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186 Henry Wilton, Esq.-William Hammond, Esq.

[Feb. 1789, 8vo.-" Coalitions and Compro. of his heart, cemented the warmest atmises, an Appeal to the Electors of Great, tachment of a most extensive circle of Britain," 1790, 8vo.-" The present friends. Thus eminently qualified to Practice of a Justice of the Peace, and a become generally beloved, it was only to complete Library of Parish Law," 1791, be expected that his sudden demise 4 vols. 8vo. (This work bears Dr. Bar- would be as universally regretted ; and ry's name, but he is said not to have we have seldom witnessed a more unabeen the compiler of it.]—"Theological, nimous burst of sympathy than was Philosopbical, and Moral Essays," 1791, elicited on this occasion. In the dis8vo. 2d edit.-"A dispassionate Address charge of bis relative domestic duties, to the Subjects of Great Britain," 1793, as an affectionate husband, a kind father, 8v0.-“ Familiar Letters on a variety of and a firmly attached brother, we feel Subjects," 1793, 1200.-"A Letter on we approach a subject to which we canthe Necessity of adopting some Measure not do justice; and over the unspeakto reduce the present Number of Dogs," able distress of bis family and connex. 1794, 8vo. “A Fast-day Sermon, ions, we are compelled to draw the veil preached Feb. 25, 1795, at Henley on of silence. We will only venture to Thames," 410.-" The Friendly Call of observe, that, next to the consolation Truth and Reason to a new Species of which can alone be derived from the Dissenters," 1799, 8vo. 4th edit. 1812. hand which inflicted the blow, it may “A few Observations on the Expedience be soothing to them to learn the symof Parliamentary Interpretation duly to pathetic feelings with which their explain the Toleration Act," 1799, 8vo. sorrows are regarded the wbole in_ic Works," 1806, 3 vuls. 8vo.--"A habitants of this city. Mr. Wilton was Sermon preached at the Visitation of in the 57th year of his age, and for the Archdeacon of Berks, at Abingdon," many successive years had most ho1809, 4to.--"A Sermon preached before nourably filled highly respectable offices the Society of free and Accepted Ma- both in this city and county.". sons,” 1809.-"The Esculapian Monitor,

(Gloucester Journal, Feb. 4.) or Guide to the History of the Human Mr. Wilton was the son of a respectSpecies, and the most important Branches able solicitor in the same city, who long of Medical Philosophy," 1811, 8vo.—"A filled the office of Deputy Town.Clerk; Sermon for the Royal Humane Society," and was brother of Robert Playdell Wil. 1820, 8vo."

ton, Esq. solicitor and banker, the pre

sent Town Clerk, to which honourable HENRY WILTON, Esq.

post he succeeded upon the dealb of Feb. 1. At Gloucester, in his 57th William Fendall, Esq. in 1813. (See year, Henry Wilton, esq. Mayor of that Fosbroke's Gloucester City, p. 422.) He city.

“ While crossing the entrance had also another brother, well known hall of his residence, he complained of in bis day as a very good and very faintness, and was instantly assisted to

amiable clergyman, the Rev. William a chair in an adjoining room, where in Wilton, of Pembroke College, Oxford, a very few minutes, although medical and sumetime incumbent of Swell, co. aid was immediately administered, this Gloucester, author of an animated Ser. highly-respected gentleman breathed his mon; who died some years ago, and is last!' The distressing scene which en. still remembered with warm affection. F. sued, we are utterly unable to describe : the melancholy intelligence was soon William HAMMOND, Esq. spread from one extremity of the city to The late William Hammond, Esq. who the other, and the grief which was mani. died at St. Alban's Court, Kent, on Nov, 20, fested from the highest to the lowest, 1821, aged 69, was the representative of

an indubitable testimony of thé i well-allied family of gentry, who had veneration in which his character was been seated at that place for nearly three beld. As an honourable member of the centuries. His ancestor, Sir William learned profession of the law, a long Hammond, of the same place, was and extensive practice had rendered him knighted by King James I. James Hammore than usually well versed in the mond, the Elegiac Poet, was of this jurisprudence of his country, wbich, family-the grandson of a younger son. joined with inflexible integrity, and an But Mr. Hammond had far more valu• unvarying uprightness of mind, enabled able distinctions than those of descent: him to discharge the arduous duties of he was a truly valuable member of soChief Magistrate of this city, in a man- ciety. His benevolence, his integrity, ner peculiarly satisfactory to his fellow- and his virtuous morals, shone conspicitizens, and highly creditable to bim- cuously through a long life; without an self; whilst the social kindness of his ebb, in even tenor; conferring bappidisposition, and the sterling qualities ness, and never doing a wrong, or giving

a pang.

