant Barrister." May ap

point a deputy, 390.

Records, stealing, 358; Exemplification of, 595; Amendment of, 598.

Receipt, forgery of, 49.

Receiving stolen goods, how and where tried, 23, 24; De

facing marks on plate, punishable as, 24; Evidence, 25. Recognizance, acknowledging in name of another, 75; Of the peace and good behaviour, 445; How taken, 446; Forfeiture and discharge thereof, 447, 497; Taken by justice of a foreign county, 457; Directions as to drawing up, 482; Oath of sureties entering into, 483; To prosecute and give evidence, 494; Estreat of, 496, 524,610; Upon habeas corpus, 518; Where trial is in an adjoining county, 524; On certiorari, 548; Of defaulting witness, 602. Register, office of judge's, not to be sold, 334; Untruly recording appearance of juror, 578.

Registry, of deeds, forgery of certificate of, 76, 77; Search, forgery of certificate of, 77.

Regrating, 203; Triable at sessions, 394.

Rescue of prisoner on his way to gaol, 337; Of convict of murder, 338; Of the body of such convict, 338; Of cattle seized, 338; Of persons charged with criminal offences, 339, 472.

Restitution of stolen property, 9, 15.

Revenue. See particular heads.

false statements, 270.

Collector of, furnishing

Rewards, for seizing offenders against whiteboy act, 162; Informers entitled to, 279; How paid, 280; Taking or offering, for return of stolen goods, 359.

River, injuries to, or to works on, 645, 646.

Riot. See "Processions,' ," "Whiteboy Act." Generally, 141; Giving notices tending to excite, 145; Respecting the fisheries, 146; Special constables appointed in cases of, 434; Power of justices to suppress, 448; Verdict on indictment for, 631.

Rioters, sheriffs and justices may arrest, 141; Remaining together after proclamation, 142; Breaking into grain stores, 204; May be bound to the peace, 443; or good behaviour, 444.

Robbery, 16; By married woman, 18; Verdict in, 631.
Rolls, razing, 355.

Roots, damaging or destroying, 42.

Sacrilege, 32.

Sanctuary, 19, 464.

Scire facias, against representatives of crown debtor, 357. Scotland, offenders escaping into or from, how dealt with, 458-460, 498.

Sea. See "Admiralty." Injuring sea bank, 645.

Searchwarrant, may be granted for goods stolen, 10; Or goods shipwrecked, 20; Or forged notes, plates, and tools, 58, 64; Or coining tools, 116, 123; Or seditious libels, 199; Or forged stamps, 241, 244; Generally, 476.

Second diligence, letters of, 460.

Security, stealing valuable, 2, 270.

Sedition, 131; Administering or taking oath for purposes of,


Seditious or blasphemous libel, all copies of, may be seized, 198; Punishment for second offence, 199; Evidence, 200; Recognizance for good behaviour from persons accused of, 200, 444.

Sentence. See "Judgment," and particular heads. Separatists, may affirm in all cases, 603; False affirmation by,

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See "Extraordinary,"

Special, Sessions."

Sheep, stealing, 4.


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Sheriff. See "Election." May apprehend rioters, 141; Punishable for neglect of duty in cases of forcible entry, 187; Powers and duties of, in such cases, 187; Shall not commit extortion, 349 d; Shall have the charge of gaol, 355; Shall not hold pleas of the crown, 367; Shall levy deodands, 412; Shall not act as a justice, 430; May levy hue and cry, 1455; Of arrests by, 468; Shall receive prisoner committed, 480; Shall obey writs of habeas corpus, 505; Shall return persons qualified as jurors, 570; Impannelling persons not in juror's book, 578; Shall not take money to excuse from serving as a juror, 578.

Ship, stealing from, 20; Destroying, to prejudice underwriters &c., 21; Detaining under claim of salvage, 21; Burning, destroying, or damaging, 22; Exhibiting false lights to, 22; Master of, leaving his crew, or forcing them on shore, 93, 299; Equipping for foreign service, 139; or aiding therein, 140; Injuring, while laden with grain, or preventing its sailing, 204; Having naval stores, may be detained, 281; Shall perform quarantine, when, 292, 294; Not forfeit as a deodand, 412.

Shipwrecked, goods, how to be disposed of, 20; Persons, hindering from saving themselves, 22.

Shooting. See" Customs, " Excise." With intent to murder or maim, 85.

Shop, stealing in, 35; Burning, 36.

Shrub. See "Tree."

Signals, making to smuggling vessels, 216; How offender disposed of, 216; Onus probandi lies on him, 217; Mak. ing of, how prevented, 217.

Silk goods, stealing, 2; Injuring, 38.
Smuggled goods. See "



Excise." Landing or

rescuing, 217; Being found with, 218.

Smuggling. See “Customs," " Excise." Shooting at officer or ship engaged in preventing, 217; Assaulting officer engaged in preventing, 218; Prosecution, process, and pleading, 219, 220; Evidence of, 221; Limitation of prosecution, 222; Venue, 222.

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Society. See Association."

Sodomy, 97.

Special case, 632.

Special commission, lord lieutenant may appoint places of holding, 378; Powers of, 382.

Special jury, 560, 574, 583; Costs of, 576.

Special sessions, 436.

Spring guns, setting, 89.

Stabbing, with intent to murder or maim, 85.
Statutes, evidence of, 596.

Stamp Office, making or using paper in imitation of that used by, 242; Declaration at, regarding newspapers, 245 a. Stamps, counterfeiting on plate, 238; or on paper, 239; Onus probandi, 240; Suspected premises may be searched, 241, 244; Indictment and evidence in offences relating to, 243; Forging of, on cards or dice, 245; Informers indemnified, 245.

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Steam engine. See Nuisance."

Stock, forging letter of attorney to transfer, 69 79; Perso

nating proprietor of, 69; Making fraudulent transter of, 70; Forging certificate of transfer of, 72.

Strangle, attempting to, 85.

Straw, setting fire to stack of, 41.

Suffocate, attempting to, 85.

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