Fauna Boreali-americana, Or, The Zoology of the Northern Parts of British America: Containing Descriptions of the Objects of Natural History Collected on the Late Northern Land Expeditions, Under Command of Captain Sir John Franklin, R.N.

John Murray, Albemarle-Street, 1829

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PÓgina 63 - We rustled through the leaves like wind, Left shrubs, and trees, and wolves behind; By night I heard them on the track, Their troop came hard upon our back, With their long gallop, which can tire The hound's deep hate, and hunter's fire...
PÓgina 19 - The bear being dead, all my assistants approached, and all, but more particularly my old mother (as I was wont to call her), took her head in their hands, stroking and kissing it several times; begging a thousand pardons for taking away her life: calling her their relation and grandmother; and requesting her not to lay the fault upon them, since it was truly an Englishman that had put her to death.
PÓgina 110 - ... in their houses, than to have a dry place to lie on ; and there they usually eat their victuals, which they occasionally take out of the water. It frequently happens that some of the large houses are found to have one or more partitions, if they deserve the appellation; but it is no more than a part of the main building, left by the sagacity of the beaver to support the roof. On such occasions...
PÓgina 242 - The prime parts of eight or ten deer-skins make a complete suit of clothing for a grown person, which is so impervious to the cold, that with the addition of a blanket of the same material, any one so clothed may bivouac on the snow with safety, and even with comfort, in the most intense cold of an Arctic winter's night...
PÓgina 19 - ... but the hope of finding a large bear, and obtaining from its fat a great quantity of oil, an article at the time much wanted, at length prevailed. "Accordingly, in the morning we surrounded the tree, both men and women, as many at a time as could conveniently work at it ; and there we toiled like beavers till the sun went down.
PÓgina 19 - This ceremony was not of long duration ; and if it was I that killed their grandmother, they were not themselves behindhand in what remained to be performed. The skin being taken off, we found the fat in several places six inches deep. This, being divided into two parts, loaded two persons ; and the flesh parts were as much as four persons could carry. In all, the carcass must have exceeded five hundred weight.
PÓgina 243 - ... the sea-coast to graze upon the sprouting carices and withered grass or hay of the preceding year, which, at that period, is still standing, and retains part of its sap, in all the moist places covering the bottoms of the narrow valleys on the coasts and islands of the Arctic sea. Having dropped their young, they commence their return to the south in September, and reach the vicinity of the woods in October, at which time the males are in good condition, and there is a layer of fat deposited...
PÓgina 58 - ... through the snow for several yards, leaving a deep furrow behind it. This movement is repeated with so much rapidity, that even a swift runner on snow-shoes has much trouble in overtaking it. It also doubles on its track with much cunning, and dives under the snow to elude its pursuers.
PÓgina 63 - I had more than once an opportunity of seeing a single wolf in close pursuit of a reindeer; and I witnessed a chase on Point Lake when covered with ice, which terminated in a fine buck reindeer being overtaken by a large white wolf, and disabled by a bite in the flank. An Indian, who was concealed on the borders of the lake, ran in and cut the deer's throat with his knife : the wolf at once relinquished his prey and sneaked off.

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