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1822.] Mr. W. Holt.--Lady Noel.--J. Morrison, Esg.--T. Coutts, Esq. 187 a pang. He succeeded to his estate as cial representative among their provinlong ago as 1773, and led the life of a cial connexions. In the regular discountry gentleman, baving served in the charge of this duty, Mr. Holt was perhaps American War as Field-Officer of Militia, without parallel, seldom varying a day and in the late War as a Major of Yeo- or an hour, in reaching and carrying at manry. In these days the loss of a the numerous places he visited on each country gentleman, even if he should successive journey ; nor were the in. be far less virtuous and amiable than tegrity of his conduct, or the precision Mr. Hammond, must be severely felt. of his dealings, less honourable traits There are few changes more burtful in

in the character of this truly wort by the present state of society than those

The warmth of his heart, the which destroy the character, the babits, genial kindness of his disposition, and and locality, of the country gentleman. the exemplary consistency and propriety It is a character difficult to form in the of his demeanour, riveted the aitachrising generation. A new race are grow- ment and respect of all with wbon be ing up under different circumstances. associated or had dealings, in the proThe difficulties and expences attendant secution of bis business, as well as all on a country residence every year in- who were ranked in the private circle crease. Old families are extinguished of bis friends. Mr. Holt bas left a at a more rapid rate than at any former widow and four children to deplore the period. Ere long a country life among

loss of an affectionate husband and an the gentry will become as infrequent as indulgent facher. upon the Continent. It cannot be denied that the social

LADY Noel. happiness among the different ranks of Jan. 28. At Kirkby Mallory, Leice:the people of Great Britain has declined tershire, aged 70, the Hon. Judith Lady with a quickness of descent which has Noel. She was the eldest daughter of not often been exhibited in history, Edward first Viscount Wentworth, and The mode of enjoying siches is among

was married Jan. 9, 1777, to Sir Ralph tbe most important topics of morals. Milbanke, bart. On the death of her One of Pope's best poetical essays is on

brother Thomas, the last Viscount this subject. Where ricbes exist, there Wentworth, Sir Ralph Milbanke took must be inequality ; and wbere ine- his lady's name of Nuel. She had issue quality exists, aristocracy comes in to only one daughter, the present Lady controul, modify, and ameliorate it. One Byron. of the best and most useful branches of the aristocracy, is the ancient country

JOHN MORRISON, Esq. gentleman. There are certain benefi- July 19. At Surat, alter a short but cial ambitions and salutary sorts of painful illness, in bis 381h year, John pride whicb are new shaped by this kind Morrison, Esq. Collector and Magistrate of birtb: certain sentiments which may of that zillah, having filled the situation be said to be hereditary. They grow upwards of seventeen years. By the death up so as to surround themselves with of this truly worthy man, his family certain sorts of etiquette : certain modes bave sustained an irreparable loss ; for of mind, which preserve them against in him they possessed all that constithe perpetual invasion of chicanery and tutes the affectionate husbana and faadventure. Mr. Hammond was, perbaps, ther-the tried and steady friend. In almost the last uf bis class of his own society, the character of Mr. Morrison was generation in the neighbourhood to marked by tbe strictest integrity, and which he belonged. Those a very, very by a peculiar and uniform urbanity of few years junior grew up in a different manners, wbich secured bim the confi. æra. How long and how deeply bis loss dence and esteem of all who knew him; will be lamented, will be beiter estic and the regard in which he was held in mated as time goes on. Real losses his official capacity, amongst all classes wake wounds which experience deepens, of the natives, was affectingly evinced Tot obliterates, Where will be found by a general suspension of business, and his equal in virtuous benevolence and the almost incalculable number assemintegrity which nothing could shake? bled to pay a last tribute of respect as

bis remains passed to the grave. MR. WILLIAM HOLT. Jan. 28. After an afflicting illness, aged

