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Domestic Occurrences.

557 E. Prudham, a blacksmith, died lately at TRADE OF GREAT BRITAIN.-An Official Shenley-hill, Herts, in consequence of Return to an Order of the House of Comdrinking vinegar to allay his thirst,“ which mons states the grand total of the official (he said) was increased by the stuff put into value of Imports into Great Britain and Irethe brewer's beer," and afterwards swallow land, in the year ending 5th January. ing some doses of shot, which a quack had


£.40,135,952 2 prescribed to him “ to keep down his


33,625,740 17 lights!". The lead and vinegar made gou


36,514,564 11 lard in his stomach, and poisoned him. He

1822 has left & widow and children totally unpro

35,838,038 18 vided for. It is said to be no uncommon

Grand Total of the official value of Exports recipe of the lower medical tribe, and it is

of British and Irish Produce and Manuhoped this instance may serve to caution

factures in the year ending 5th January. the ignorant.


£.44,570,653 2 June 10. The Trial of Mr. Stuart, for 1820

35,657,029 0 1

1821 mortally wounding Sir Alexander Boswell,

40,240,277 10 of Auchinleck, in a duel, on the 26th of

43,111,474 15 March last, at Auchterpool, came on in Foreign and Colonial Merchandise exportthe High Court of Justiciary, Edinlurgh.- ed in the year ending 5th January. Amongst the other witnesses were several


2.12,287,274 15 0 who proved the fairness of the manner in

11,287,076 17 which the duel was conducted. The evi


11,490,339 dence on both sides being given, the Lord


12,039,939 15 Advocate, in a short speech, addressed the Jury on the part of the Crown, in which he Total Exports for the year ending 5th Jan. contended, that by the law of the land, any


£.56,857,927 17 person who killed another in a duel, was

46,935,105 17 7 guilty of murder; and that this charge had

51,730,616 18 10

1822 been completely proved by the evidence.

55,151,414 10 10 He had thought it his duty to bring this It appears from the above statement that case before the Court, and he had no doubt the total Exports of last year exceeded the the Jury would return a verdict as satisfac- amount in the preceding year to the extent tory to the country as it would be honour- of upwards of nearly three millions and a able to themselves. Mr. Jeffrey spoke at half; but that there is a decrease in the great length in favour of Mr. Stuart, and Imports of upwards of half a million. commented, with his usual ingonuity and

Monday, May 27. eloquence, on the different charges in the indictment, contending, that the prisoner

This evening an alarming riot took place had not committed a great crime, but had in Great Peter-street, Westminster, and the fallen under a great calamity. The Lord places adjacent. It originated in a quarrel Justice Clerk summed up with the utmost among some Irish people of the lowest class impartiality. The Jury (fifteen in num- in a public-house, the Duke's Head, in Peber), without leaving the box, returned an ter-street, from whence they turned into unanimous verdict by their Chancellor, Sir the street; when, in the course of a few John Hope, finding Mr. Stuart Not Guilty minutes, upwards of 200 persons assembled, of the charges libelled. The verdict was

armed with every description of weapons, received, by a very crowded Court, with

and a general affray commenced. The poloud cheers. Mr. Stuart was then dismiss

lice attached to Queen-square Office having ed from the Bar, and in retiring was con

received information of the ontrage, progratulated by a great number of his friends. ceeded to the spot, re-inforced by a strong

party of the Bow-street patrol, and the

Thaines Police, under the direction of Sir LONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

R. Birnie. After a very prolonged and deThe New London Bridge is to be erected termined resistance, and the Riot Act had as near as possible to, and not exceeding been read, the rioters were driven into the 170 feet from the West side of the present houses, and were followed by the Police Ofbridge, and to afford a clear water-way officers armed with cutlasses and pistols : senot less than 690 feet. It is to be faced veral of the officers were very severely with granite, and to consist of five arches; beaten, and much injured by stones, &c. the centre arch to rise 23 feet above high being thrown on them from the windows. water mark of an average spring tide, ac- A pistol loaded with ball was fired from one cording to the Trinity House standard, of the windows; it is said, that the contents which is shown upon the face of the present lodged in the groin of a man named Welsh, bridge. Proper stairs of granite are to be and he was carried to the hospital in a state provided. The acclivity of the road way, of insensibility. By the exertions of the wo and over the bridge, is not to be steeper Police, and a number of the inhabitants, than one foot in 26 feet.

