A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain: Divided Into Circuits Or Journeys, Volum 3

S. Birt, T. Osborne, 1748

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Pàgina 118 - Orders, with Patterns sealed on them, in their Hands ; the Colours of which they match, by holding them to the Cloths they think they agree to. When they have pitched upon their Cloth, they lean over to the Clothier, and, by a Whisper, in the fewest Words imaginable, the Price is stated ; one asks, the other bids ; and they agree or disagree in a Moment.
Pàgina 72 - This engine contains 26,586 wheels and 97,746 movements, which work 73,726 yards of silk-thread every time the water-wheel goes round, which is three times in one minute, and 317,504,960 yards in one day and night.
Pàgina 118 - The merchants and buyers generally walk down and up twice on each side of the rows, and in little more than an hour all the business is done; in less than half an hour you will perceive the...
Pàgina 118 - If a merchant has bidden a clothier a price, and he will not take it, he may go after him to his house, and tell him he has considered of it, and is willing to let him have it; but they are not to make any new agreement for it, so as to remove the market from the street to the merchant's house.
Pàgina 119 - Narva, Sweden, and Pomerania ; tho' of late the Manufactures of this kind set up in Prussia, and other Northern Parts of Germany, interfere a little with them. The third Sorts are such as receive Commissions from abroad, to buy Cloth for the Merchants chiefly in Hamburg, and in Holland, &c.
Pàgina 252 - Nor were these hills high and formidable only, but they had a kind of an unhospitable terror in them. Here were no rich pleasant valleys between them, as among the Alps; no lead mines and veins of rich...
Pàgina 268 - For a memorial of her last parting in this place With her good and pious mother the Right Honourable Margaret Countess Dowager of Cumberland. The second of April, 1616.
Pàgina 72 - ... minute, and 318,504,960 yards in one day and night. One water-wheel gives motion to all the reft of the wheels and movements, of which any one may be ftopt feparately.
Pàgina 22 - England ; fo inviting, or rather wheedling them forward, till by degrees they are all gotten under the Arch or Sweep of the Net which is on the Trees, and which...
Pàgina 117 - Market is chiefly to be admired as a Prodigy of its Kind, and perhaps not to be equalled in the World. The Market for Serges at Exeter is indeed a wonderful Thing, and the Money returned very great ; but it is there only once a Week, whereas here it is every Tuesday and Saturday.

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