Thomas Coutts, Esq. 58, Mr. William Holt, of Kingsbolm near Feb. 24. At his house in StrattonGloucester, a partner in the firm of street, aged 87, Thomas Coutts, Esq. Watson and Holt, tea-dealers, London, the well-known banker in tbe Strand. of wbich bighly-respectable house he His life was one of great and useful exhad for many years been the commer. ertion. He possessed a singularly clear


* 198 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons, (Feli. judgment, with a warm and affectionate Jan. 8. At Allensmore, near Hereford, heart. Few men ever enjoyed, in the Thomas Gilbert, in his 120th year. He degree Mr. Coutis did, the confidence was baptized in December 1702, as appears and esteem of bis friends, or obtained, by the register of the above parish. His unaided by rank or political power, so son, upwards of 70, attended at his funeral much consideration and influence in as chief mourner. society. The large fortune which he

Jan. 9.

At Ayr, aged 72, Mary, and on acquired, was a consequence, and not the 10th, aged 75, Agnes, Gillespie.—They the object of his active life, which at were sisters, and lived under the same roof every period was devoted to the aid and for the greater part of their lives.-Mary, a advancement of those he loved. He little before her death, took an affectionate died surrounded with friends, in the pre- farewell of Agnes; and on the 11th both sence of Mrs. Coutis and his daughiers,

were interred in the same grave. the Countess of Guildford and Lady Jan. 10. In his 69th year, Christopher Burdett, with their families, and Lord Rawlinson, esq. of Elm-house, near LiverDudley Stuart, the son of his second pool, a Deputy Lieutenant of the West daugbter, the Marchioness of Bure, Riding of the county of York. wbu is now in Italy on account of her Jan. 11. At Otley, aged 83, in consehealth,

quence of mortification, Samuel Moody, shoemaker.-For some time he had been

afflicted with extreme pain in his left leg, in DE A T H S.

consequence of a severe sprain; and about

two months ago the leg separated above the 1820. AT Bombay, in his 19th year, ancle with a report like a pistol, and fell July 28. Thomas, esq. of that Pre- completely from the body. sidercy, late of Lower Berkeley-street, Port- Jan. 12. At Louth, aged 71, William man-square.

Morris, a rat-catcher.—A few days since he Nov. 28. In the Island of Jamaica, aged went out to destroy vermin; and, as usual, 20, Ensign John Skinner, 58th reg. second took a box containing some poisonous son of Lieut.-gen. John Skinner.

article, which he used in his vocation, in his Dec. 6. In Barbadoes, in his 26th year, pocket, in which also he incautiously put a a victim (after an acute illness of only five small fruit pie. The latter he took out and days) to the dreadful disease of the climate, ate upon the road; but the lid of his box Henry Noble Shipton, esq. senior ensign of not being sufficiently secure, a part of the the 4th regiment of foot, and youngest son poison had, without his knowing it, fallen of the Rev. Dr. Shipton, rector of Por- out upon the surface of the pie. Medical tishead, near Bristol, vicar of Stanton Bury, aid was resorted to as soon as the accident Bucks, and one of his Majesty's Justices of was discovered ; but the poor fellow's sufferthe Peace for the county of Somerset. ings terminated in death after ten days of This deeply-lamented young man was en- excruciating agonjes. gaged with his regiment at the ever-me- Jan. 13. At Hartney Wintney, Hants, inorable battle of Waterloo, having before Sarah-Down, dau. of Thomas Hasband, esq. that period seen much severe and arduous At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Mrs.Yeo, mother of service. He possessed a warm and generous the late Sir James Lucas Yeo, K.C.B. &c. heart, an affectionate and filial disposition. At York Place, Clifton, Jane, sister of His parents have the comfort of reflecting, the late Sir Herbert Mackworth, bart. of upon this melancholy occasion, that the Gnoll Castle, Glamorganshire. son whom it has pleased Providence in His Jan. 15. At Stafford, aged 53, John wisdom to remove, was pious and sincere : Hubball, esq. one of the Alderinen of that -in the midst of temptations firm and re- borough, having served the office of Mayor solute; and at an age most liable to be led in 1815. A few years ago, Mr. Hubball astray, constant and exemplary in the dis- removed from the Brickhouse near Stafcharge of his religious duties.