who were sworn in special constables on the


558 Domestic Occurrences.-- Theatrical Register.

(June, occasion, 34 of the rioters were taken into Dr. Dodson adressed the Court in support custody in the course of the evening. Many of the arguments urged last Court day, and persons were cut and beat in the most shock- concluded by earnestly entreating the Court, ing manner, the rioters being armed with on the score of justice, humanity, and fair lung sticks, and supplied with stones by dealing that ought to exist between man women from the neighbouring streets. Such and man, to grant the motion of his wortby was the consternation of the inhabitants, Colleague. Dr. Haggard, on the same side, the shutters were almost universally closed; supported the other learned Civiliaus, and several of the shops were wantonly attacked, contended that the motion ought to be and the windows destroyed. Had not the made absolute, namely, thai the will now Police promptly arrived, one house would read be propounded as the last will and have been completely demolished.

testament of his Majesty George III. Sir Monulay, June 3.

Christopher Robinson, the King's AdioVAUXHALL-GARDENS were re-opened un- cate, addressed the Court at great length der the patronage of his Majesty, and under against the claim, contending that it was a the management of new proprietors, who matter not for the interference of that have judiciously put in their claim for pub- Court. Dr. Adams followed on the same lic patronage, by the prompt adoption of side. A few minutes before one o'clock, arrangements which seem well calculated to Olive, Princess of Cumberland, entered the ensure general satisfaction. The Gardens Court, and took her seat on the bench beare entirely new decorated—a scenic theatre, hind the Proctors. Dr. Lushington replied some cosmoramas, and other minor attrac- in a very long and eloquent speech. Sir J. tions, have been added to the amusements Nicholl said, he should take time tu cor.sider of the visitors ; but the principal novelty is the case, and on the next Court day he gave of a more expensive kind; it is called in the judgment against the application, as not conbills The Heptaplasiesoptron !" and is form- ing within the jurisdiction of that Court. ed at one extremity of the saloon. It con

Thursday, June 20. sists of an illuminated area, with revolving The resolution of the Directors of the pillars, around which are entwined serpents, Bank to discount in future at four per cent shaded under the foliage of palm trees. The was made known by the following notice :centre is occupied by a cooling fountain ;

Bank of England, June 20, 1822. and looking-glasses, skilfully placed in the “ Resolved, That all bills and notes apback-ground, reflect both the ornamental proved of in the usual manner, and not have objects and the spectators with something ing more than 95 days to run, be discounted approaching to magnificence of effect. The at the rate of four per cent. per annum, og display in this part of the Garden is novel and after the 21st of June, 1822." and splendid, and was the object of univer- Much to the credit of all who participated sal adıiration. Some new transparencies in the knowledge of this measure, not a sylhave been added. The illuminations were lable was suffered to transpire beforehand, tastefully arranged, and the effect more than and the public were taken completely by sirusually brilliant. The vocal department is 'prise. Neither had any speculations been filled by old favourites. Charles Taylor entered into, in order to take advantage of took, as heretofore, the principal part, and the event. Its immediate effect was a rise apologized for the absence of Mrs. Bland, in the home and all the foreign securities, on account of indisposition. Miss Tuustall, more or less, according to their degree of Miss Graddon, and Miss Noel, are added to estimation from other causes. As it was the musical corps. The orchestra was well supposed that the impulse given here would filled, and the fire-works extremely brilliant. be felt in all the markets of the continent,

The ascent on the tight rope was performed couriers were dispatched the same night, to by the junior Longuemare (according to the carry the intelligence to all the chief cities bills) with an activity which recalled to the of Europe. spectators the skill of Madame Sachi. The blaze of fire-works of various colours during

THEATRICAL REGISTER. the ascent was the most beautiful we have

HAYMARKET THEATRE. ever seen at these Gardens. The attend- June 17. This Theatre opened this night, ance was extremely numerous and fashion- and the profits were allotted to the Irish able.

Subscription. A piece called The Bull of Wednesday, June 19.

Fore, from the pen, it is said, of Mr. DibThe cause of Olive, Princess of Cumber- din, was the only novelty. It is a whimsiland, respecting his late Majesty's will of cal and laughable thing, with a good deal 15,0001. in her favour, was heard in the of equivoque occasioned by a provincial maPrerogative Court, which was crowded to nager and an innkeepor, whose initials are

At ten o'clock Sir John Nicholl alike, S. S. advertising the one for a com look lis seat, and shortly after Dr. Dodson pany of comedians, the other for a set of and Dr. Lushington, accompanied by Geu. servants, and the applicants going to the Desseux, soi-dissant Capt. Fitz-Strathern, wrong parties, the servants to the manager, cousin of the Princess Olive, and others. the players to the innkeeper.