ford, the place of his birth, being the last Dec. 12. At Barbadoes, in his 39th year, of the family that lived there, and where his Lieut-col. John Piper, of the 4th, or King's ancestors had resided for several centuries, Own Regiment.

as they were known to be settled there in Dec. 17. At Madeira, in his 34th year, the time of Henry VIII. and supposed many Mr. John Bowman, late of Wellclose-square. generations before.

Dec. 30. At Castle Hedingham, Essex, Jan. 16. At Droitwich, Worcestershire, in her 81st year, Mrs. Ambrose Myall, sen. in his 63d year, Richard Langford, esq. many

1821. Jan. 4. At Lyme, aged 82, Mary, years master of Haydon-square Academy. wife of Mr. Grimsby.--Her remains were In Vere-street, Cavendish-square, Thos. attended to the Church by Thomas Legh, Robertson, esq. of George-street, late Capesq. M.P. and his brothers, as a token of tain in the Naval Service of the East India respect to the memory of an old servant, Company. who had been in the service of the Legh Jan. 17. At Tallaton, Devonshire, Edfamily during a period of 60 years.

ward Cary, esq.


1829.) Obituary; with Anecilotes of remarkable Persons. 189

At Bath, aged 86, Mary, relict of John At Brighton, aged 43, Mr. George Royde, Ladeveze, esq. of Stephen's Green, Dublin. of Newgate-street, London, Auctioneer.

Jan. 18. In Bedford-place, suddenly, Aged 81, John Glegg, esq. of WithingThomas Stoke, esq. of the Royal Navy. ton Hall, Cheshire. Most justly esteemed, Mrs. Emly, of

Jan. 25. At Athlone, Ireland, aged 41, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, the widow of the Rev. William Weaver, esq. Ordnance StoreThomas Emly, A.M. and M.D.

keeper of that place : goodness of heart, After a long and severe illness, in his the strictest integrity, and uprightness of 63d year, John Orford, gent. of Brook's conduct in all his dealings, secured to him Hall, Ipswieh.

the warm esteem and affection of a numeAt Oxford, the Rev. Frodsham Hodson, rous circle of friends. D. D. Principal of Brazen Nose College, In bis 83d year, Robert Johnson, esq. of Regius Professor of Divinity, and Canon of Broad-street, Golden-square, St. James's; Christ Church. He published “ The eter- for 69 years an inhabitant of that parish, nal Filiation of the Son of God, asserted on and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace the evidence of the Scriptures, the consent for Westminster. of the Fathers of the three first centuries, At Plymouth Dock, the wife of Mr. Dadd. and the authority of the Nicene Council,” Jan. 26. In her 20th year, Miss Ed8vo. 1796.

monds, niece of Mr. Edmouds, jeweller, of Jan. 19. At Aswardby, near Spilsby, the Strand. Jemima, wife of Richard Ker, esq. of Hull, In King's-row, Walworth, in his 82d and daughter of Richard Brackenbury, esq. year, Mr. Joseph Baster.

Jan. 20. In Bouverie-street, aged 63, In Great Surrey-street, in her 19th year, Mrs. Richings, of Warborough Cottage, Miss Elizabeth Priestley, Oxfordshire.

Jan. 27. In her 59th year, Mrs. Clark, At the house of his father, in Eccleston- of Maidenhead, Berks. street, Pimlico, aged 22, Mr. David Grif- At Enfield, Catherine, relict of the late fiths, clerk in the War Office.