[ 559 ]



Rev. Dr. Magee, Bishop of Raphoe, to be War-Office, May 24. 16th Light Dra

Archbishop of Dublin.

Vory Rev. Archdeacon Bissett, to be Bishop goons : Brevet Lieut.-col. G. H. Murray to be Lieut.-col. ; Capt. W. Persse to be Maj. Rev. R. Lawrence, D. C. L. Regius Pro

of Raphoe. ---44th foot: Brevet Lieut.-col. G. Har

fessor of Hebrew at Oxford, to be Archdinge to be Lieut.-col. ; Brevet Lieut.-col. H. Nixon to be Major, vice Hardinge.

bishop of Cashel.

Rev. A. Nicol, M. A. of Balliol College, to May 31. 2d West India Reg.: Maj. W.

be Canon of Christ Church, and Professor Sutherland to be Lieut-col. vice O'Hara,

of Hebrew in the University of Oxford. who retires.

Rev. G. Gaskin, D. D. to a Prebend in Ely June 1. Ralph Bigland, Esq. to be Cla

Cathedral. renceux King of Arms; E. Lodge, Esq. to

Rev. S. Briscall, St. Mary, South Kelsey, be Norroy King of Arms ; Geo. Frederick

with St. Nicholas, South Kelsey, anBeltz, Esq. Lancaster Herald; and James

nexed, R. R. co. Lincoln. Pulman, Esq. Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms. June 12. Lieut.-col. Richard Church,

Rev. C. Campbell, Beechamwell R. with

the R. of Shingham annexed, also WeaCompanion of the Most Hon. Military Order

senham All Saints V. and Weasenham of the Bath; Capt. John William Head

Se, Peter's V. Norfolk. Brydges, of Wootton Court, Kent; and

Rev. T. Chevallier, Lecturer of Great St. George Farrant, of Northsted-house, Kent,

Andrew's, Oxford. and of Upper Brook-street, esq. knighted.

Rev. J. M. Colson, jun. Peatling R. LeicesJune 14. 51st foot: Sir T. Hislop,

tershire. Bart. G.C. B. to be Col. vice Norshead, dec.

Rev. Rich. Corfield, Upton Parva R. Salop. -93d foot : Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B. to

Rev. Mr. Crossman, elected Incumbent of be Colonel, vice Hislop, promoted.

Church Church, in the Forest of Dean. June 12. Mr. W. Rose Robinson to be Commissary of the Commissariat of Glasgow, Rev. J. N. France, Stayley-bridge Perpetual

Rev. W. H. Deane, Hintlesham R. Suffolk. vacant by the appointment of Wm. Erskine,

Incumbency, Lancashire. Esq. to be one of the Lords of Session in

Rev. G. R. Gleig, Ivy Church R. Kent. Scotland. Civil PREFERMENTS.

Rev. G. Dixwell Grimes, Emildon V. Northu.

Rev. J. Hall, Great Bedwin V. Bucks. May 3. Wm. Robinson, Esq. of Queen

Rev. G. Heming, Thundersley R. Essex. square, Bloomsbury, to be LL.D. June 24. Aldermen Lucas and Thomp- Rev. T. Silver, D.C. L. Great Staughton

Rev. H. Lowther, Bolton R. Cumberland. son elected Sheriffs of London and Middl.

V. Hunts.

Rev. W.S.Whitelock Gedney V.Lincolnsh. ECCLESIASTICAL. PREFERMENTS. Rev. T. Hale, Domestic Chaplain to the Lord John-George De-la-Poer Beresford, Marquis of Salisbury.

Archbishop of Dublin, to be Archbishop Rev. R. B. Paul, to be Domestic Chaplain of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland. to the Earl of Falmouth.

BI R T H S. Lately. In Mortimer-street, Cavendish- of Stonehouse, Gloucester, a dau.--26. At square, the wife of Col. H. Baillie, a son. Lee, the wife of Capt. W. E. Wright. R. N.