Mr. William Stephens, formerly a stationer In his 16th year, Charles, son of the in Bartholomew-lane. Rev. W. Provis Wickham, of Charlton At his house on the Harrow Road, EdHouse, near Shepton Mallet, co. Somerset. ward, youngest son of W. M. Sellon, esq. of

At Rome, Stephen Tempest, jun. esq. Wilsdon, Middlesex. eldest son of Stephen Tempest, esq. of In Gloucester, highly respected and laBroughton Hall, Yorkshire.

mented, Robert Nelson Thomas, esq. ReJan. 21. At Hackney, in his 64th year, corder of Swansca, Steward to his Grace Mr. Peter Levesque, where he had retired the Duke of Beaufort, and a Deputy Lieufrom the arduous task of master of the tenant of the county of Glamorgan. Workhouse of St. Bride's, which place he At Seaford, the relict of the late George long filled, much to the satisfaction of the pa- Allfrey, esq. of Friston Place, Sussex. rishioners, and the comfort of the poor, In Hatton-garden (where he had resided who have lost a friend. Many a shilling upwards of 30 years), suddenly, in his 63d has this worthy man given to those who did year, William Lincoln, esq. apothecary. not come within parochial aid.

At Pudlicote House, co. Oxford, after a After a short illness, highly respected by short but severe illness, in which“ patience his friends, Hewitt Cobb, esq. of Clement's- had her perfect work," and religion its conian, and of Sydenham, in Kent, many years solatory influence, Mary Elizabeth, the wife a respectable solicitor, and proprietor of the of Jonathan Birch, esq. and only daughter Brighton theatre.

of the late William Morice, D.D. of GowerJan. 22. Margaret, daughter of John street, London, Meyer, esq. of Walthamstow.

Jan. 28. Richard Baldwin Smith, eldest Á: Cork, in his 88th year, the Rev. Dr. son of Richard Smith, esq. of Harborne Atterbury, Precentor of Cloyne, and Rector Heath, near Birmingham. and Vicar of Clopmel. He was the son of Aged 55, Mr. George Banks, a respectthe Rev. Osborn Atterbury, who was the able farmer, of Braceborough, near Stamonly son of the Bishop.

ford.—Nine days before he had with great At Belsay, Northumberland, aged 10 years, fortitude undergone an operation by Sir A. Charlotte, daughter of Sir Charles Miles Cooper, who came from London and exLambert Monck, bart.

tracted two large stones from the neck of At Maidenhead, aged 77, James Payn, esq. the bladder, and Mr. Banks was considered upwards of 50 years Recorder of that towu, to be doing extremely well until Sundays. and treasurer for the county of Berks. when he complained of sore throat, and his

Jan. 23. In her 69th year, Sarah, rolict medical attendant found that his constituof the late Mr. Joseph Catherwood, of Bun- tioa had given way under the acute sufferbill-row.

ings. He died on the following night. Jan. 24. Aged 57, in College-street, In Fleet-street, Mr. John Calvert, ivoryWestminster, James Smith Goodiff, esq. turner. Assistant Clerk of the Fees of the House of lo his 13th vear, William Edwards, eldest Commoas.

son of John Ward, esq. of Devonshire-place.

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190 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. [Feb.

Jan. 30. At Needham Market, Suffolk, Aged 70, Mrs. Stokes, of Camden-row, in his 72d year, Richard Mudd, gent. Peckham, Surrey.

In Queen's-row, Pentonville, aged 70, At Compton-Martin, on the summit of Mr. Edmund Alderson.

the Mendip Hills, aged 103, Mrs. Candy. At Delancey-place, Camden Town, in his She enjoyed good health to the last few 80th year, Nehemiah Spicer, esq.

days of her life.
At Chichester, in his 76th year, Thomas At Blidworth, Notts, aged 92, John
Fitzherbert, esq.

Gladwin, esq. retaining all his faculties to
Phæbe, youngest daughter of Mr. Jas. the day of his death.
Johnson, of Cheapside.

Feb. 2. At Plymouth, Capt. Sir Thos.
At Welwyn, Herts, in his 76th year, Lavie, K.C.B. commanding his Majesty's
John Cotton, esq. formerly one of the ship Spencer, of 74 gups.
Cashiers of the Bank of England.

Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Charles Baldwyn,
Maria, daughter of the late Thomas bookseller, of Newgate-street.
Macklin, esq. who published the splendid In Howland-street, aged 75, Chas. Binny,
edition of the Bible.

esq. formerly of Madras.
Jan. 31. In his 83d year, Thomas Jud- Feb. 3. In Hans-place, aged 62, James
son, esq. many years an Attorney-at-Law, Stirling, esq.
and Solicitor of his Majesty's Customs, in At Greenwich, Mrs. Garrick, relict of
the Court of Exchequer.

Geo. Garrick, esq. (brother to the celeAt Woodbridge, Miss Walford, the sister brated David Garrick), and mother-in-law of Mr. Joseph Walford, of the Stamp Office. to Mrs. George Garrick, of the Theatre

Mary, widow of John Sparkes, esq. late Royal, Haymarket. of Gosden, near Guildford.

Feb. 4.' In Nottingham-place, Mary-leAt Deeping St. James, in his 84th year, bone, aged: 79, Mrs. Anne Frederick, reSamuel Greaves, esq. many years in the lict of the late Rear-Admiral Frederick. Commission of the Peace, and one of the In Cumberland-place, aged 20, Louisa, Deputy Lieutenants for the co. of Lincoln. dau. of Adm. and Lady Elizabeth Tollemache.

Lately. In Welbeck-street, aged 84, Wm. At Silchester, aged 77, Mr. Wm. LainAdam, esq. architect.

son, father of Messrs. Lainson, of Bread-st. At Shadwell, aged 75, Mrs. E. Ranken, At her seat, Northgate House, Halifax, late of Mile End.

Mary, relict of the late Joseph Lister, esq. Huntingdonshire-At Somersham Park, and youngest daughter of the late General aged 60, Litehfield Mosely, esq. many years Sir Wm. Fawcett, K.B. an eminent agriculturist, and one of the Feb. 5. At the Glebe House, Capel, most scientific and useful graziers in Hun- Suffolk, of a typhus fever, James T. Tweed, tingdonshire.

gent. a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers, Norfolk-At Cromer, aged 93, Thomas and second son of the Rev. Joseph Tweed, Smith; he followed his employment as a Rector of that parish. warrener till within a few days of his death. Feli. 6. At her house in Pall Mall, in His brother is now living at Cromer, aged her 78th year, Lady Bunbury, relict of the 91; and a sister resides at Boston, aged 97, late Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, bart. active and healthy. His wife died about Feb. 9. At Liverpool, in her o5th year, 18 months ago, aged 88; they had lived to Mary, wife of Bryan Smith, esq. of that gether 70 years as man and wife, and (as place, and of Lydiate, co. Lancaster. the old man frequently used to say) without Fel. 14. At the house of his son-inever having a cross word:

law, Mr. Wm. Tiley, of Reading, aged 74, Suffolk-Rev. Robert Wilson, for nine Philip George, esq. many years Town Clerk years Minister of the Baptist Congregation, of the city of Bath; which office he had at Aldringbam.

some time since resigned in favour of his Wilts At Milton Hill, Benjamin Rey- eldest son, Philip George, esq. the present nolds, aged upwards of 100 years, 70 of Town Clerk of that Corporation. which were passed in the service of the After a very painful and protracted course Astley family.

of suffering by the dropsy, for the relief of Worcestershire-In her 34th year, Mary which every attempt of human skill proved Aune, wife of Edward Wheeler, esq. of vain, in full possession of her mental powers Kyrewood House, near Tenbury, and daugh- amidst all the languors of bodily decay, ter of James Graham, esq. of Ludlow, co. aged forty-three years, Annabella' Dundas Salop.

(formerly Oswald), the wife of the Rev. SCOTLAND—At Glasgow, after a few days Weeden Butler, M.A. Chelsea. Her blameillness, Capt. J. Aveling, of the 77th reg. less life was a pattern of humility and good having served 22 years in the same regiinent. works; her patient death was an exhibition

Fel. 1. At Saxmundham, Suffolk, in her of resignation and faith. With her last 77th year, Miss Susanna Russell.

breath, she declared aloud her sure and cerAt Pentomille, of a decline, aged 32, tain hope, that “ As in Adam all die, even Anne, the wife of Mr. Chas. V. Barnard, of so in Christ shall all be made alive." the General Post Office.


W. B.

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