May 8. Mrs. F. B. Hacket, of Moor- a son.--29. In Montague-place, Mrs. W. hall, Warwick, a dau.-13 and 15. At S. Best, a dau.-30. At Lytham, Mrs. W. Aranjuez, the Princesses of Don Carlos and Marshall, a son. Don Francis Paulo, brothers to the King of June 2. At Garboldham-hall, the MarSpain, of sons.--21. In Kingsland-place, chioness of Blandford, a son and heir, who Mrs. Frederick Bode, a son.--At Celle, Ha- takes the title of the Earl of Sunderland nover, the wife of Major-Gen. Hugh Hal- 4. At East Farleigh, the wife of Rev. A. kett, C. B. a son.-22. In Montague-place, Cooper, a dau.-At Leamington, the lady the wife of Lieut.-col. Cowper, a dau.--The of Sir Eardley Wilmot, Bart. a son.-10. The wife of Dr. Howell, of Clifton, a dau.-23. Countess of Dartmouth a son and heir, who Mrs. T. Daniell, of Little Berkhampsted, a takes the title of Visc. Lewisham.-10. Lady son.—The Princess of Orange, a son.-24. Sheffield, of Normanby, a dau.—At AshAt Whitehall, the wife of Dr. Phillimore, prington-house, the wife of Major-General M.P. a son.-Mrs. H. Tenant, of South- Adams, a son and heir.-14. Åt Balaamampton-row, a dau.—At Bedford-place, Mrs. hill, Mrs. H. Harford, a dau.—16. Mrs. G. T, Farrer, a son.-25. Mrs. R. S. Davies, B. Robinson, of Burton-crescent, a son.


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Lately. Rev. J. Barne, R. of Batter- of Fletching, to Mary, d. of late Rev. Dr. leigh, to Eliza, d. of late J. Turner, esq.- Dobson, of Hurstperpoint. - 11. At St. Rev. Edw. Conyers, R. of Knockmane, son Martin's-in-the-fields, Lieut. C. Blood, R. of C. Conyers, of Castletown Conyers, to N. to Mary-Anne, only dau. of late J. J. Catherine, only d. of Sir K. Blennerhasset, Cotter, esq. of Nannard-grove, Cork.–12. Bt.--Rev. J.Page, V. of Gillingham, to 2d.d. W. Turner, esq. barrister-at-law, only son of late W.Yaldon, Esq. of Lovington.-Rev. of W.Turner, esq. of Chapel Izod, Dublin, E.O. Smith, R. of Holcut and Salford, to to Maria-Eliz.-Frances, d. of the late John Julia, d. of late Rev. T. Willis, of Bletch- Meares, esq. of Eastington.-14. At Si. ley.--James Brookes, esq. solicitor, of Odi- Marylebone, Rev. Edw. 0. Smith, R. of ham, Hants, to Charlotte, d. of late George Holcut and Salford, to Julia, d. of late T. Woodbridge, of Plymouth.-D. Lewis, esą. Willis, of Bletchley.-16. Vice.-Adm. Sir of Newcastle-Emlyn, to the eldest d. of S. Rich. King, bart. K. C. B. to Maria-SusanHowell, esq. of Morfa, co. Cardingan.-T. na, d. of late Adm. Sir C. Cotton, bart. of W. son of T. Northmore, esq. to Catherine, Madingley.-20. Rev. Jas. Blackburn, V. of d. of Sir W. Welby, Bart. of Granthain- Gainford, and R. of Romaldkirk, to Jane, wid. hall.-T. S. son of T. Seawell, esq. of Book- of M.Dunn, esq. of Durham.—21. At North ham, to Etheldred Harriot, only d. of C. Mundham, Sussex, Capt. J. Cursham, Hon. Seawell, esq. of Eaton Ford.-H. Vickers, E. I. C. Military Service, to Louisa, d. of esq. of Bridgnorth, to Priscilla, only d. of R. Merricks, esq. of Runkton-house.—A. J. Cotton, esq. of London.-At Chichester, Bryant, esq. of Naples, to Mary-Elliott, d. W. G. Ponsonby, esq. barrister-at-law, to of J. Brown, esq. of Kennington.-42. T. the ad d. of late Rev. W. Goddard, of Star- H. Place, esq. only son of E. Place, esq. of groves-house, Bristol.–At Dublin, Capt. J. Skelton Grange, and grandson to late farl 1. Hutchinson, son of Hon. T. H. Hutchin- of Aberdeen, to Caroline, d. of late Rev. son, and nephew to Earl Donoughmore and R. Smith, Rector of Marston, both co. Lord Hutchinson, to Hon. Margaret Gardi- York.-23. N. Ellison, esq. of Lincola's ner, d. of late Lord Visc. Mountjoy.-At Iun, to Frances-Gregg, d. of late J. WombArthuret, the Rev. Edw. Anderson, B. D. to well, esq.-Wm. Scott Preston, esq. to Mar Anne, d. of late Archdeacon Paley.--At yaret-Grace-Gordon, dan. of the late Peter Llandillo, J. Williams, esq. to Mary-Anne Lawrie, esq. of Blackheath.-25. Alex. Gee. Roderick, of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.- Milne, esq. of Portland-road, to Mrs. Span, At Paris, H. Winston Barron, esq. of Mount of Nottingham-place, widow of late John Barron, Waterford, to Miss Leigh Page Span, esq. of Bristol.–At Masham, Chas. Turner, d. of late Sir G. L. P. Turner, bart. Harrison, esq. Recorder of Ripon, to Anna, of Battlesden Park.

wid. of late J. L. Batley, esq. of Masham.April30. E.C. son of J. Woodbridge, esq. Henry, son of H. Grant, esq. of Gnoll Casof Charlwood Park, to Eliz. dau. of Capt. tle, to Mary, d. of Lieut.-gen. Warde, of Herbert, Henrietta-street.-At Woodstone, Woodland Castle, co. Glamorgan.-R. H. W. Lawrance, esq. of Peterborough, to Strachan, esq. of the Parliament-otfice, to Henrietta, d. of Rev.J. Bringhurst.

Miss Eliz. Nettlefuld, of Lyndhurst.-At May 2.

At Raphoe, Rev. H. M`Neill, Paris, John-Alex. Hunter, of Lancaster, to A. M. chaplain to the Lord Lieut. of Ire. Patricia, d. of Sir J. Barrington, Judge of land, and R. of Albury, Surrey, to Anne the High Court of Justiciary of Ireland. Magee, d. of Bishop of Raphoe.-At East 28. Rev. James Marshall, Minister of the Barnet, Sir T. Whelan, of Dublin, to Alicia, Outer High Church, Glasgow, to Marydau. of E. Egan, esq. of Ussage-house, Cath. dau. of Rev. Legh Richmond, R. of Hants. -Rev. Jenkin Thomas, of Oxford, to Turvey.—29. Capt. Lambert, R. N. 80 KsMary Harriet, only d. of J. Tombes, esq. of therine, dau. of late Rev. T. Cobb, of Igh. Quarrington.At St. Marylebone, W. Sel- tham, Kent.-John Kirkman, esq. of Alpha. by, esq. to Juliana, d. of late Maj. O'Brien, road, to Eliz. dau. of T. Chevalier, esq. of of Bath.-6. Rev. J. E. Lance, to Madelina South Audley-street.-30. Cha. Finch, esq. Louisa, d. of late Josias Dupré Porcher, of Staines, tu Miss Emma Rose, of Wandsesq. of Winslade.-C.W. son of Rev. C. W. worth.-Rev. Cha. Cole, of Poplar, to Har. Ethelston, of Wickstead-hall, to Anne, d. of riet, d. of Wm. Redifer, esq. of StamfordR. Peel, esq. of Tor Abbey.--At Dittisham, At Mary-le-bone, Rev. W. W. Pym, son of Kelynge Greenway, esq. of Warwick, to Le- F. Pym, esq. M. P. to Sophia Roise, dau. of titia, d. of late C. Durnford, esq.-At Hal- late S. Gambier.—John Scott, esq. of the berton, Rev.J. Eagles, to Eliz, d. of late H. Office of Ordnance, to Anne-Elizabeth, d. of Manley, esq. of Manley, near Tiverton.-8. R. Welbank, esq. of the Tower.- Rev. W. The Earl of Denbigh to Hon. Miss Moreton, Williams, B. D. Hascomb, Surrey, to Miss eldest d. of Lord Ducie.- Rev. T. F. Beck- Sophia A. C. Lawford, of St. James's, Piewith, V. of East Retford, to only d. of Rev. cadilly.-Geo. Glasson, M.D. of Ereter, to J. Carter, of Lincoln.-9. Rev. C. Gaunt, eldest d. of Thos. Husband, banker, of Dock


[ 561 ]





pliance with the will of the late Charles May 25. In Lower Brook-street, aged Viscount Irwin, to take the surname of 77, Elizabeth, Dowager Duchess of Graf- logram before their present surname

She was the third daughter of the of Seymour, and also to write the said Rev. Sir Richard Wrottesley, Bart. Dean surname of Ingram, before all titles of of Windsor, and was the second wife of honour, and also to bear the arms of The late Duke of Grafton, to whom she Ingram quarterly, with those of Seywas married June 24, 1769, and by wbum mour and Conway. she had 13 children.

His Lordship, wbile Lord Beauchamp,

took an active part in the House of MARQUIS OF HERTFORD.

Commons; and passed a long life not June 17. Ac a quarter past three devoid of ambition, knowledge of bu-, A. M. in Manchester-square, the Most siness, or power of talent. He was a Honourable Francis Ingram Seymour most accomplished gentleman, of consiConway, Marquis and Earl of Hertford, derable literary attainments,and had long Earl of Yarmouth, Viscount Beauchamp been a patron and promoter of everylaud. of Hacbe, Baron Conway of Ragley, Ba. able institution : his loss will therefore ron Conway and Killullagh, co. Antrim, be extensively regretted. He had been K.G. F.S.A. late Lurd High Chamberlain in a declining state of healtb for upof the King's Household, and Lord Lieu- wards of two years ; but within the last tenant and Custos Roculorum of War. ten days the decay bad been rapid, and wickshire and Antrim. He was born latterly his memory appeared to be in Feb. 1743 ; and was the eldest son of wbully gone. His disconsulate MarchioFrancis, the 1st marquis, by Isabella was present to receive the last Fitzroy, daughter of the late Duke of breath of her amiable and beloved Lord. Gordon. He was educated at Eton, The remains of the Marquis have been whence be removed to Oxford, and ob

removed for interment to Sudborn, near tained the degree of M.A. there, June Orford, Suffolk. 15,1762; married Ist. Feb.1, 1768, AliciaElizabeth, youngest daughter and co

EARL OF ORFORD. heir of Herbert, last Viscount Windsor, June 15. The Right Hon. Horatio of Ireland, and by ber (who died in 1972) Walpole, Earl of Orford, Baron Wal. had only one daughter, Alicia, w bo died pole of Wolterton, co. Norsolk, and Ba. an infant. His Lordship married, 2dly, ron Walpole of Walpole, M. A. High May 18, 1976, Isabella Anne Ingram, Steward of the Borougis of Lynn ; born dau, and coheir of Charles, lase Viscount June 24, 1752. Irwin of Scotland, and had issue Fran- He was the grandson of Horatio first cis Wm. Earl of Yarmouth, the present baron Walpole of Wollerton (who was Marquis, who succeeds to the vast wealth the younger brother of Sir Robert Walas well as to the titles of the deceased. pole), and son of Horatio, second lord The entailed estates are estimated at Walpole, by Lady Rachel Cavendish, little short of 90,0001. per ann.

dau. of Wm. third duke of Devonshire. One of the late Marquis's sisters mar- This 2d lord Walpole (on the death of the ried the present Marquis of Drogheda; celebrated Horace Walpole, fourth earl another became the Countess of Lons of Orford, in 1797, without issue) bad donderry, and was the moi ber of the the earldom of Orford revived in his present Marquis of Londonderry; a third, person April 1, 1806; and died Feb. Countess of Grandisosi ; a fourth, Count- 24, 1809, when he was succeeded by the ess of Lincoln.

late earl. He married July 7, 1781, bis One of his brothers, Lord Hugh Sey. cousin Sophia, daughter of Chas. Churchmour, a gallant Admiral, died in Ja- ill, esq. by Maria daughier of Sir Rubt. maica in 1801.

Walpole, K.G. afterwards earl of OrHe succeedell bis father as Marquis of ford; by whom (who died in 1797) he Hertford in 1794. On the 17th of July, bad issue Horatio lord Walpole, M.P. 1807, he was created a Knight of the for King's Lynn, (now earl of Orford); Garter.

three oiber sons, and eight daughters. On Dec. 18, following, the Marquis He inarried 2udly, in 1806, the widow of and Marchioness of Hertford obtained bis the Rev. Edward Chamberlayne, (who Majesty's leave and authority, in com- died in 1807) by whom he had no issue, GENT. Mag.June, 1822.


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